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905 – Exploration Objective
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At that moment, a signal corps soldier reported from outside, “Lan Xuanyu is here.”

“Let him in,” said Lei Junze.

Lan Xuanyu was escorted in by the signal corps soldier. Upon seeing the two, Lan Xuanyu hurried forward a few steps. “Master, Commander Lei,” he said.

Lei Junze smiled and said, “There are no outsiders here, just call me senior. No matter where, I am always a graduate of Shrek.”

Lan Xuanyu also smiled, “Alright, senior.”

Lei Junze asked, “You came this time to carry out the Level Five exploration mission, right?”

“Yes,” Lan Xuanyu replied. “So I’ve come to seek guidance from you, senior. The Level Five Sky Fighter mission is supposed to be very difficult. In team missions, there’s even a possibility of facing god-level experts. But based on our experience from last time, the mission on Dragon Source Planet doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult.”

Lei Junze gestured to Wang Tianyu first, then stood up and said, “Junior, come with me.”
He led Lan Xuanyu to a large screen and activated it, immediately displaying an electronic map of the explored area of Dragon Source Planet.

“The reason this exploration mission is difficult is mainly because we’ve suffered heavy losses during exploration,” Lei Junze explained, his expression turning serious.

He pointed to the uppermost position on the electronic map, which showed a mountainous area. “Even after continuous hunting, the Source Dragons keep reappearing. Up to now, we still haven’t figured out the principle behind their birth. Source Dragons are almost entirely made of metal, but even the lowest-level Source Dragon is a living being, not an object. Transforming metal into a living being, and possessing Dragon Source Crystals, is supposed to be a very complex process. The process of their birth is what the Federation is most eager to understand. If we can master this process, we can refine rare metals autonomously anywhere, greatly improving our efficiency in developing all resource planets. Therefore, the exploration of Dragon Source Planet has never stopped.”

“We have sent out many teams for exploration, which initially went smoothly. From our observations, Dragon Source Planet seems to have a special power that can gradually absorb the bodies of deceased Source Dragons back into the earth. Then, new Source Dragons are born deep within Dragon Source Planet. Let me show you a satellite image.” As he spoke, Lei Junze pressed a few buttons, and the image on the screen changed from the previous map to an aerial view.

“We’re here. But take a look on the other side,” he rotated the image on the screen.

Dragon Source Planet was undoubtedly a planet, but as he rotated the screen, Lan Xuanyu discovered that on the other side of Dragon Source Planet, there was a large area covered in gray mist, making it impossible to see the surface of the planet from the image.

“Through years of exploration, we’ve found that all Source Dragons originate from this gray area. Undoubtedly, within this area lies the secret of the birth of Source Dragons. This is also something the Federation urgently needs to know. We’ve conducted various explorations on this matter. Initially, it was extremely difficult to enter this area for exploration because there were very powerful Source Dragons inside. Above Level Nine, we even discovered stronger Source Dragons, approaching the level of god-tier experts among our humans. This caused us considerable losses. Later, the Hall of War Gods sent two god-tier experts to lead a large army for clearance, along with aerial warships. However, when we rushed into this area, we didn’t find anything valuable. At that time, we even briefly thought that we had guessed wrong. Source Dragons are indeed naturally bred on Dragon Source Planet.”

“However, when our fleet withdrew and the god-tier experts left, on the other side of Dragon Source Planet, which is this current location, the gray area reappeared. It’s clearly blocking our reconnaissance. This gray area, even the divine consciousness scan of god-tier experts cannot explore it clearly. This has made us even more puzzled, leading to continuous exploration. But each exploration has still been unsuccessful. So, the Level Five mission of your team is not easy. The ultimate goal of the exploration mission is to find out why this gray area appears, preferably to uncover the secret of the birth of Source Dragons. If you can find out why the gray area appears, your mission will be considered complete. If you can uncover the secret of the birth of Source Dragons, then the mission level can be upgraded to Level Six.”

Undoubtedly, with Commander Lei’s presence, Lan Xuanyu and his team avoided many detours. At least they could clearly understand the mission objective. If it were other Soul Masters arriving, they definitely wouldn’t receive such detailed information because what Lei Junze described already involved military secrets.

“Thank you for your guidance, senior. We will certainly proceed with caution,” Lan Xuanyu said as he looked at the gray area on the map with narrowed eyes. This exploration mission was obviously more difficult than imagined. But the good thing was that the mission had a direct path to upgrading to Level Six difficulty. If they could complete a Level Six Sky Fighter mission, it would definitely allow more classmates to enter the Inner Court.

Lei Junze said solemnly, “Junior, this mission has already been undertaken and attempted by several teams of Sky Fighters. Some of them never returned, and those who did came back empty-handed. So, you must be careful, especially careful.” As he said this, he glanced at Wang Tianyu. Suddenly, he felt a bit overly anxious. With Wang Tianyu here, how could these youngsters possibly get into trouble?

“Thank you for your advice, senior. We’ll prepare and then set off for exploration. Rest assured, under normal circumstances, we should be able to protect ourselves,” Lan Xuanyu replied.

With thirty-three Skywing Mechas present, if they encountered an unbeatable situation, they could quickly transform into fighter jets and retreat from the battlefield.

Nowadays, things were different from before. Each of them had their own Skywing Mecha, and their overall combat power had greatly increased. Even encountering an eighth-level Source Dragon, Lan Xuanyu was confident in defeating it solo. As for ninth-level Source Dragons, they could also try to gang up on them. Hunting down ninth-level Source Dragons was one way to complete the mission.

“Well, you don’t need to worry about logistical support. The base will prioritize your needs. If you have any requirements, feel free to ask,” Lei Junze said with a smile.

Lan Xuanyu chuckled and said, “Then how about giving me two antimatter missiles?”

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“No way!” Lei Junze’s expression changed, and he said unkindly, “You’re really pushing it. What are antimatter missiles? Can you even use them?”

Wang Tianyu snorted and said, “These audacious little brats have used them long ago. A few years ago, they used antimatter missiles to bomb Sin Planet. Do you think they wouldn’t dare to do anything? I suspect they brought antimatter missiles themselves this time.”

“Ahem. Master, please don’t say that,” Lan Xuanyu’s ulterior motives were undoubtedly seen through by Wang Tianyu. He did bring antimatter missiles because he also brought the Ring of Fate for the 33 Skywing Warship!

Of course, he didn’t really expect Lei Junze to provide him with antimatter missiles. It was just a lead-in. In the future, if he “accidentally” used antimatter missiles on Dragon Source Planet, cough… Lei Junze naturally understood Wang Tianyu’s meaning and his face changed drastically. “Junior, you must not do that! Antimatter missiles absolutely cannot be used on Dragon Source Planet. Otherwise, the Academy won’t be able to protect you either. Dragon Source Planet is now the most important resource planet. The Dragon Source Crystals produced here are supplied to major fleets and are highly valued. A single antimatter missile could potentially disrupt the entire ecological balance of Dragon Source Planet. If the Source Dragons stop producing, it will be a big problem.”

“Senior, don’t worry. I don’t have any antimatter missiles!” Lan Xuanyu hurriedly said. He didn’t really intend to use them, just as a precaution. Asking Lei Junze was also a test. Now it seemed that antimatter missiles really cannot be used.

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