My Seven Beautiful Wives
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My Seven Beautiful Wives

Synopsis My Seven Beautiful Wives

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My girlfriend cheated on me with a rich guy because I was broke. They ruthlessly trampled my dignity under their feet. When I was beaten out by them, I felt that my life had no direction. Suddenly someone called me and told me that I was the heir of the world’s first family and gave me a card with 100 million in it as my pocket money. For this kind of trick of liars, I didn’t believe it was true at all. But looking at the bank card with good texture in my hand, I still couldn’t resist the urge to check it out. And when I got to the bank and inserted the bank card into the ATM, I was shocked to find that there was really 100 million in the card. And the man called again, saying that he was my butler and that the family had prepared seven fiancées for me and that I had to marry them to fully inherit the family fortune. How could there be such a… cool request? I began to use the money to pursue my seven beautiful fiancées. I eventually won their hearts and prepared a fancy wedding. But right at the wedding banquet, my ex-girlfriend came running to get back together with me. I just gave her a look and then stopped paying attention to her.

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