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Chapter 999: The Attentive Xie Yufeng
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The Attentive Xie Yufeng

“Oh, I want Xu Shihan’s song too! I’ll sing with Mengyao!” Yushu said.

“Are there any boy-girl duets? Let’s sing it together, Lin Yi!” Xiaoxiao said.

“I can’t sing, you guys sing.” Lin Yi quickly stopped the momentum before Yushu jumped in.

Yushu, as expected, was very happy at Lin Yi’s response. “Oh, pretty disappointed aren’t you, now that Shield Bro said no to you?”

“So what? He didn’t want to sing in the first place, he’d say no to you too!” Xiaoxiao said.

“How do you know he’d say no? We sing every day, we party and sing on the moon every day!” Yushu said.

“Sing at the moon? You sing at midnight or something?” Xiaoxiao looked at her.

“Shield Bro, Yao Yao, and I are always doing 3P at night, every night we party on the bed!” Yushu said gleefully.

“3P??” Xiaoxiao didn’t believe what she was saying but didn’t want to back down. “3P, huh? We’ve already gotten tired of that, what we do now is roleplay, uniform! That thing you do is already way outdated!”

“Roleplay? Uniform?” Yushu’s brain adapted quickly. “We do that all the time too, Yao Yao and I play Happy Sheep, and Shield Bro’s the Big Bad Wolf…”

“Hahaha!” Xiaoxiao laughed loudly. “Roleplay? That’s playing house for kids! I’m talking about an airplane stewardess or a white-collar… Don’t you see Tang Yun sis wearing her uniform all the time? That’s called school uniform roleplay!”

“Ah- I… Oh… ” Yushu barely managed to continue. “Ours is roleplay too, don’t you know that song? The wolf loves sheep with intense love…”

Tang Yun looked at Mengyao a little apologetically, waving her hand helplessly. She couldn’t explain to Mengyao, and this was the only way to express that she wasn’t hostile…

Mengyao paused at that expression on her face—did Tang Yun not mean to bring this Xiaoxiao over?

Tang Yun’s bitter smile coupled with Lin Yi’s bitter smile made her even more suspicious- just what was the process that led to Xiaoxiao becoming Lin Yi’s small wife?

At that point, Xu Shihan’s song started sounding from the machine, and Mengyao took her microphone. “Alright, Shu, stop fighting! It’s my song!”

Yushu shut up and ignored Xiaoxiao.

Xiaoxiao couldn’t say anything either, and so she shut up to listen to Mengyao as well…

The atmosphere in the room lost some of its tension, and Lin Yi let out a breath of relief. Tang Yun did the same.

Xiaoxiao was here as well, but Mengyao didn’t hold back. She was confident and proud, after all, and while she never sang in front of outsiders, one had to admit that her voice was pleasant to listen to. She wasn’t as good as the trained singers, but she had a good voice—she didn’t need to try imitating anybody, and only needed to sing her voice out to touch the listener’s soul.

Lin Yi liked the Miss’ voice—he didn’t know if Xu Shihan’s song was good in the first place, or if it’s the Miss’ singing that was good, but this was the first time he fell in love with this song. He decided to download it once he got home.

The Miss was halfway through the song when a knock came from outside.

Assuming it was the waiter here to serve them snacks and drinks, she only waited until a brief pause in the song to call out to the door. “Come in!”

Lin Yi had ordered some snacks before entering the room, and while it was a little expensive to do that in a KTV, it wasn’t much money to Lin Yi.

But the person who came in the room wasn’t a waiter at all, it was Xie Yufeng!

Xie Yufeng pushed open the door and entered, clapping his hands. “I heard your beautiful voice just outside- it was the angel’s tune! It’s wonderful! I almost wanted to record it and set it as my ringtone!”

Mengyao looked at Yufeng faintly. It didn’t feel like he was praising her at all. She only nodded. “Do you need anything?”

“I invited you guys earlier but you didn’t come, so I ordered some snacks for you. They’ll arrive soon!” Yufeng smiled. “We’ll be classmates in the future, it’s just a small gesture!”

“It’s fine, we already ordered.” Mengyao declined faintly, not knowing why she felt some familiarity when she looked at this person. It put her on alert.

Lin Yi felt that he’d seen him somewhere before, too, but had put all his focus on his strength. The little detail had long since slipped his mind!

A student at Mystic early peak? This did stun him.

Yufeng didn’t say anything, but walked in and sat beside Yushu instead.

He planned to make his move on Yushu first, and he felt himself barely holding back from pushing her down once he saw that rack! Yufeng’s body was filled with lust, after all- he was only good at holding and hiding it in front of his father!

But, as a Mystic class, even if he had ten women each night, he’d still be filled with energy! A Mystic class had amazing stamina, after all, and a little lust was reasonable in that regard.

“Haha, nice to meet you, pretty girl! I’m Xie Yufeng!” Yufeng said elegantly as he put out his hand, looking deep into Yushu’s eyes as he smiled.

“Take your hand away, don’t block me! I’m trying to watch Yao Yao sing!” Yushu impatiently waved her hand away, telling him not to block her with it.

Yushu’s words froze Yufeng’s expression. A trace of anger flashed across his face, but he quickly pressed it down.

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“Haha, you embarrass me, pretty girl!” Yufeng said, intentionally self-mocking.

“Stop talking, I’m trying to listen to Yao Yao!” Yushu glared at Yufeng.

“He looks pretty handsome to me, why don’t you go be his small wife? He seems to like you, too.” Xiaoxiao said as she looked at the forward Yufeng, gleeful at Yushu’s predicament.

“Why don’t you go be his small wife?” Yushu snapped back, not listening to the song anymore.

“Sadly, she’s not interested in me, it’s you she wants!” Xiaoxiao said, face saying that she thought it was a pity.

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