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Chapter 99 – Friend

Mengyao wasnt very pleased as she watched Lin Yi rush to the scene. He wasnt even traffic police, what was he doing charging over there?

Shield Guys going- maybe we should go with? Yushu assumed that it had to be something interesting to get Lin Yi rushing over like that. She pulled on Mengyaos hand as she walked over to where Lin Yi was.

Im not going! You can go yourself if you want!! Mengyao, naturally, was upset- the guy had just pissed her off a while ago, and was now butting his butt into someone elses business!

Oh Fine then, well go shop for some clothes Yushu complied as she looked at where Lin Yi was at, quite unwilling to miss out as Mengyao pulled her away towards the mall. You think Shield Guy will be able to find us later?

Isnt there a car right there? He can go wait there if he gets lost! Mengyaos frustration wasnt unjustified- she clearly saw Lin Yi charge over after spotting a pretty damsel in distress! And seeing him rush to the beauty like that wasnt a very nice sensation, either- it hurt Mengyaos pride quite significantly.

The guy was living with her under the same roof, and yet! He was always looking at other women, what the hell was up with that? Did she only have that little appeal? It was Song Lingshan a few days ago, and now this random stranger girl

Mengyaos face only grew darker when she saw the two talk- so they knew each other, no wonder Lin Yi was so excited!!

Yushu, naturally, didnt know what had gotten into Mengyao- the girl was way too pissed! Come on, Yao Yao, its not even that big a deal? Yushu blinked as an evil thought crossed her mind- could it be that time of the month..? Was that why the girl was so emotional? Its possible, its very possible! I gotta check tonight Heh heh.

The crash scene was surrounded by people, but getting through wasnt that difficult a task. Coming through, coming through! Will all unrelated parties please make way!!

Some of the spectators were about to yell at Lin Yi for pushing when they heard the words, shutting their mouths instantly and clearing a path for Lin Yi- They were completely treating him like he was an official from the traffic police or hospital! After all, who else would talk like that?

Lin Yi got through quite smoothly as he saw a middle aged woman yell at the girl. Remember this, girl! Youd better be getting ready for jail if something happens to my dad!

Aunty, didnt I just explain this I didnt hit him Wang Xinyan said helplessly. This is a business district, and my car wasnt even going thirty yards! He just fell in front of my car before I even reached him! I braked and my car didnt even touch him!

Hmph, he fell in front of your car! Who do you think hit him, if not you? Im telling you, dont think you can just get away like this! The middle aged woman said angrily as she glared at Xinyan. Is the ambulance still not here yet? Whats wrong with Songshans Ministry of Health- Darling, call the mayor, wont you-

Enough! Will you stop it? The middle aged man said with a glare. Dads been sick for a long time, whatre you yapping about? This girl obviously has nothing to do with it, so just let her go!

What? So a pretty girls more important than your own father now? The woman snapped in rage upon hearing the words. I see, so you think youre a big shot now! Dont forget how you owe everything to my dad for helping you back then!! Yelling at me, huh? For that little bitch?!

 Thats enough, Huiru! Youre the one who forgot to bring my dads medicine, you know that! Dont try to push the blame to someone else! The man hmphed, clearly very displeased at his wife.

Ive been married to you so many years, and this is how you treat me!! Fine!! Huirus eyes flashed with violent rage as she reached to attack Xinyans face. You like this bitch so much, dont you! Ill scratch open her face, see if you like that!!

A sudden hand shot out and gripped onto Huirus wrist, completely stopping her in her tracks.

Who? Who is that? Huiru said, stunned as she turned her head around.

Shell be responsible if thats what really happened. Lin Yi said as he looked at Huiru coldly- he could easily tell that the woman had some power in her family background. Some of those with power acted without regard to the things around them.

Xinyan was driving a sports car, and the woman shouldve been able to tell that the girl she was bullying wasnt small fry, either- it only meant that she had quite the support backing her up. She was even complaining about the Ministry of Health and talking about calling the mayor, too.

Although, there was still the possibility of a bluff- itd be easier to get a higher compensation from the sports car driving girl that way.

Whore you? Darling, look at what this little boys doing to me, hes going to hit your wife! Liu Tianyi, are you gonna do something about it or not? Huiru started yelling again.

Okay, little bro- let go of her, dont involve yourself in this. Its against the law to attack someone! Liu Tianyi frowned as he spoke to Lin Yi.

Your wifes the only one attacking anyone- Im only stopping her. Lin Yi sneered in response, but let go of the womans arm all the same. He was on a mission, and he didnt want any more trouble than necessary- he didnt know how long hed be in Songshan, after all.

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Tianyis face reddened upon hearing Lin Yis words, shooting a glare at his wife. This woman- he really didnt know what to do with her. He married her when the Liu family was in desperate times- it was because of the aid from the Zhang family that his business managed to hold up.

But his wife always brought that up, always having her way and completely disregarding his pride as a man! He only endured her because she was his wife, having given him two beautiful children and all.

Yet he grew old as the years passed, his wife was getting worse and worse and even suspecting that he was having an affair behind her back! The smallest disagreement, and shed throw tantrums! She was getting way out of Tianyis control, and shed always slap the past onto the table whenever they fought, talking about how her family had helped him and even telling her father that Tianyi was seeing someone else! Tianyi was honestly at his limit.

You okay? Lin Yi asked, turning his head to Xinyan after letting go of Huirus arm. Lin Yi only came rushing over to repay the favor Xinyan did him back on the train- he didnt actually need her help, but it was the thought that counted.

Yeah Xinyan said, shaking his head. She was about to call someone for help, but decided otherwise- she did sneak out behind her parents back, after all.

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