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Chapter 927: Bullying Each Other

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“Sometimes, there’s a bottomline for certain things! As long as that bottom line isn’t triggered, we can’t make a conclusion for sure!” Shuixing said as he started to lecture his son seriously, “If Lin Yi was from a hidden family, then he might be in the common world as rigorous training- why else would a Mystic be some bodyguard for some businessman? Do you think that’s even possible? If it were a forty or fifty year old man who couldn’t break through anymore, or if it’s a physical practitioner who’d reached his limtis, then perhaps they’d go become some rich man’s bodyguard. But this Lin Yi isn’t even twenty yet, his potential is limitless! Why on earth would he do something like this?”

“That’s true, I wouldn’t go become a bodyguard no matter how much they offered, unless it was for training and exposure purposes!” Yu Kun nodded after istening to his father, “Looks like I still lack experience, I couldn’t think that far ahead!”

“Your uncle and I- at our age, if breaking through were to prove hopeless, then we might have became bodyguards for some rich people- if House Yu were to fall from grace. Even so, we’d never let you become a bodyguard no matter how hard things become, because you are the future hope of House Yu!” Yu Shuixing said, “So Lin Yi’s tough spot now might actually be a sort of training and suffering for his own betterment, something the people behind him planned! There’s that saying- you need to experience pain and failure to steel your body and soul, to train your mind so that you wouldn’t act on impulse, so that you could live a life that would benefit yourself! This is yet another form of practitioner’s training!”

“Then… Father, you said that this was a gift from the heavens..?” Yu Kun was getting confused- why would his father say something like that if he disagreed with making a move on Lin Yi?

“We can’t touch Lin Yi, but we can very well go on Chu Pengzhan!” Shuixing smiled.

“Oh? Didn’t you say earlier that Lin Yi would come into direct conflict with us if we make that move, brother?” Yu Bide paused, a little confused.

“That was before Lin Yi lost his abilities. If he were still strong, he’d jump out if we touched Chu Pengzhan!” Shuixing said, “But now, what could he possible do after jumping out?”

“That’s true, but what if the power behind Lin Yi couldn’t keep it in and came out?”

“That’d be fine- we’d get to understand what Lin Yi’s background is. I’d actually be more troubled if they don’t appear!” Shuixing smiled. “But even if they were to appear, they couldn’t really do much to us House Yu! Everything requires a reason, and us messing with Chu Pengzhan and not Lin Yi means that we could just give them face and leave. They wouldn’t have a reason to cross us, House Yu, because after all, our background is strong as well!”

“Brilliant, truly brilliant!” Yu Bide uttered upon hearing the reasoning, “If we do this, then no matter the result, House Yu wouldn’t suffer! Even if Lin Yi’s backing doesn’t appear, we will still get to earn something from Chu Pengzhan, so our efforts wouldn’t be wasted! Yet if they were to appear, we’d understand what background he has!”

“Exactly, that’s exactly it!” Yu Shuixing said, “Our next step would be to think about what sort of demands to make- since House Zhen has already made a ridiculous demand, we’d have to do something even more extreme, naturally! We can’t let go of this opportunity!”

“Father, I suggest that Chu Pengzhan pass his shares to us House Yu, and then let him send his daughter here to serve my cousin Yu Kun!” Yu Feng suggested, “Leave it to me!”

“Not a bad suggestion, but you shouldn’t appear first. You’re the hidden card we’ll use to fight LIn Yi!” Shuixing said, “We’ll hand this issue over to you then, Bide- you go with Yu Haitian to Songshan, and convey our message to Chu Pengzhan!”

Alright, brother!” Yu Bide nodded. He was filled with rage towards Chu Pengzhan- he had to show them what he was made of!

In Songshan, inside Pengzhan’s office- were two more unwelcomed guests.

They were Yao Wang and Li Cihua!

Pengzhan’s rage was reaching its limit when he saw the document they brought.

The Xiaos had just left, and now Qibin’s people were here! The waves never end!

Looking at his own signature on the agreement document, Pengzhan felt a deep sense of helplessness. It was his signature, yes, but he didn’t agree to the document!

But that didn’t matter, it seemed, for Li Cihua was making it clear that he was about to just grab everything from him!

Pengzhan didn’t think this was a coincidence- the Xiaos had just left, and moments later Zhao Qibin’s men were at his doorstep! They’ve been planning this!

“Mister Chu, you wouldn’t deny a document you signed yourself, would you?” Cihua said dully, “When will you pass the real estate business to our Qibin Real Estate? Hm, this agreement states that the buildings you’ve worked on, as well as certain other items, are all to be handed to us!”

“The agreement wasn’t signed by me- you know that,” Pengzhan’s eyes were cold, “We all know why you’re here. You want my real estate business, so now you just decided to rob me of it? Quite an appetite!”

“Haha, that’s incorrect, Mister Chu. We’ve only come to take back what belongs to us,” Cihua said dully, “Mister Chu, I’d advise against doing something unreasonable!”

“Aren’t you people pushing me to the edge by doing this?” Pengzhan’s heart was really raging at this point- he was being forced to a corner, immediately after Lin Yi and Li Fu’s fall! Everyone was jumping out left and right!

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“Pushing you? How are we pushing you?” Li Cihua blinked, “Why don’t you call the police, if you don’t like it?”

“That’s right. But do be careful- your daughter survived the last attempt, but we’re not so sure about the next, are we?” Yao Wang said dully, “How will Lin Yi save her, now that he’s lost his Qi?”

“You!!” Pengzhan’s face froze into a look of rage. Yet, Yao Wang didn’t seem to pay much heed to the glare- he didn’t care at all.

“Chu Pengzhan- for people at our level, you should know that calling the police would do no good at all. Only scapegoats would be prosecuted,” Cihua said, not one bit of reservation, “Hope you’ve considered it properly- after all, Master Bin’s patience has its limits!”

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