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Chapter 926: House Yu’s Movements

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“Oh? You’re saying we should forge a document saying that Chu Pengzhan will pass to us his real estate business, and afterwards just force him to admit it once the deed’s done?” Qibin’s eyes lit up.

“Yes. At this point, even if he would know it’s fake, in the situation he’s in, there’d no reason for him to piss us off! We can threaten him, saying that if he were to be a nuisance, we’ll kill his daughter! I’m sure he wouldn’t resist!” Gubang nodded with a devilish face.

He hated Pengzhan to the bone, and now that he had a chance to pay him back- it was only natural he’d do it with all his heart.

“What do you guys think?” Qibin nodded as he looked to the other two.

“It’s a good idea, Master Bin. We could let Yao Wang follow us and intimindate Chu Pengzhan- I’m sure he wouldn’t resist!” Cihua nodded.

“It’s decided then!” Qibin laughed and let Gubang handle the forgery task.

In Yanjing, within the house of the Yu family, Yu Shuixing and Yu Bide were seated together. Yu Feng was seated in the seat beside them.

Yu Kun had already woken up, and, amongst his melancholy and desperation, told the two about how he’d gotten injured.

While his own carelessness was to blame as well for not doing the research before pissing Lin Yi off, the Yus would never admit that it was their fault! They pushed all of the responsibility to Lin Yi’s shoulders alone!

“Second brother, you have to avenge me! Now that we know it’s Lin Yi who did this, the other houses would look down on us if we stand by and do nothing!” Yu Bide’s hate was peaking- Lin Yi had crippled his son, his hope!

Yu Bide was stuck at his power level for his life, and he’d placed all hope on his son… Who’d expect a tragedy to come this suddenly, crippling his son entirely? How could he not be restless?

“According to Lil’ Kun, Lin Yi’s but a Mystic early phase. Killing him is as easy as a wave of the hand!” Shuixing said, “The problem is, just what kind of background does this Lin Yi have? Being a Mystic early phase this young, it’s very rare among the younglings of the noble houses. Could he be from some hidden house?”

“Ah?” Yu Bide froze upon hearing the analysis- he’d forgotten all about Lin Yi’s background when he was hellbent on revenge! He started to worry- if Lin Yi really was trained from a hidden family, then the Yus going onto him wouldn’t be that simple an issue!

“But, Lil’ Kun…” Bide sighed sadly.

“Lin Yi’s background is but a speculation- we’re not sure if he has one. Calm down!” Shuixing said, “We’ll follow the oringal plan, and send Lil’ Feng to do the research. We’ll make the decision after we understand his position!”

“It cannot be helped, then!” Bide nodded, a little salty, “Should we go onto Chu Pengzhan then, if Lin Yi is off limits now? If it weren’t for his daughter, who ordered the kill on Lil’ Kun, this wouldn’t have happened at all!”

They couldn’t lay a finger on Lin Yi just yet, but there was still rage in Bide’s heart. As a result, he temporarily transferred that to Chu Pengzhan and Chu Mengyao- as far as he was concerned, while Lin Yi was the perpetrator, Mengyao was the mastermind! He couldn’t let her walk free!

“Hm… From the look of things, Lin Yi is a bodyguard Chu PEngzhan hired, in charge of protecting them. If we were to make a move on him or his daughter, Lin Yi would undoubtedly stand up for them, and we’d be dealing with him directly. That goes against our plan!” Shuixing said after some hestiation, shaking his head, “Before we make sure what background Lin Yi has, we can’t have conflict with him directly! If we make a move on Chu Pengzhan and Lin Yi really does jump out, then we’d be put in an awkward position, worrying about House Yu’s losses if we advance, and about our pride if we back off!”

“That’s true… Damn it, I never thought it’d be this much trouble to deal with a mere Lin Yi!” Yu Bide sighed.

Yu Kun’s phone rang as they were talking- he picked it up after looking at the number.

Usually, when the Yus were having a meeting, Yu Shuixing and Yu Bide wouldn’t bring their phones- they didn’t bring their phones out a lot in the first place, since someone would call Yu Kun if there was an emergency.

Yu Kun picking up the phone just as they were having a family meeting meant that the call was coming from an insider of House Yu!

“Hello? Haitian Bro, what’s the matter? Father and third uncle are having a meeting!” Yu Kun said. He wouldn’t be picking up this call if it weren’t from Yu Haitian, but since he was in charge of the information from the outside as well as their business, there must have been some sort of important message he needed to relay to them.

“Here’s the thing, I jsut received news that Chu Pengzhan’s Li Fu is injured and in a coma. Lin Yi, on the other hand, has lost all his practitioner’s strength from a severe injury as well- House Xiao has just visited Chu Pengzhan to cause trouble, and it seems that Zhao Qibin is planning on the same…” Yu Haitian reported the newest information he had. He’d already said he’d pay attention to the news surrounding Lin Yi and his related parties.

“Oh? What’s wrong?” Yu Kun said, pausing at the news, “Did something big happen in Songshan?”

“Here’s what happened…” Yutian told him in detail about what happened with the entire kidnapping incident of Chu Mengyao.

“I understand. I’ll report this to father and uncle at once!” Yu Kun said, overjoyed at the news- it solved all their previous concerns instantly! Without delay, Yu Kun relayed the information.

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“What a gift from the skies!” Yuxing’s eyes lit up as he tapped on the teacup by his side, formulating a plan instantly.

“Yes! Lin Yi losing his ability means that this is the perfect opportunity to strike!” Yu Kun nodded excitedly. “I’ll get to insta-kill Lin Yi without any pressure now!”

“You child!” Shuixing glared at his son. “Lin Yi may have lost his Mystic strength, but we still don’t know his background! How could we just attack him like that?

“I… But, Lin Yi’s already crippled, yet nobody’s standing up for him… Doesn’t this tell us that there isn’t any background in the first place?” Yu Kun analyzed, a little salty if they were to let Lin Yi go now, “If he really were from a powerful family or something of the sort, would they just stand by while he got bullied?”

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