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Chapter 90 – Taking it Out on the Test Paper

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Xiaobo looked into class nine when he passed by with Lin Yi- he couldnt see Tang Yin anywhere, and Lin Yi pulled him back a while later. Okay, thats enough- we dont want their teacher seeing your face peeking on them.

Ugh Xiaobo pulled his head back. Wonder if Tang Yins even came back to her class.

You think you have a chance with her? Lin Yi asked unrelentlessly.

No! Xiaobo shook his head instantly, he was very well aware of the distance between them.

Then whatre you wasting time for, looking for her like that? Lin Yi slapped the back of Xiaobos head. Go back and study, youll be screwed if you dont get into a college!

Im not thinking about that, okay? Ive got no chance, but youre different, boss! Xiaobo said with a bitter smile. I was thinking you could be the hero saving a damsel in distress earlier, Tang Yin might even have a thing for you if something like that takes place, but I never expected a result like that!

Hm? Lin Yi paused a bit at Xiaobos words as a thought crossed his mind- Tang Yin didnt think he was trying to win her favor by saving her, did she? Or did the girl think hed planned the whole thing out with Zou Ruoming? It wouldnt be a stretch, for sure, and itd also explain why shed misunderstand Lin Yis intentions. It was very likely that Tang Yin assumed that Lin Yi was after her the same way Ruoming was!

How defensive could a girl get?! A bitter smile formed on Lin Yis lips as he contemplated- although, things were indeed starting to get interesting. Hed really throw himself in this sort of school life if he werent on a mission, enjoying the subtleties and bonds youths his age should be experiencing.

Lets go, class is starting. Lin Yi reminded as he quickened his steps. The initial school bell was ringing already.

Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu were back in the classroom long ago, busy mumbling something to each other in their seats. Yushu raised her head for a glance at Lin YI when he entered, before turning back to her mumbling with Mengyao.

Lin Yi was a little surprised to see Zhong Pinliang absent- his seat was empty while Zhang Naipao and Gao Xiaofus werent.

It didnt take Xiaobo long before he got the news from someone else- the police showed up earlier, bringing Pinliang away with them.

The development took Lin Yi by surprise, as well. Was it Heibao Bro? Pinliang was pretty unlucky if Heibao refused to take everything on his shoulders, naming Zhong Pinliang as the mastermind instead.

Last period involved more testing and tutoring. The student committee were then tasked with bringing the stack of finished test papers to distribute randomly to the other students; the teacher would then go through the questions as every student marked someone elses test paper.

It saved time for the teacher- there were tests almost everyday in twelfth grade, nowadays, and this sort of method suited the fast-paced atmosphere well.

Lin Yis blinked in surprise as he saw who the student committee member in the class was- Chen Yushu! She started distributing the test papers after the testing was completed, not looking at Lin Yi at all as she placed one of the test papers on his desk. She treated the job quite seriously, it seemed, as can be seen from her face.

Although, Yushu did chuckle evilly as she turned away to continue the distribution.

Chu Mengyao? Lin Yi was speechless as he looked at whose test paper he was- there was no way something could be this coincidental. Lin Yi was a hundred percent certain that this Yushu was causing trouble on purpose again.

The boys in class, in actuality, look forward to finally getting Mengyao or Yushus test paper one day- it was a piece of paper, yes, but it belonged to the godesses of the school. Some of their aroma and presence more or less remained on it, and it was pretty nice and satisfying to get close to them this way, even if it was only through the test paper.

Unfortunately, the two girls only ever exchanged their test papers with each other- people guessed that Yushu was abusing her power, but no one was as tasteless and free to be exposing her like that.

Yushu had planned to let Lin Yi and Mengyao grade each others test papers this time around, creating a coincidence for the two.

Yushu walked back to her seat with two test papers left, placing the two of them on Mengyaos desk as she grinned. Yao Yao, which one do you pick?

Huh? Dont we always grade each others? Mengyao looked at Yushu curiously.

Um I accidentally gave yours to someone else Yushu explained. So

Its okay Mengyao wasnt expecting it to be a success every time Yushu did it- it wasnt a big deal at all for her to screw up once or twice. It doesnt matter, anyones is fine.

Mengyao, naturally, didnt care- it wasnt her test paper anyway.

Oh. Here, take this one then! Yushu said as she pushed Lin Yis paper to Mengyao, pulling her own test back.

Lin Yi? Mengyao froze upon seeing the name on the test, and seemed to understand something as she turned to Yushu, who acted as if nothing was going on. It was clearly her doing! Shu!

Uh, whats up? Yushu raised her head with a smile, as if she had nothing to do with it.

Let me see your test paper! Mengyao said, reaching her hand to the test paper Yushu was gripping tightly.

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Hah? Its just a test paper..? Yushu started panicking a little- Mengyao was on to her! With that, the grip on the test paper tightened.

Give it. Mengyao ordered as she pulled on the test paper; Yushu could only let go before the girl tore the whole thing apart. Mengyaos eyes widened upon seeing Yushus name on it. Yushu was grading her own test paper! Shu!! Wheres my test paper?

Umm. I gave it to Shield Guy to play with A dirty thought crossed Yushus mind. Heh. Play with.

I cant believe this! Mengyao didnt know what to say to Yushu- the girl cant be serious! Shed gotten used to her antics already, understanding that Yushu wanted nothing than to cause as much trouble as possible, but still!

Mengyaos eyes turned back to Lin Yis paper, glaring at it as she reached for her red pen. Completely disregarding all consequence, Mengyao started spamming Xs on Lin Yis answers from start to bottom, throwing a finishing touch at it with a big fat 0 before putting the pen aside. She let a deep breath out after blowing the steam off.

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