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Li Fu, who didnt want to stay near the angry Miss any longer than necessary, decided to use fetching the chairman as an excuse to leave. He gave Lin Yi a backpack that had Songshans First Schools textbooks and uniform in it before turning to Mengyao.

Miss, do call me should you need anything. Dinner will arrive at 7pm today, as usual.

With that, Li Fu took his leave.

Mengyao stared at the man before her, not sure what to do. She couldnt really let him sleep on the streets, now could she? Her father was a well known philanthropist, and she didnt want anyone to see her abusing employees. It really wasnt that big a deal to let him live in the villa, anyway.

But Mengyao was still very unhappy about the situation. She recalled the person who was responsible for the whole thing, and contacted her immediately. Hello? Shu! My dads letting the farmer stay in my villa, what do I do?

Yao Yao? The shield guy, huh? That doesnt sound so bad. Ill go tell everyone at school tomorrow that the two of you are living under the same roof already! No one will be following you around then. Yushu was watching television comfortably in her princess bed, and she didnt want to deal with Mengyaos problems right now.

Chen Yushu! Mengyao yelled into the phone. Werent you the one who told me to let him stay? How can you abandon me like this, stop saying useless things! I want you here at my place, now! Right! Now!

Hmm Sure. Lemme take a bath first. After I take a nap, Ill go to you tomorrow first thing in the morning. Yushu replied lazily.

If I dont see you in one minute, were not friends anymore! Mengyao roared.

Ahh Come on! I already took my clothes off for a bath! Youre not expecting me to put them back on, are you? Yushu got up from the sofa, passing by a mirror. She stopped and admired her nude body. Eh, there seems to be a little belly problem here? Perhaps she should go on a diet.

Fifty seconds! Mengyao was already counting down using the call duration timer.

Okay, okay Door cant be left unlocked, can it? Yushu said as she finished dressing herself.

Forty! Mengyao continued counting.

Jeeeeez! Coming! Yushu ran out after putting her shoes on.

Yushus villa was only a couple tens of meters away from Mengyaos, and a small path connected the two.

Mengyao hung up when she saw Yushus figure in the distance. She let out a sigh of relief.

Yao Yao, whats wrong with you? I was already butt naked in front of the shower, and all of a sudden you drag me out here! Yushu complained.

Mengyao cleared her throat softly, and proceeded to point her finger at Lin Yi once more. Shu, theres an outsider here!

Come on, its fine, isnt it? Yushu clearly didnt care if Lin Yi heard what she said. Shield guys part of the family now!

Since youre family with him that much, why dont we ask him to go live at your place! Yes, I think well do that! Yushu was enjoying her suffering, and she didnt like it one bit.

Ugh… Yushu smiled innocently with her tongue out. Yao Yao, you know how I get naked first thing when I get home Dont you think its a bit inappropriate for him to be living with someone like that..?

I suppose its appropriate for him to live with me, then? Mengyao scolded.

Ehh Its simple, Yao Yao. Yushu said, shaking her head. You can just come to my place and leave him at yours! What are you fussing over for?

Youre right! Yushu finally said something useful, Mengyao thought.

But it didnt seem right. Why should she give her entire villa to a farmer to enjoy? Whats with that? And what if things went missing?

No! Im not letting him live in my house by himself! Mengyao said.

Yushu told Mengyao to accept the guy because wanted Li Yin to entertain her at school, but things were starting to get annoying. Let Lin Yi live in Yushus place? Shed never agree to that.

After more brainstorming, Yushu snapped her fingers. Why dont I live with you for the time being! Hell just mind his own business downstairs, and your rooms upstairs anyway! Just tell him to stay on the first floor!

Mengyao would have preferred a better solution, but there didnt seem to be another way. Fine, well do that then.

Having had multiple sleepovers at Mengyaos villa, Yushu knew the place well. They entered with Lin Yi following slowly behind them.

He wasnt blind- Mengyao obviously didnt like him. Remembering Old Lins solemn words and Uncle Chus trusting eyes, Lin Yi didnt think it was a big deal. Mengyao was a girl, after all, it was only natural that she didnt want to live with him.

Hey! Whats your name? Mengyao asked as she sat down on the sofa, throwing her legs up.

Im Lin Exhausted, Lin Yi was about to sit his butt down on the sofa when a girly shriek stopped him, giving him a fright.

Stop! Dont sit! Mengyaos eyes were wide open as she stared at Lin Yi.

Whats wrong? Lin Yi asked, startled. His butt was still hanging mid-air, right above the sofa.

Dont dirty the sofa with your dirty pants! Shu always rolls around naked on there!

Yushu rolled her eyes, annoyed. What the hell, Yao Yao? What happened to the whole outsider thing?

Lin Yi didnt mind the outburst- his clothes were indeed dirty, after all. He was running about the whole day, and the train seats werent clean either. Dirtying the sofa was a small matter, but hed be screwed if the pretty lady here gets some kind of skin disease from it.

Okay, you may continue. Mengyao sighed with relief when she saw Lin Yi resume a standing posture.

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Im Lin Yi.

Okay, Lin Yi, youll be sleeping in that guest room over there tonight. But remember, Shu and I sleep upstairs, so you shouldnt be going up at all. Ill tell dad to fire you otherwise. Mengyao thought that the threat was lacking, since she felt Lin Yi had somehow brainwashed her father. On that note, she added another one. If you do go up, Ill tell Great General Wei Wu to maul you to death!

Sure. Lin Yi nonchalantly nodded as he prepared to leave. Wait, General Wei Wu? Whats that?

Mengyao put on a gleeful face for the question before calling out. General Wei Wu! Come down!

A rottweiler came charging down the stairs, filling the room with woofs and barks as it stood between Mengyao and Lin Yi, it’s ferocious eyes glaring at the stranger.

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