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Chapter 891: Learn To Take Care Of Yourself

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Learn To Take Care Of Yourself

“My Golden Shield doesn’t have a weakness unless you are of a higher level! You are surely a genius for reaching such a level at a young age! Perhaps you’ll surpass me in a few years, but I’m afraid that this day will never come! Next year’s today will be your death anniversary!”

Higher level… Higher… Suddenly, a possibility flashed across Lin Yi’s mind… Wait!

Lin Yi suddenly smiled. He looked at Ma Zhu and smiled eerily! If he couldn’t make it out alive today, he will drag someone to die with him!

“Yaoyao, Shu…” Lin Yi turned around and looked at Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu.

“Yes?” Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu also saw Lin Yi’s eerie smile and they didn’t know what Lin Yi was going to do.

“Learn how to take care of yourselves in the future…” Lin Yi smiled.

“What?” Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu froze as they didn’t know why Lin Yi suddenly told them this.

Lin Yi didn’t explain. In the next moment, he lifted his head and looked at Ma Zhu! How funny! He had been trying to find Ma Zhu’s weakness from the very beginning but he didn’t imagine that Ma Zhu exposed his weakness in the last moment!

“What are you laughing at?” Ma Zhu was taken aback as Lin Yi’s odd smile made the hairs on his neck stand up.

“Wahahahaha! Master Ma, this brat was saying his last words!” Zhen Yingjun suddenly laughed as he was the first one to understand Lin Yi’s words.

Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu immediately understood what he meant with Zhen Yingjun’s hints. Was Lin Yi saying his last words?

“Lin Yi, go! Don’t worry about us, hurry up and run!” Chu Mengyao yelled crazily.

However, Lin Yi blocked out her voice and the strange smile remained on his face. His hands were positioned in an extremely odd way.

Tears blurred Chu Mengyao’s eyes as she didn’t expect Lin Yi to die for her and Shu! Miss roared with a hoarse throat, “You fucking idiot! You are dying for 30,000 yuan! No wonder Zhen Yingjun said you are an idiot, you are!”

Chen Yushu grabbed Chu Mengyao’s hands tightly without speaking. Although she was often optimistic, she was extremely worried right now.

“Humph, it looks like you are aware of the situation now!” Ma Zhu laughed, “die in peace. We won’t touch the little girls. We will let them leave safely.”

Lin Yi didn’t speak as his hands were still in an eerie position, no one knew what he was going to do.

“What? What does this mean? You want to be heroic once more before you die?” Ma Zhu looked at Lin Yi in confusion but he sounded impatient. Lin Yi already used up all his patient and he wanted to kill Lin Yi right now!

“Ha, if I’m going to die, I will die fancily. I’m going to attack.” Lin Yi’s smile gradually disappeared as he gradually walked towards Ma Zhu.

“Attack? Haha, fine. If you want that, no problem!” Ma Zhu wasn’t scared at all. His Golden Shield was at the eighth level already and he didn’t put Lin Yi in his eyes.

“Heh…” Lin Yi’s movements suddenly sped up as he dashed towards Ma Zhu. However, his hands were still maintained in the exact odd position.

Ma Zhu mocked, “Played too much Street Fighter? I can’t deny that this does look fancy indeed…”

As he spoke, he swung his right fist, ready to take Lin Yi’s ‘strange’ attack.

“Fancy… Perhaps. The fanciest is coming!” Lin Yi bit his lips decisively and suddenly put his palms together and pushed them out like some fighters from the game.

“Haha…” Ma Zhu’s fist was about to hit Lin Yi’s palms. He was going to kill Lin Yi!

However, something different happened in this instant! With a loud boom, something exploded between Ma Zhu and Lin Yi as if a thunderstruck on them!

With this thunderous explosion, a powerful heatwave pushed Lin Yi away!

The sound of the explosion rang in the valleys. Zhen Yingjun was terrified and so were Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu!

The remaining heat waves created by the explosion even made it hard for the girls to breathe from a distance, and Zhen Yingjun even stumbled back from the heat.

Although General Weiwu was slightly better, it also stared towards the direction of the explosion blankly.

The area where Lin Yi and Ma Zhu stood before was filled with dust and dirt. Stone and sand shattered in the air. They couldn’t even see what happened!

It seemed to be able to destroy the heaven and earth as the entire mountain shook. No one knew what happened and Zhen Yingjun stared at the place with his mouth wide open. He prayed it was the shock from perishing Lin Yi!

But Zhen Yingjun felt like something was wrong. He thought that there was a problem! Could Ma Zhu make such a big scene? If it wasn’t Ma Zhu, was it Lin Yi? Wasn’t that impossible?

“Yaoyao sis, where’s Shield bro? Is he fine?” Chen Yushu looked at the explosion scene blankly and sounded sorrowful.

Chu Mengyao didn’t speak and she didn’t know how she felt. Did it happen? Did it finally happen? Did Lin Yi die with the opponent? It was the only thing she could think of, and Lin Yi’s last words repeated in her ears, telling them to learn to take care of themselves in the future…

The next moment, he vanished like smoke in the air?

No! Chu Mengyao couldn’t accept the truth! Lin Yi couldn’t die! But in this moment, Chu Mengyao was lost for words. She didn’t know what to say, and she didn’t know what she could say.

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It was way beyond her expectation, way way beyond it… She never experienced separation from death her life and her fragile heart shattered.

The sand and rocks finally faded and the dust began to fall back down. Amongst the smoke, a person stood with a straight back. Although he wasn’t too tall, he was filled with a sharp aura!

His top was all torn and his naked skin was filled with numerous bloody cuts! It seemed that even a gush of wind could take him away, but he stood tall as the breeze swept past him.

“Shield bro!” Chen Yushu yelled in surprise and cheered, “Yaoyao sis, Shield bro is alive!”

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Chapter 891