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Chapter 890: Poisoned!

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It was impossible for Ma Zhu to kill him, and it was even more impossible for him to kill Ma Zhu! Lin Yi didn’t even dare to attack Ma Zhu. It would be in vain, and it might even injure him instead.

Ma Zhu saw that Lin Yi only avoided and he wasn’t angry either. He sneered coldly, “Jumping up and down, are you any different to that dog? Jump until the end if you can!”

On the other side, General Weiwu successfully killed all members of the firearms team and wagged its tail over, wanting to help Lin Yi.

“Go and protect Yaoyao and Shu, you can’t handle this,” Lin Yi ordered General Weiwu. Even Lin Yi couldn’t harm Ma Zhu, how could General Wu?

General Weiwu heard Lin Yi’s words and quickly ran to Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, cut the rope with his teeth…

Lin Yi glanced at Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu and sighed in relief when he saw that the ropes were cut. He yelled at them when he just dodged an attack, “Yaoyao, leave with Shu And General Weiwu!”

“But… Lin Yi, you…” Chu Mengyao was extremely worried. How could she leave without him?

“Go! I can run away anytime after you leave!” Lin Yi panicked. He dealt with Ma Zhu for so long but he didn’t haven’t thought of a countermeasure!

“Hehe, how dare they?” Ma Zhu declared confidently, “If they dare to leave, I’m going to kill them first! You can dodge my attack, but can they? Hahaahah!”

Lin Yi heard Ma Zhu’s words and frowned, he could only stop that plan! It looked like Ma Zhu wasn’t stupid. He knew that there was no point for him to continue to fight Ma Zhu after the girls were gone. He would stay if the girls were here!

However, Lin Yi had no other way around this. Ma Zhu was right; he could easily go and kill Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu because he wasn’t afraid of Lin Yi’s sneak attacks, and Lin Yi could do nothing to him!

“We will wait for you to go home together!” Chu Mengyao heard Ma Zhu’s words and sighed in relief. She didn’t want to leave! If she didn’t leave, she’d feel more secured here!

“Shield bro fighting! Kill this stupid giant!” Chen Yushu called out too.

“Humph!” Ma Zhu snorted coldly but he didn’t want to take two little girls’ words seriously. The only mission he had was to kill Lin Yi, “Brat, let’s see if you can still survive this time!”

“Huu—” Lin Yi agilely avoided another attack but it was extremely close. Ma Zhu almost hit his entire body!

What happened? Did his speed decrease? Was he running out of energy? That’s impossible! He wouldn’t even run out of energy if he ran for thousands of kilometers, how could he be exhausted after dodging a few attacks?

“Ka!” Lin Yi’s left shoulder was scraped by Ma Zhu’s palm and unbearable pain immediately spread to his entire shoulder! Lin Yi immediately saw his shoulder swell. If he wasn’t wrong, his bones were broken!

Lin Yi looked at Ma Zhu in astonishment! What happened? Why were his movements gradually becoming slower and slower? Did he get hit? What on earth happened?

“So? It hurts, doesn’t it? But I didn’t get your weakness. But it’s fine, I have patience and you’ll die slowly!” Ma Zhu looked at Lin Yi’s swollen shoulder and smiled sinisterly, “Feels like heaven, doesn’t it?”

Lin Yi frowned and thought that his steps were getting heavier and heavier!

Lin Yi had always being confident in his qinggong and stamina, but his qinggong deteriorated, and he was running out of stamina! If this continued, he would die…

Lin Yi quickly chanted the Art of Dragon Master to check his wounds… Wait! Suddenly, Lin Yi realized that something was wrong!

Poison! He was poisoned!

Lin Yi’s expressions became dark and there was only one possibility he could think of, “The bullet was coated in poison?”

“Poison?” Ma Zhu was taken aback. He didn’t know about it.

“Hahahahaha!” Zhen Yingjun heard Lin Yi’s words and suddenly laughed joyfully, “I thought that you aren’t afraid of poison? It didn’t break out for so long and I thought it didn’t work for cultivators like you! It looks like it’s only delayed! And I thought why did you become so stupid, it was the poison! Wahahahaha!”

“That’s what I thought!” Lin Yi clenched his teeth and his breathe shortened. He didn’t imagine that Zhen Yingjun played such a dirty trick and coated the bullets with poison!

“Master Ma, that brat is poisoned, hurry up and kill him!” Zhen Yingjun didn’t think that anything was wrong. From his view, killing Lin Yi was the primary goal! At this moment, he thought he was extremely wise for doing that!

If Lin Yi wasn’t poisoned and he could jump up and down, there was nothing Ma Zhu could do to him! Although Ma Zhu was strong, Lin Yi’s qinggong was too good and he couldn’t lay his hands on Lin Yi! But now Lin Yi was poisoned and he slowed down, Lin Yi’s death was already certain.

Ma Zhu nodded. Although he despised Zhen Yingjun for poisoning Lin Yi, it was indeed frustrating that this brat jumped and dodged all his attacks. In the end, it would be easier to kill Lin Yi when he was poisoned.

Would he die here? Lin Yi clenched his teeth as he looked Miss, then turned to Chen Yushu.

If he ran away now, he believed that Ma Zhu couldn’t catch up for him. But what about Miss? Would Ma Zhu let Miss go after he ran away?

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Maybe not? If Zhen Yingjun wanted to kill the girls, they would be dead bodies before he even came! But Zhen Yingjun didn’t do that, which means that Zhen Yingjun only wanted him dead, not the two girls!

If he died, the dispute would be far less than Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu! From Zhen Yingjun’s point of view, he was only Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu’s follower and it didn’t matter if he died. But if Chu Pengzhan’s daughter died, it would become a massive dispute!

Lin Yi felt more relief at this thought.

“Brat, quit thinking about useless things! You are already poisoned, you won’t be able to win even if you aren’t poisoned!” Ma Zhu looked at Lin Yi and replied indifferently…

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