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Chapter 877: Target Person

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Target Person

“Ha—” Lin Yi sighed in relief. Uncle Fu’s life was saved. As to whether he could recover his ability or not, it was none of Lin Yi’s concerns as Lin Yi had done what he could.

But even so, Lin Yi’s entire body was covered in cold sweat—he used a lot of pure energy! Uncle Fu’s opponent almost took his life with one blow. Although Lin Yi didn’t heal Uncle Fu completely, all he had left were merely injuries on his body and bones. After all, Lin Yi must use pure energy to repair Uncle Fu’s internal organs, or any injured organs would’ve killed Uncle Fu.

If it wasn’t for Uncle Fu’s well-built body, an ordinary wouldn’t have survived until now!

Lin Yi wiped the sweat off his sweat and lifted his head, found out that Song Lingshan and Chu Pengzhan already arrived, looking at him in panic from the side.

Song Lingshan had seen the way Lin Yi treated patients and she ordered the others to leave Lin Yi alone. She then ordered Liu Wangli and his team to protect Lin Yi to prevent interruptions.

“Little Yi, how is he?” Chu Pengzhan’s expressions were dull as he frowned tightly. Although he was worried about his daughter’s safety, he was also worried about Uncle Fu’s injuries.

“He’s still alive, but I don’t know if he can keep his cultivation after this. Uncle Fu specialists in physical style and his body is so broken…” Lin Yi shrugged. His energy could only repair Uncle Fu’s injured parts to its original state like reborn, but it definitely couldn’t push his body to sustain his cultivation.

Cultivation was accumulated through days of practice and it wasn’t something Lin Yi’s pure energy could change. Unlike internal style masters, it could be fixed by transferring pure energy to each other. This was the biggest difference between spiritual and physical style masters!

As soon as an internal style master’s meridian was broken, they would lose the ability to retain their pure energy and become a useless person! On the other hand, as soon as a physical style master’s body was injured severely, his body won’t be able to return to its original state even if he was fully healed. By that time, he would be no different from a normal person…

“That’s good enough!” Chu Pengzhan sighed in relief. It didn’t matter whether he could keep his cultivation or not, staying alive was the most important! Although Chu Pengzhan and Uncle Fu were employers and employees, how could he be emotionless towards him?

He and Uncle Fu were like old and best friends for many years. Even if Chu Pengzhan went bankrupt, he prayed for Uncle Fu’s survival!

“How’s Yaoyao and Shu? Any news?” Lin Yi’s face was pale. Healing Uncle Fu used too much pure energy and he wasn’t in the best state to fight. But the situation was urgent and he didn’t have time to rest.

“The vehicles that kidnapped the girls were Land Rovers, both number plates are fake. They used number plates from a taxi company in Donghai city. After checking through POS machine, the original car type is a Honda CRV and we are unable to confirm the identity of the kidnappers.” Liu Wangli introduced, “The kidnappers are very cunning and they are strong anti-tracking ability. Only a few cameras on the main road caught its sight and they disappeared after it! There are two possibilities; one, the kidnappers changed cars and second, they intentionally avoided the cameras after approaching the destination…”

Chu Pengzhan nodded and sighed. He didn’t even know who was his opponent this time and there was nothing he could do! He heard Lin Yi’s words and he turned to him, hoping that Lin Yi could give him some advice.

“Uncle Chu, since they kidnapped and Yaoyao and Shu, there must be a reason for it. I believe they will contact us soon,” Lin Yi replied after pondering for a while, “If they don’t want to use Yaoyao and Shu to achieve something, they wouldn’t have kidnapped them! If they hold grudges against us, then they would be dead on the spot like Uncle Fu.”

“Yes… But they are two girls…”, since the kidnapper caught his daughter and Shu, they must be trying to achieve something, but he was also worried that they’ll lay their eyes on the girls’ beauty…

“Rather than panicking here, why don’t we wait for the kidnapper’s call at home?” Lin Yi suggested. He needed to nap for a while to regain his energy or even if they had new of the kidnappers, he wouldn’t be able to fight them.

“Okay!” Chu Pengzhan was no longer the high-spirited CEO, but a worried father. He didn’t have any clues and since Lin Yi suggested to wait at home. He could only follow it.

Song Lingshan didn’t stop him because she knew that if Lin Yi couldn’t solve it. It was useless to continue no matter how worried she was. Since Lin Yi wanted to go back, then she let him be.

As for Uncle Fu, Lin Yi didn’t want him to be sent to the hospital but asked the doctor called Little Liu to help him send Uncle Fu to the mansion. Lin Yi had Uncle Fu’s injuries under control and as long as he doesn’t get injured again, Uncle Fu’s condition won’t deteriorate.

Only Lin Yi, Chu Pengzhan and Uncle Fu were left in the mansion, as well as General Weiwu, a dog of golden division.

“Little Yi, are we just going to sit here waiting for the kidnappers to contact us?” Chu Pengzhan looked at his watch anxiously. More than an hour passed yet the kidnappers still haven’t contacted him made him extremely fidgety.

“I can’t think of a better idea other than this,” Lin Yi sighed, “the most important thing is I need to rest. I used a lot of pure energy to stabilize Uncle Fu’s condition and I’m afraid that this is an intentional trap. They intentionally left Uncle Fu alive to make me use my pure energy…”

Chu Pengzhan heard Lin Yi’s words and his eyes became sharp. He never considered this before and after hearing this, he thought that Lin Yi’s guess was possible, “Little Yi, go and rest, I’ll wait for the kidnapper’s phone call!”

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“It’s fine, I’ll just have a rest on the couch,” Lin Yi said as he closed his eyes and started dozing off. Lin Yi didn’t fall into a deep sleep and he was still aware of what was happening in the outside world after entering the space within the jade pendant.

Although Lin Yi entered the space and tried to absorb as much energy as possible, his brain was still functioning as he continued to guess who was his opponent this time.

From the order of all things that happened, Lin Yi’s targeted suspects were limited down to two people: Yu Kun from House Yu and the other was Zhen Yingjun.

As the first noble house, House Yu wouldn’t do anything after their child was hurt. It didn’t fit their name and position as the first noble house and they couldn’t possibly let this slip! But Lin Yi found it strange that he would be their primary target, not Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu!

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