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Chapter 876: Uncle Fu’s Injury

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Uncle Fu’s Injury

“Song Lingshan told me to come here!” Lin Yi spoke as he took out his phone, wanting to contact Song Lingshan, but he saw Liu Wangli was standing not far from him and immediately yelled, “Liu Wangli!”

The police saw that Lin Yi didn’t only mention Song Lingshan’s name, but also knew Liu Wangli’s name. It was obvious that he came for Song Lingshan and he let Lin Yi through. He saw that Liu Wangli walked towards them and he left to do his things.

“Lin Yi, you are here. Team Leader Song is over there!” Liu Wangli pointed somewhere not far from them.

“Where’s Uncle Fu? Take me there!” Lin Yi wasn’t in a hurry to look for Song Lingshan as he was worried about Uncle Fu’s injury. Song Lingshan said that Uncle Fu was severely injured and he was dying, Lin Yi panicked or he wouldn’t have driven so fast!

“Here!” Liu Wangli became more serious as he saw Lin Yi’s panic. He wasn’t angry at Lin Yi for almost ordering him around because he knew that Lin Yi helped with solving a few big cases for them previously. Plus Lin Yi’s relationship with Song Lingshan was rather special. Liu Wangli almost treated Lin Yi as Song LIngshan’s boyfriend.

Lin Yi looked at Uncle Fu who was lying on the stretcher, his expression darkened. From what he could see, Uncle Fu was in extremely bad shape!

“Leave him to me, everyone go rest,” Lin Yi walked over and ordered those staff who were busy treating him.

The staff didn’t know who Lin Yi was and glanced at him in confusion without leaving.

“You guy can go, leave it to him,” Liu Wangli knew that Lin Yi wasn’t an ordinary person and helped him.

“I’m sorry, sir, saving patients is my job, we can’t leave without an order from our leader,” the medical staff’s leader walked over and spoke to Liu Wangli.

“Are you from People’s First Hospital or Second Hospital? I’ll talk to your dean!” Lin Yi panicked. It wasn’t because he didn’t believe the doctors, but because they couldn’t save Uncle Fu!

“We are from People’s First Hospital,” The staff didn’t hide it. Although they weren’t sure of Lin Yi’s identity, they weren’t allowed to leave without an order.

Lin Yi quickly dialed Guan Xueming’s number and briefly recounted what happened here, then asked for the doctor’s name.

The doctor heard that Lin Yi was calling Guan Xueming and was shocked, “May I ask if you are calling Professor Guan Xueming?”

“Yes, do you know him?” Lin Yi was delighted and asked.

“Which doctor doesn’t know who Professor Guan is in Songshan?” The doctor asked, “Did Professor Guan tell you to come?”

Lin Yi sighed in relief. He passed the phone to the doctor and said, “I’m Guan Xueming’s student, leave it to me and let Old Guan explain it to you!”

The doctor picked up the call and heard Guan Xueming’s words. He immediately nodded and agreed. Guan Xueming told him that Lin Yi was his student and Lin Yi will take care of it, he will call Dean Qin immediately.

The doctor was convinced after hearing what Guan Xiaoming said. Not long after he hung up, he received a call from the dean.

“Hello, Dean Qin, I’m Little Liu!” the doctor quickly picked up, “Okay… Okay, I understand, I’ll work with Doctor Lin Yi!”

Dean Qin called him, telling him that he must work and satisfy Lin Yi’s requirement, help him save Li Fu! With the dean’s assurance, Little Liu had nothing to worry about.

Lin Yi lowered his body and checked Uncle Fu’s wounds briefly and inhaled deeply.

Indeed, Uncle Fu wasn’t dead yet, but it didn’t mean that the opponent wasn’t strong enough to kill him. Instead, he purposely left Uncle Fu with one breathe! From Uncle Fu’s wounds, Lin Yi could tell that it resulted from one single attack. In other words, Uncle Fu’s opponent’s ability was far above his.

However, the opponent didn’t kill him. He probably spoke to Uncle Fu after injuring him, but the highest possibility was to make Lin Yi use as much pure energy as possible, making his ability drop temporarily!

Then should I save him or not? Lin Yi suddenly hesitated!

Speaking from feelings, Uncle Fu treated him well. Ever since he came to Songshan, Uncle Fu always treated him nicely and made him a part of the mansion. He didn’t want Uncle Fu to die! But logically speaking, Lin Yi knew that it was not smart to spend ‘energy’ to heal uncle Fu!

If he used too much energy to treat Uncle Fu’s wounds, he would be affected if the opponent was strong. At that time, he wouldn’t even be able to save Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu!

Although he could easily earn energy from the space in the pendant, he needed time and he didn’t know if he could make it in time!

Lin Yi clenched his teeth and decided to save Uncle Fu first. At least he couldn’t give up on Uncle Fu before any news on Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu’s side!

A few silver needles appeared in his hands and he quickly pierced them into a few acupuncture points on Uncle Fu. He silently started the Art of Dragon Mastery in his head. It was the same as treating Liu Bojia last time. He used silver needles to seal a few of Uncle Fu’s acupuncture points. He decided to use pure energy to keep Uncle Fu alive first but didn’t plan to completely heal him.

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Lin Yi knew how much pure energy he needed to bring back someone close to death. Even if he completely healed Uncle Fu, he would automatically go into sleep mode, he couldn’t afford to do that right now.

Lin Yi only used a small portion of his energy to keep Uncle Fu alive. He would have enough time to heal him after this is over! However, it was difficult to say whether Uncle Fu could keep his cultivations after this.

To an external style specialist, injuries as severe as this was more than enough to make him lose his kung fu. Although Lin Yi could use pure energy to create a dog of golden division, he couldn’t create a human at the golden division. The amount of energy required to do that was tremendously different! Even creating a dog at the golden division made him go into sleep mode temporarily, not to mention creating a human of golden division! If he could, Feng Xiaoxiao would’ve become a master of golden division already!

Not to mention that Uncle Fu was an external style specialist. Even if he had enough power himself to create a golden division master himself, it was unsuitable for Uncle Fu! Why? Because practicing the external style didn’t require pure energy, but physical cultivation accumulated over the years!

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