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Chapter 863: Strange Dinner Meeting

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Lin Yi thought that his days were so laid back compared to the relatively exhaustive days from his earlier years.

He wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad omen—was it a peaceful calm or was it the calm before the storm.

From the looks of it, he thought that the latter might have had a higher possibility. Yukun was disabled, and House Yu wouldn’t sit around knowing that. They must be brewing up a plan.

As for other people, wasn’t it why Kang Zhaoming showed up

Lin Yi didn’t believe that a shoddy person like him could become a virtuous person without a big change. Without any opportunity for change, was it possible that he came to the realization himself? Kang Zhaoming was such a case of spontaneous behavior change. It was so suspicious that Lin Yi felt that he has an ulterior agenda.

Thus, Lin Yi didn’t bother paying attention to him during the dinner; He did things his way so that Kang Zhaoming would blow his cover.

Kang Zhaoming wasn’t able to grab the teapot in time, he could only bitterly retract his hand back. His legs still weren’t listening to his commands. He couldn’t stand up to get it because the teapot was placed far far away from him.

“Well, Xiaobo, you are still a part of House Kang. As members of House Kang, we have our own medical company. If you wanted to be the Vice CEO of a company, you should at least come to our Miracle Doctor Kang’s medical company. Why would you go to another person’s company to be their Vice CEO? People will gossip about it, How will House Kang retain their pride if that was to happen?” Kang Zhaoming coughed to gain attention.

“Oh? House Kang?” Kang Xiaobo coldly chuckled. “What does House Kang have to do with me? Aside from my surname, when have you thought about my behalf? Do you mean to tell me that this visit is to hand over the Vice CEO position at Kang’s medical company?”

“Well… haha, even if it isn’t the Vice CEO position, giving you stocks wouldn’t be a problem!” Kang Zhaoming chuckled. “Right now grandfather has the authority. Wait until I hold power. I will give you his share of the stocks. That way you will be a shareholder of our House’s medical company! In the end, you are a part of House Kang. How could we bear to let you suffer?”

“Oh, then I must thank you. You invited me over to discuss just this matter?” Kang Xiaobo didn’t believe a single word Kang Zhaoming had promised. Unless the sun rose from the west, it was a complete bullshit story that Kang Zhaoming had created about giving stocks away.

“Ah, let’s eat dinner first…” Kang Zhaoming laughed a little then he acted like everything was normal. He turned to Zhu Xiaozhang and said “Go check why it is taking so long for the dishes to be served,”

Right as his sentence had ended, the waiters came walking in with the entrees. It didn’t take long for the table to be lined up with dishes. Service at this hotel restaurant was top notch.

Lin Yi didn’t give any respect to the host—Kang Zhaoming and his henchmen, Zhu Xiaozhang and Wang Shubin. The moment the plate of food was laid on the table, Lin Yi started reaching for the plates. He served himself and Tang Yun, a little serving from each dish.

Lin Yi didn’t mind, but Tang Yun still felt slightly embarrassed. In the end, she was a well mannered young lady, and she was in the presence of others she wasn’t familiar with.

Lin Yi’s actions didn’t go unnoticed by Kang Zhaoming. A crease started forming on Kang Zhaoming’s brows; he didn’t like the disrespect at all but didn’t speak up. He was hoping that Lin Yi would help him in his cause with persuading Kang Xiaobo, which was why he didn’t speak up about the disrespect.

“Xiaobo, are the rumors true? I’ve heard that Miracle Doctor Guan’s product has something similar to Golden Creation? Does it have the same medicinal effect as Kang’s Golden Creation?” Kang Zhaoming acted nonchalantly as he asked.

“Yes, that would be Miracle Doctor Guan’s Injury Medicine,” Kang Xiaobo still didn’t know what Kang Zhaoming had in store. Whatever was asked, Kang Xiaobo answered briefly. He didn’t want to talk more than necessary. He could answer honestly since he didn’t need to hide anything. He didn’t know any corporate secrets after all.

“Well, the effectiveness, should be the same as Doctor Kang’s Golden Creation?” Kang Zhaoming continued to ask.

“Yeah, should be,” Kang Xiaobo continued.

“Ahh, so it’s like that. Would you happen to know where Miracle Doctor Guan’s Injury Medicine formula came from? Haha, you would know right?” Kang Zhaoming was slowly achieving his point.

Kang Xiaobo wasn’t exactly ignorant of the situation. When he had heard of Kang Zhaoming’s words, he felt disgusted. Those words directed at him signified that Guan’s Injury Medicine was obtained from Kang Xiaobo!

It was at that moment that Kang Xiaobo understood the purpose of this dinner meeting. Kang Zhaoming’s purpose was to find out if Miracle Doctor Guan’s Injury Medicine was given by him! What a farce! He had never even seen his own grandfather’s medical formula, so how could he give away something he had never seen?

Kang Xiaobo calmly replied “well, why would I know?”

“Ha, well if you don’t know then you don’t know, but don’t get angry!” Kang Zhaoming quickly added.

“Me angry?” Kang Xiaobo calmly spoke, he glanced at Lin Yi to see if there were any hints. He only saw Lin Yi happily eating away. Kang Xiaobo felt more at ease knowing that.

“Forget it, Xiaobo, we are both from House Kang. I will be straightforward with you with what I want. For a brother, can you get me Miracle Doctor Guan’s Injury Medicine Formula?” Kang Zhaoming felt like he was walking in circles with Kang Xiaobo, even sweet talk was ineffective. So he took a risk on coming forth with his true purpose.

“Guan’s Injury Medicine formula? What would you do with that?” Kang Xiaobo was shocked. “Don’t you have Miracle Doctor Kang’s Golden Creation formula already?

“Haha, just think about my request!” Kang Zhaoming chuckled. “So as a Vice CEO of Miracle Doctor Guan’s medical company, you can easily get this formula right? Even if we aren’t blood-related brothers, I can’t have you do this without getting compensation! Shubin…”

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Wang Shubin stood up and pulled out a black suitcase. He placed it on the table and opened it up…

It was neatly lined with wads of cash. It gave people a dazzling feeling! Kang Zhaoming didn’t use a credit card, but his choice to use cash was to stimulate the human sense of greed. He wanted Kang Xiaobo to rush on a decision and take the suitcase of cash!

“So what is the meaning of this?” Kang Xiaobo frowned. With so much money in front of him, it would be a lie to say that his heart wasn’t moved, but Kang Xiaobo was still a man of principle. He couldn’t sell out the company for a small amount of benefit! To top if off, Lin Yi was sitting right next to him. If it wasn’t for Lin Yi, nothing would’ve been possible. Seems like Kang Zhaoming really miscalculated this time!

“Here is three hundred thousand yuan. If you can help me with the task of finding out the formula for Miracle Doctor Guan’s Injury Medicine and raw material supplier, then this suitcase will belong to you!” Kang Zhaoming patted on the suitcase. “There is three hundred thousand yuan here, I don’t think you can earn that amount by working in Miracle Doctor Guan’s medical company?”

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Chapter 863