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Chapter 851: Urging from House Kang

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Urging from House Kang

“Then what else can we do? The least we can do is to try right? At least our Feiyan sect has excellent qing gong skill and we have intensive knowledge on uncovering traps. That alone makes me a better choice than them!” Yu Xiaoke said proudly. “Last time, I went to help them tomb raid. If I wasn’t there, they would’ve died to traps inside…”

“Just listen to me and be careful,” the dean emphasized. She knew that Yu Xiaoke had already decided, so further persuasion was not necessary. There was a clear imbalance of spending the income for the orphanage. If they didn’t do anything, then it will definitely shut down.

Yu Xiaoke would post on “Thief’s Door”, a website specifically made for posting mission requests. Then, she would wait for someone to accept her conditions.

Even after posting the mission request, it would take some time before anyone responded back. During this time, Yu Xiaoke thought about what she could do to earn more money. She thought about what other talents she had, but the only method she can think of is selling flowers by the hospital gate. There was a small risk associated, but there was definitely room for earnings. After a little more pondering, she brought along several older children with her to the wholesale market to buy flowers in bulk. Then, she would sell the flowers individually at People’s First Hospital courtyard entrance.

In actuality, the business that goes on in this plot of land is controlled by the local gang. However, since the leader of this local gang knows Yu Xiaoke as the female thief, he doesn’t mess with her since he is aware of her condition. He had heard of the constant police patrol in the city so he knew that it would be hard for Yu Xiaoke to earn her regular income. As for selling flowers, it was a temporary supplementary income for her. She wasn’t going to do it long-term so the local gang leader allowed it.


Meanwhile, Kang Zhaoming was laying in bed. Both his legs had bone fractures, but it was not severe like a comminuted fracture. As far as sayings go, it was better to injure the tendon than to injure the bone. Perhaps due to Kang Zhaoming taking in better supplements, he was able to walk in half the time it would’ve taken normal people.

Kang Zhaoming’s modern wheelchair was equipped with smart technology; it was capable of moving forward, backward, and turning to both sides. With his two lackeys, Wang Shubin and Zhu Xiaozhang, tailing him, there was no delay in whatever he wanted to be done.

Today was the day that Kang Zhaoming was released from hospital care. To any normal person, this was a very joyous event. However, Kang Zhaoming wasn’t happy at all.

He had laid in bed for so many days, but Guan Xin only dropped by to visit him once. It was the first initial visit. Then, she never came by again! Kang Zhaoming’s whole purpose of living in the hospital was to get closer to Guan Xin. Not only did he not gain affection, but he also wasted away several days.

“Shubing, so do you have any other good ideas?” Kang Zhaoming urged. Over the past few days, his family checked up on his progress over the phone to rush the completion of his task. With his legs broken, how could he find an opportunity to meet Guan Xin?

“Master Zhaoming, I don’t think that we should continue using the strategy of using your injuries!” Shubing was the first to speak up.

“Pathetic! You don’t think I know that already? Guan Xin suspects something already. If I go to her with an injury as an excuse, even if she doesn’t think it is on purpose, she would think that I have shitty luck. To get sick or injured every other day… who would want a friend like that?” Kang Zhaoming continued, “The patients that she is responsible for who can control the degree of injury to make it less inconspicuous? A hit might be too severe or not severe enough. It is too hard to get this wild factor correct!”

“You are right, but I really can’t think of any good ideas…” Wang Shubing carefully chose his next words “The courting tips online are all bullshitting. There is no actual practical use for any of their claims.”

“What does the internet say?” Kang Zhaoming quickly asked.

“It suggested things like using drugs, kidnapping, and sexual advances…” Wang Shubin was thinking off the top of his head.

“Holy shit, are you on some porn site? What kind of bullshit tips are those?!” Kang Zhaoming started screaming without reserve. If he could drug Guan Xin, he would’ve done that a lot earlier. If that had happened, Guan Xin would hate his guts. Why would she divulge the secret remedy to him? The more likely outcome would be that she would want to send him to hell.

“Right… Right…” Wang Shubin pulled out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat rolling off his forehead. He was thinking to himself, But you were the one to told me to check out the site. 

In the middle of their conversation, Kang Zhaoming’s phone rang. On the phone screen, it was his brother, Kang Zhaolong, calling. Without hesitation, he picked up the call “Big brother?”

“Hey Zhaoming, I heard that you are leaving the hospital today? How are you doing?” Kang Zhaolong had to be concerned with his little brother’s health first before getting to the main point of the call.

“I’m good, but I still have to move around in a wheelchair. Big bro, is there something you need from me?” Kang Zhaoming asked.

“It’s about that task?” Kang Zhaolong sighed. “House Xiao paid us a visit and forced our hand with the marriage. They brought along a Mystic class fighter. Those motherfuckers are trying to scare us, House Kang? So you need to pick up your pace. We need Guan Xin’s help to get that secret formula! I don’t care what tactics you’ll use, but you must hurry. Otherwise, I will be forced to marry Wang Xinyan…”

Kang Zhaoming was thinking that it was a beautiful and wonderful thing to be able to marry Wang Xinyan. If he was the groom, he wouldn’t have minded at all!

Yet, Kang Zhaoming knew that if House Kang had the formula for Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing, then their house tier would jump exponentially. They would be a rising household!

Although the Houses that have consumed the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing didn’t publicly announce the pill’s effect, they have sent messengers in secrecy to find out more information. Those Houses wanted to know if House Kang wanted to let go of their auctioned pill for a trade. They would put up a reasonable amount to trade for it!

A reasonable amount? It didn’t mean much to House Kang, especially when House Kang had spent four million yuan to bid for it. It was unfathomable! Kang Zhaoming thought long and hard about it. He understood that even if those Houses gladly paid five million yuan to those hidden noble houses, it would all be worth it! A pill that can extend up to ten years was definitely worth spending money as it could buy more time! If money could solve that problem, then it was worth it!

As for the special effects of the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing, Kang Zhaoming experienced it himself. Even now, he still reaped the benefits. His recovery rate was sped up for all his illnesses and injuries up until now. His body qualities had changed since taking the pill!

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He was no longer the kidney deficient, unhealthy Kang Zhaoming!

So the moment House Kang can get the formula, they will mass reproduce the pill. Then, the noble House would have to pay respect to House Kang. They wouldn’t even have to ask to be a noble house anymore! They would be granted that status!

“I will hurry up…” Kang Zhaoming said, “But some things can’t be rushed, you know?”

“No! Rush it! It’s urgent! You have to hurry. It is grandfather’s will!” Kang Zhaolong continued. “Aside from that, I have another thing that I wanted to update you. I heard that Miracle Doctor Guan’s Medicine company was releasing their product. They will open a press conference next month. It will have the same effect as our Golden Creation, but it is called Injury Medicine! You have another task now. Aside from getting the formula for the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing, you have to find out the Injury Medicine’s formula. Specifically, find out how they get their raw materials!

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