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Chapter 85 – Establish as Boyfriend

Zou Ruoming, naturally, knew the same things that Kang Xiaobo did- hed brought a couple of his lackeys to the street food area long ago, ordering some skewers and beer at Tang Yins mothers stand. They were waiting for Tang Yin to come.

Tang Yins mother knew who Ruoming was- the guy was an infamous tyrant in the school. She was trying to figure out why hed bring so many people to eat here today. He didnt usually eat here at all.

Mrs. Tang would be lying if she said she wasnt scared of Zou Ruoming. Hed gotten a stomachache a while back after eating at one of the seafood stands here, returning the next day to smash the place apart, even going as far as to beat the vendor up. The wounds were so bad that he wasnt seen until a couple of days later.

She wasnt the only one selling skewers here- there were a lot other skewer stands, and Zou Ruoming always ate at one of the other stands. Mrs Tang saw that as a blessing: businesses like hers didnt earn much money in the first place, shed rather have less customers than to expose herself to trouble- she didnt want to end up like the seafood guy.

Heres your food- Ah! Mrs Tang was serving Zou Ruomings table with some freshly barbequed chicken wings when her hand slipped a little, causing some of the sauce from the chicken wings to fling onto a fattys leg. The lackey looked down at the splotch of oil as Mrs Tang panicked.

Im sorry, Im sorry! Mrs Tang apologized immediately. Young masters like these terrified her- there was little stopping them from thrashing her entire stand. I I can wipe it for you? I can wash it for you, even, if youd like

This barbeque stand was Mrs Tangs sole source of income after being laid off. Her lover was bedridden after having injured his leg, and the factory didnt seem very willing to pay a compensation. Shed went up to the factory a couple of times, only to be sent back out by a rough factory chief.

Mrs. Tang was the classic example of a housewife from the lowest social tier: weak and soft, but still holding the family together through her two hands, earning money for her daughters school fees and her lovers medical bill.

Ha, its okay! The fatty said, not one trace of anger in his voice as he wiped the oil stain away. Id never ask aunty to wash my pants for me- Ming Bro would kill me! Youll be our elder soon!

You little-! Zou Ruoming pressed at fattys forehead. Kissing ass already?

Heehee. Fatty started laughing, followed by the others lackeys laughter- none of them had a care in the world.

Mrs. Tang, on the other hand, looked at fatty blankly, not sure of what the words meant, not did she understand what everyone was laughing about. One thing was clear: the fatty seemed to have let things go.

Mrs Tang let out a breath of relief as she voiced her words carefully. Then This ones my treat, if you dont mind.

That cant do, aunty- our Ming Bro isnt that kind of guy, he wont just eat without paying! Fatty said with a wave of his hand. Youre the last person hed do that kind of thing to. After all, the two of you will be family soon!

Zou Ruoming couldnt help but grin gleefully at fattys words. The guy was saying all the right things- he didnt raise him up for nothing.

Mrs. Tang was confused- family? What was this fatty trying to say?

Tang Yin appeared some distance away, and fatty started wobbling his fat body around as he danced in greeting, whistling along with Ruomings other lackeys.

Mrs. Zous here! Mrs. Zous here! Fatty cried out loudly. (What fatty actually calls Tang Yin is something Chinese people do: its like you calling your close friends gf saozi (literal translation sis-in-law), but I changed it to Ms. Zou for adaptability purposes)

Tang Yins face paled instantly upon seeing Zou Ruoming and his lackeys- she never expected them to show up at her mothers stand! The fatty over there was spouting some ridiculous nonsense in front of her mother, as well!

Ruoming had written her a love letter before, but Tang Yin didnt hold back in rejecting him But the guy didnt seem to care at all! He only smiled stupidly as he followed her around, running back to his classroom after the bell rang.

She hadnt heard from the guy for two days after that, and assumed that Ruoming had decided to give up on her Something like this happening was completely unexpected- how saddened would her mother be if she thought Tang Yin got herself a boyfriend at this age?

Boss, Zou Ruoming and his lackeys are there! Xiaobo said to Lin Yi after spotting Ruoming, evidently a little pissed off. These bastards are bullying her!

Oh, so that guys called Zou Ruoming? Lin Yi took a closer look at Ruoming, remembering him as the guy hed sent flying with a basketball a few days ago.

You know him? Xiaobo asked as he turned to Lin Yi. Hes the Second of the Big Four! Its like I said, youll be able to replace him as Second if you defeat him!

…… Lin Yi shook his head in response. He smiled a bitter smile- didnt he just destroy him a couple of days ago?

Id heard long ago that Tang Yin rejected him, but I didnt expect him to do something this shameless! Making things up in front of her mother like that! Xiaobo waved his fist angrily as he heard what fatty was shouting.

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Lin Yi didnt particularly care about what Ruoming did- the guy was a jerk, but Lin Yi had better things to do than trouble himself with his antics, unless it involved Lin Yi himself.

Sit, Sis! Ming Bros ordered the food already, we were only waiting for you! Fatty said very enthusiastically.

Come, Yin Yin! Dont be shy- we have to tell your mother sooner or later anyway! Zou Ruoming waved as his shamelessness pumped him up. He was pretty displeased at Tang Yins rejection, and was trying to think of something when one of his lackeys proposed this tactic- hed decided to go all in with that, establishing himself as Tang Yins boyfriend right in front of her mother. He understood Mrs. Tang as a housewife, and that his fame wasnt a very positive one He had, however, youth and riches- there wasnt much Tang Yin could do if even her own mother agreed to the relationship…

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