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Chapter 837: Explosion

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“How can you be so shameless?” Chen Yushu glanced at Zhen Yingjun and asked.

“I’m not, I was being modest. This is the deciding game. I can’t go easy on you anymore!” Zhen Yingjun defended.

“Hah…” The crowd watched them all laughed loudly. Wasn’t that shameless? He thought the girls were beginners so he talked big, but now he didn’t want to go easy on them because they were skilled? It was obvious that he was being shameless about it. How could he defend himself?

Zhen Yingjun blushed upon hearing the laughter. However, he didn’t care that he was getting scorned for the sake of his reputation. It would be more shameful if he, the vice president of Donghai City’s Pool Association lost to two beginners! He would die from embarrassment if the news spread!

So, losing face in front of a small crowd today was better than losing face to a wider extent.

Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu were annoyed. He saw through their plan and now, they could no longer have one person hitting the cue ball and the other aiming for the pocket.

“Well, since you are changing the rules, I want to change it too, or it’s not fair!” Chen Yushu rolled her eyes and immediately thought of a good idea.

“What do you want to change?” Zhen Yingjun asked.

“This time, we won’t distinguish different patterned balls. Whoever hits more balls into the pocket wins, how about that?” Chen Yushu asked.

“Fine. So you agree to what I said before?” Zhen Yingjun was slightly taken aback as he thought there was no used for Chen Yushu to change the rules. Even if he didn’t allow Chen Yushu to move the cue ball, without distinguishing different patterned balls would make it more convenient for Chu Mengyao to find a target.

However, Zhen Yingjun took Chen Yushu’s suggestion as she settled for the second-best. No different patterned balls, no using cue balls to find their patterned balls, they only needed to hit the balls! But did she think that she could hit them into the pocket like this?

“Yes. So, who’s going first” Chen Yushu nodded in agreement.

“I’ll go first. I let you go first twice and it should be my turn now!” Zhen Yingjun stood up and walked towards the table without any room for negotiation.

The crowd looked at him with even more scorn than before. He thought he could bully two beginners and let them go first arrogantly. Now he didn’t want to because he thought they were skilled.

Zhen Yingjun decided to use less strength this time since overdone it last time. He would be fine as long as he didn’t hit a jump ball. Now that there were no different patterned balls, it was more beneficial to him as he could get one ball in at the first try.

He used less strength and pushed the ball out. He thought, it should be normal this time, right?

The result was within Zhen Yingjun’s expectations this time. The cue ball didn’t fly away this time, but the cue ball stopped after moving a short distance forward.

“Huh?” Zhen Yingjun was shocked. What happened? Why did it stop moving? Did he not use enough strength this time? But that’s impossible, he only used a tiny bit less strength than last time, why is the difference so big? It was a jump ball last time, why did it only move a few centimeters forward this time?

Zhen Yingjun rubbed his eyes and wanted to see if it was an illusion! However, it was real this time. Lin Yi didn’t ‘help’ him this time and it was his own and original strength.

With the amount of strength he used, the cue ball only moved so far.

“Hahahahaha!” Chen Yushu immediately laughed loudly. She pointed at the ball and her stomach was aching from laughing too hard, “I let you go first but it looks like you didn’t even have a turn!”

“It’s an accident!” Zhen Yingjun blushed but didn’t know what happened.

“Accident?” Chen Yushu didn’t believe Zhen Yingjun’s explanation but she said nothing. She stood next to the pool table and spoke to Zhen Yingjun, “Watch, I’m going to get it all with a break!!”

“What?” Zhen Yingjun froze. How is that possible? He quickly asked, “We don’t have that rule, do we?”

“I didn’t say that, if I shoot another elastic ball, wouldn’t I get all of them?” Chen Yushu looked at Zhen Yingjun as if he was an idiot.

Zhen Yingjun was flabbergastered. He finally understood what she meant by no his or her balls. She wanted to perform another ‘elastic ball’! Because the shot was too miraculous, he never thought that Chen Yushu could do it again! Hence, when she wanted to change rules, he never even thought of it. Now he finally knew what she wanted to do with that change in rules!

But could she do it again? Zhen Yingjun didn’t believe that she could as the shot was beyond the knowledge of normal pool. If she said she could perform another jump ball, it was possible, but even a professional player at worlds couldn’t do this!

“You can do it again?” Zhen Yingjun asked in disbelief.

“I don’t know, but I should be able to if I try, right?” Chen Yushu blinked and lifted her hands in the air, “Shield bro, please bestow your power upon me!”

Chu Mengyao almost laughed at her words and Lin Yi looked speechless.

Luckily the crowd didn’t know what Chen Yushu meant. They thought she was just trying to encourage herself as everyone knows that players always say some strange words before their turn. Just like weight lifting athletes, they always yell out some words to encourage themselves the moment they lift the weights up.

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After Chen Yushu did that, she pushed the cue ball out. It seemed ordinary as the ball touched a random ball and stopped.

Lack of strength. When the crowd thought that Chen Yushu couldn’t do it again, and when Zhen Yingjun sighed in relief, the cue ball was exploded with strength and began to strike other balls on the table rapidly…

It was another elastic ball!

The ball continued to strike around as if it had infinite energy. Of course, one ball acting so wasn’t so strange as it happened once already, but what was in front of them was even more appalling!

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