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Chapter 836: Master Jun Reneged

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Master Jun Reneged

“See, I did it! It’s my win! That’s one ball for me!” Chen Yushu didn’t think that she could do it, but she thought she could at least try. Whether she could succeed or not, it all depended on Shield bro. And Shield bro did it perfectly.!

Chen Yushu finished speaking and threw one of her balls into the pocket.

Zhen Yingjun took a deep breath. He was unwilling to accept the reality but, there was nothing else he could do. He had already promised and he could not only complain about his misfortune, but he had to accept that Chen Yushu won the round!

“Fine, it’s my go now!” Zhen Yingjun breathed deeply. This time, he couldn’t make a mistake or he would lose this game as Chen Yushu only had two balls left.

Usually, Zhen Yingjun wouldn’t treat seriously to win against two beginners. However, the situation was different now since the game was extremely eerie!

He hit two jump balls previously but logically speaking, he didn’t use too much strength. Was the cue ball too light? Zhen Yingjun couldn’t understand why as he gave up and decided to hit it lighter.

Zhen Yingjun aimed at his ball and hit it.

Lin Yi felt like Zhen Yingjun used less power this time and he transferred less energy than the last two balls. This time, Zhen Yingjun’s ball didn’t fly out of the table, but it still jumped slightly. It skipped the ball he aimed at and the cue ball rolled into the pocket.

“Huh?!?” Zhen Yingjun was speechless. He purposely didn’t use as much strength but it still happened? However, he didn’t injure anyone this time but hit his cue ball into the pocket.

Luckily, he didn’t have to compensate for someone and get scolded again. However, his expression was still dark as he lost his dignity again!

“Woah, sick! You hit your ball into the pocket? Are you perhaps color blind?” Chen Yushu looked at Zhen Yingjun in surprise.

“Humph! I just didn’t control my strength properly, it won’t happen next time!” Zhen Yingjun snorted coldly and didn’t want to argue with Chen Yushu. If he continued to argue with her, it would make him look unconfident, so he wanted to prove her wrong by displaying his true skills!

There were no penalty rules playing with Chen Yushu. Whether he sent the cue ball flying or hit it into the pocket, there was no free ball. It would be Chen Yushu’s turn again.

Chen Yushu noticed that Shield bro couldn’t change the path of the ball, but he was only able to change the strength of the ball. She wasn’t certain that she could aim the remaining two balls towards the pocket so she decided to hit the cue ball to a better position, making it easier to aim.

Lin Yi saw that Chen Yushu didn’t aim for her ball this time but hit it somewhere else, he could more or less guess what she wanted to do and controlled the ball so it stopped at a great position for Chu Mengyao.

As long as Chu Mengyao aimed accurately, she could easily hit the ball of her own into the pocket.

Chu Mengyao figured out that Lin Yi had been helping them from aside and Shu seemed to know it too, or she wouldn’t have done that. Without Lin Yi’s help, it was impossible for Chen Yushu to control her strength so accurately that the ball stopped at the best position.

Chu Mengyao didn’t need Lin Yi’s help and easily hit the ball into the pocket. After her turn, it was Zhen Yingjun’s turn!

Zhen Yingjun felt nervous. His opponents only had one ball left but still had quite a few balls left!

This time, Zhen Yingjun didn’t dare to use too much strength. After he aimed at the ball, he lightly pushed the cue ball out.

However, it was still a jump ball!

Zhen Yingjun was going crazy. How was it possible that every single ball was a jump ball?

He watched at the cue ball jump up and smashed into the ball which he aimed earlier, making the ball spin randomly for a few seconds before stopping.

This time, Zhen Yingjun indeed hit his target, but because the direction was wrong, the target ball didn’t fall into the pocket.

“What the hell, that’s so weird!” Zhen Yingjun couldn’t help but curse. He thought it was too unbelievable. Did he strength increase explosively all of a sudden? He didn’t even use that much strength but why did it look like he did? What the hell was happening?

Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu only had one ball left. Chen Yushu decided to use the old method and hit the cue ball to a position for Chu Mengyao so Chu Mengyao can hit it into the pocket. This time, Chu Mengyao didn’t put in a lot of strength since she was nervous, but the last ball fell into the pocket successfully under Lin Yi’s added energy.

Chu Mengyao knew that she didn’t use enough strength but the ball seemed rather powerful and ran into the pocket itself! She thought that it was probably Lin Yi’s doing again.

“See, we won! Look at you. And you said you are professional and you want to teach us? You can’t even play yourself!” Chen Yushu looked at Zhen Yingjun as she was rather pleased, “You think you are good just because you can hit a few jump balls? I can not only hit jump balls, but also ‘elastic’ balls!”

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“Don’t we have one more game? We won a game each, we are tied!” How could Zhen Yingjun admit defeat? He thought that he just didn’t perform well this time. Not because Chen Yushu was good at pool.

“Fine, one last time! I’ll make you lose willingly!” Chen Yushu wasn’t afraid of losing at all with Lin Yi’s help, “Are you going to let us have three turns each?”

“No, I underestimated you last time, I won’t let you have three turns this time!” How could Zhen Yingjun do that again? Although Chen Yushu looked at a beginner, she was extremely lucky. He was too scared that she would hit a few balls in by luck and continued, “Not only that, only one of you can play. You two can’t play together anymore!”

Zhen Yingjun wouldn’t let them play together again. They worked together perfectly as one hit the cue ball to a good position and the other hit it into the pocket, he would definitely lose if they continued to play like this! In order to restore his face, he couldn’t let them continue like this!

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