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Chapter 833: You Are Dead

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You Are Dead

Although Zhen Yingjun was confused the cue ball which Chen Yushu touched showed no signs of stopping, but it was still spinning around the table as if it had a motor inside it. Although the ball didn’t fall into a pocket, it hit a few other balls that belonged to both sides into the pocket.

Zhen Yingjun played pool for so many years he had never seen anything like this before. It wasn’t a cue ball, but an elastic ball. It didn’t matter how strong the player was, it wasn’t impossible to achieve something like this.

Chu Mengyao looked at the naughty ball on the table in surprise. She lifted her head to look at Chen Yushu and Chen Yushu looking extremely excited. She immediately understood that Shu wasn’t the one who did it. They have been sisters for so long and they could tell each other’s thoughts through expressions alone. Although Chu Mengyao couldn’t see through everything clearly, she could tell in easier, unimportant situations.

She then turned around to Lin Yi and saw a bitter smile on his face. Was it Lin Yi who did this? She played for so long yet she never achieved a shot of ‘elastic ball’ before, yet she did it as soon as Lin Yi came?

Chu Mengyao pondered.

If she wasn’t wrong, it was indeed Lin Yi who did it! Lin Yi wasn’t too sure of how he could help Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu win and he was just testing stout.

The first thing Lin Yi thought of was the strange ‘pure energy’ within his body, it was also the ‘energy’ which Old Jiao mentioned. Since the energy was almighty, could he possibly transfer it onto the ball? According to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created out of anything and it cannot disappear. It could only be transformed into another form, or transferred from one object into another. During the transfer or transform, the total of the energy does not change.

In other words, Lin Yi’s energy could become the energy needed to move the ball. Of course, the energy inside Lin Yi wasn’t created out of nothing, and no masters could do that.

The pure energy in their bodies came from the natural and spiritual air of heaven and earth, the mnemonic chant for their cultivation was a way to turn the natural and spiritual air of heaven and earth into their own energy. The process they undergo was to transform the energy of the natural world into their body’s energy.

However, Lin Yi’s energy came from the space within the jade pendant and he transformed the energy in the space into his own.

After Chen Yushu hit the ball, he tried to see whether his energy could be used for the ball or not. Hence, he put both of his hand on the edge of the table and silently used the Art of Dragon Mastery. In an instant, the ball seemed to become alive and immediately started spinning on the table…

It could be used! However, it was Lin Yi’s first try and couldn’t control the amount of energy being transferred into the ball. In a blink of an eye, he sent too much energy into the ball. How much energy did he need to transfer to make a small ball move? Only the tiniest amount was needed and the ball couldn’t stop as Lin Yi overdone it.

Although the first try was a fail, it proved the possible success of the operation. It was also surprising that his energy could only be used in objects which were using energy. The table and other balls which stayed still couldn’t absorb his energy!

The other balls which were affected by the ‘elastic ball’ didn’t absorb Lin Yi’s energy as Lin Yi stopped using the Art of Dragon Mastery. Hence, the energy only influenced the cue ball!

“Holy shit, I’m freaking sick! I can do something like that? I’m a genius!” Chan Yushu finally exclaimed after the shock, “I am Genius Shu! I’m good at anything I do!”

“Impossible! How is that possible? That’s illogical! Is there something wrong with the ball?” Zhen Yingjun didn’t believe that Chen Yushu could do this and it was even unbelievable for professional players to do this!

“Just because you’ve never seen it before, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible!” Chen Yushu looked at Zhen Yingjun in disdain, “I told you that it’s a piece of cake to beat you. I went easy on you last game, now that I’m giving it my best shot, you are dead! If you want to argue, show us a same shot of what I just did!”

Chen Yushu’s unconventional shot attracted the majority of the players in the room over as they have never seen something like this before, The ball spun on the table for more than a minute yet it still showed no signs of stopping.

When everyone was exclaiming, it was also unimaginable. The person who performed this must be a master out of all skilled masters!

Zhen Yingjun’s face turned black but he couldn’t argue back as he couldn’t do this! Zhen Yingjun’s lips twitched and fought back unhappily, “You were just lucky. See if you can do it one more time!”

“Why should I? I helped you get your balls into the pocket, aren’t I helping you?” Chen Yushu wasn’t sure whether she could it again herself. Although she looked confident, she was making everything up. She was pondering whether it was Shield bro who helped her and she couldn’t be too full with her words, “If I do it again, it will be my win. You have to admit defeat!”

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“But…” Although Zhen Yinngjun didn’t believe that Chen Yushu could do it again, he didn’t dare to make the promise. What if she did it again? That means he must admit defeat!

Seeing that everyone was crowded over there, Zou Ruoguang also wanted to have a look. But after he saw it, he immediately stepped back. Damn, you could play pool like that? He operated this entertainment center for many years and he was also rather skilled, but he never saw this before!

It wasn’t pool but a miracle. A miracle that happened only when God Lin was present! Both his father and he lived under Lin Yi’s shadow as they thought Lin Yi was almighty. Now that this happened, Zou Ruoguang thought it was rather normal.

Chen Yushu’s ball finally stopped and almost half of the balls fell into the pocket. Some belonged to Zhen Yingjun, some belonged to Chen Yushu, but overall, Chen Yushu was leading by one or two balls.

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