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Chapter 822: People From House Xiao

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People From House Xiao

“Filing a complaint is your right, but to sell or not to sell this clothing is our decision to make.” Manager Wang said courteously.

“Right! Remember this! You guys better be careful!” Gou Huli had no leverage over them—she would only become a laughing stock if remained here. Who knew if they would demand her to twist her head off once Lin Yi and gang paid for the clothing?

How could Gou Huli wait for something like this to happen? Hence, after saying her last word, she turned around and left quickly.

“Wait a minute, we haven’t given you back the clothing.” Lin Yi called.

“I don’t want that anymore! I’ll let you guys go this time! But remember what you guys did, I won’t allow this to end like this!” Gou Huli warned, her sound full of hatred.

“You don’t want it? That can’t be. You see we’ve gotten you the same shirt you demanded. Don’t you owe us something?” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Oh-oh, let the show begins! Everyone, please gather here, this old hag is going to perform a trick- twisting her head off! This performance is even greater than the clown you see in the circus!” Yushu shouted.

“I said I don’t want the shirt, what should I perform? Gou Huli glared daggers at Yushu: “I’ll remember you, you better wait! I’ll deal with you guys next time!”

After ending the bullshit, Gou Huli ignored Lin Yi and Yushu as she escaped quickly with big steps towards the lift.

“Should we let her leave?” Lin Yi looked at Chu Mengyao.

“Whatever, no point arguing with people like this.” Mengyao shook her head—she didn’t seem to mind at all.

Lin Yi shrugged his shoulder since the Miss didn’t intend to continue, of course, he wouldn’t care about the woman too. In his eyes, Gou Huli was just contemptible clown creating troubles, but there seemed to be hidden meaning behind her words. The man she was referring to seemed to have some sort of power? However, he’d no idea was she bullshitting or not.

“That no fun. Some old hags just have to be this shameless, turning back on their words.” Yushu felt bored when the performance was called off.

Gou Huli staggered to her feet, almost falling to the ground and accidentally twisted her ankle. This made her so angry as she clenched her teeth. She’d planned to consider carefully before making a decision formally but she was at her limit nows—she was so pissed off that she had to release her anger and unleash her fury no matter what!

She took out her phone when she entered the lift and called her man.

“Husband, I was bullied in Songshan city! Not only did they use a water hose to splash me with water, they still refused to pay up and even humiliated me asking me to twist my head off!” Gou Huli was shameless enough to sling accusation first. “And there was this b*tch, she dared to call me an old hag, your wife is so pretty and young, how was she an old hag?!”

“What’s going on? Who are these people?” The man on the opposite side of the phone frowned but he knew how nasty his wife was so he didn’t believe her words completely as he asked back. “If you didn’t provoke people, why would they bully you? Just what was going on? Tell me the truth! Don’t you dare lie to me! Don’t think that I don’t know what a person you are?”

“Hmph! There were these two cleaner and a gardener, while they were messing around in the yard and I was on my way to the newly bought villa, I was splashed by them with their water hose from head to my face….” Gou Huli saw that her husband didn’t believe her words, she could only complain. “And I was thinking that our villa needed some cleaners to tidy up the place so I tried to threaten them to pay up for my shirt otherwise they have to work us one month, but who knew they would accept….”

“So why did you say people humiliate you?” the man snorted and asked.

“How could these lowly servants pay up for my shirt? You know that yourself, this shirt was bought from the VIP section in Pengzhan tower, excluding the one that was used for display, I’d bought the last one of this design!” Gou Huli explained. “I was certain that they couldn’t buy it! So I made a bet with them, if they were able to buy one, I’ll twist my head off in front of them and if they couldn’t get one, they’ll have to work for us one month….”

“At the end, they were able to buy it?” The man was speechless—how could she just crap whatever she liked? Twisting her head off?

“Yeah, I couldn’t believe that even these lowly servants, each of them has their diamond membership card. Their master is so generous to them!” Gou Huli was pissed. “However, having a membership card doesn’t mean anything! I thought that even having hundred membership card, once the stock was sold out, it was impossible for them to get the same one!

But when the manager came, he sold the clothing to them! I’m so pissed off. Manger Wong must be wrong in the head, standing up for those slaves!”

“Slaves? Servants?” the man was so furious at his wife. “Do you have a brain? How could cleaners and gardener have a diamond membership card?! From what I know, we only get one because we are from a noble house. They were giving us one out of friendship, how could those cleaners get one then?”

“Because their master is kind to them?” Gou Huli was confused and didn’t get what her husband was trying to point out.

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“Master? Are you seeing things correctly, those people are not that simple! Could you even afford to give your house cleaner one diamond membership card? Giving them a normal membership card is already considered very generous!” The man was enraged. “All of them have their diamond membership cards. Besides, they even know the manager there. Obviously, they are the masters of the villa! You just made a scene after entering the area for a while? Those three were evidently powerful in this area, how could you not notice that?”

“Huh? That can’t be?” Gou Huli startled. “But they wore pretty cheaply made clothes, and do the masters of the villa do the cleaning themselves?”

“People clean to strengthen their body. And they can use their leisure time to do whatever they like! When my old man was still around, didn’t he grow the vegetables himself? Why didn’t I see you calling him servant?” the man was infuriated. “You good for nothing, making enemies the first day you arrived!”

“Hmph! So what, they are at most just rich masters in this area, look at their age, they aren’t even matured yet! Besides, even if their old man stepped forward, what could they do in front of House Xiao? They are worthless! Xiao Ji, I was being bullied until this extent. Are you sure you don’t want to avenge me? You may as well let me die! I’ve been following you since I was eighteen, staying in the shadow all the time until your wife passed away. Wasn’t my life miserable?! Even today, now that I was being bullied. You didn’t even stand up for me yet scolded me for nothing. Sob sob sob, I don’t wanna live anymore!” Gou Huli acted like she was crying.

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Chapter 822