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Chapter 821: A Destined Tragedy

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A Destined Tragedy

“Manager Wang, I already explained to the customer but he insisted me to show you their membership card…” Chen Lili explained, “Didn’t you say we will try to satisfy our customer’s request the best we can? Even if it’s unreasonable, we have to report it…”

Manager Wang nodded. If the customer insisted to do, Chen Lili didn’t make the wrong decision, “Pass the card, I’ll have a look first.”

Manager Wang wasn’t a vase to be able to climb to the manager post of the market department. He knew that the customer who insisted must have a background. If he was a friend to Pengzhan Industries, he mustn’t neglect their request and had to seek advice from Chu Pengzhan’s assistant, Uncle Fu.

Chen Lili passed Chu Mengyao’s card to Manager Wang. There was a machine in the office and the information of the cardholder was displayed the moment he swiped it.

“Ssss…” Manager Wang breathed deeply after seeing the name of the card. Chu Mengyao. He knew exactly what these three characters represented. Isn’t she the young Miss of the company? Did she come to shop in person?

Manager Wang thought it was unbelievable. She just had to tell Uncle Fu what she wanted and he will take care of it, why did she come by herself?

However, he recalled that she always acted modestly and never really asked Uncle Fu to come and buy things for her. She came by herself without announcing it, Manager Wang found out through the shopping records on Chu Mengyao’s card.

Manager Wang immediately understood that she didn’t like making it public. This time, she had no choice as the design she wanted was sold out and that’s why she gave her card to Chen Lili to show him!

“Let’s go, I’ll go myself!” Manager Wang picked up Chu Mengyao’s card and turned to Chen Lili.

Chen Lili was bewildered as she didn’t know why his reaction was so strong after seeing the membership card. Did it have some sort of secret behind it?

Manager Wang didn’t explain it to Chen Lili. Since Miss was a modest person, she most likely didn’t want her identity to be revealed, or she could’ve called Uncle Fu to solve her problem! Or, she could ask the shop assistant to pass on her identity without being so subtle.

Manager Wang walked out of his office and ordered another staff to take the clothes out of the display window. This shocked Chen Lili. Did Manager Wang really agree to sell the display sample? This had never happened before!

However, she didn’t dare to ask as Manager Wang didn’t explain. She walked with Manager Wang to the VIP section for luxury brands in the clothing department. Manager Wang walked over quickly and took out Chu Mengyao’s card, “Whose card does this belong to…”

“It’s mine,” Chu Mengyao didn’t bother to hide her identity and nodded at Manager Wang friendly.

“Hello, Miss Chu, this is your membership card!” Manager Wang politely returned the card to Chu Mengyao and informed, “I already sent someone to pick up the sample in the display window for you. It will be here in a short while, could you please wait for a moment?”

“That’s fine, thank you,” Chu Mengyao knew that Manager Wang recognized her, “Sorry to bother you. I can wait here myself, you should go and do what you need to do?”

“It’s fine…”

“Oi, granny, when are you going to twist your head off? We bought the same clothes for you!” Chen Yushu saw that it was settled and she immediately called out to Gou Huli.

Granny? Who’s granny? I’m only in my thirties! It’s the most beautiful time of my life! Chen Yushu’s words almost made Gou Huli explode! How did she become a granny? She was already furious that Manager Wang appeared out of nowhere and agreed to sell them the sample in the display window, Chen Yushu called her granny completely provoked her.

“Who are you calling granny?” Gou Huli glared at Chen Yushu and yelled.

“Oh, I don’t know! Whoever is the oldest here is the granny!” Chen Yushu winked and replied innocently.

“Humph!” Gou Huli snorted unhappily. At this moment, she wasn’t in the mood to argue with Chen Yushu and the others, but she was concerned to why the sample was sold to them!

She had asked this before specifically and the samples were not to be sold. The shop assistant, Chen Lili, also stated it, but Manager Wang agreed as soon as he came!

However, didn’t this mean that she lost her bet the moment Manager Wang agreed to sell the product? How could Gou Huli let this happen? She was confident to watch these people lose their faces, take them home to humiliate them and to make them her free labor!

Now, the situation changed and she was going to lose! Doesn’t that mean she would have to twist her head? How could she twist her own head off? Her expression became still, and she stared at Manager Wang sinisterly, “What’s going on? The samples are not for sale, why are you selling it?”

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Manager Wang looked at her and didn’t know what she was here for. However, he still explained, “Naturally we have our rules, it’s our decision to sell it!”

Manager Wang’s subtle message was that although you are our VIP guest, you can’t possibly intervene with our normal operation! You are asking too much! 

“That’s going back on your words! I’m going to report you! I will report you to the upper management! Don’t you know who I am? How dare you ignore my opinion! I’m telling you, your president of the chamber of commerce in this small city has to act upon my husband’s wills, not to mention a small mall like yours!” Gou Huli roared whilst pointing at Manager Wang.

Report him? Manager Wang didn’t care as it was no use. He sold something to the young Miss, even if she reported him to Chu Pengzhan, he wouldn’t be in any trouble. As for the other things she said, Manager didn’t necessarily believe it. Even if the president of the chamber of commerce couldn’t control whether he sells the sample in the display window or not!

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