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Chapter 820: Go Ask

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Go Ask

In other words, Gou Huli’s clothes were out of print and that is why she made that outrageous bet.

“So? Have you all heard it? Will you give up now?” Gou Huli was pleased as she turned around to look at Lin Yi, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, “Are you embarrassed now? So what if you have membership cards? It’s all sold out! Not to mention three, you won’t be able to get one with even a hundred cards!”

“Are you sure it’s all sold out?” Lin Yi frowned as he questioned the shop assistant. At this moment, Lin Yi finally realized why Gou Huli was so confident. She already knew that it was sold out and that’s why she made the promise!

“Yes, there is no stock left other than the sample displayed in the display window!” The shop assistant replied apologetically.

“Can’t you sell that?” Lin Yi asked.

“I’m sorry, sir, I am not authorized to open the display window,” The shop assistant explained, “All the products in the display windows are arranged by our sales department and they are changed periodically. Ordinary shop assistants and guides don’t have the keys to it,”

“Oh, is that so?” Lin Yi nodded and turned to Chu Mengyao, “Give me your membership card.”

“?” Chu Mengyao didn’t know what Lin Yi wanted to do but still took out her wallet and gave her card to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi took it and gave it to the shop assistant, “Take this card and go to the manager of the sales department, ask him if he can sell the sample in the display window to us.”

“Diamond membership card?” The shop assistant paused for a moment but immediately shook her head, “I’m sorry sir, although you are a diamond cardholder, we can’t sell it. It’s a rule made by the Pengzhan Business Tower…”

“Ha! Three servants who have never seen the world before!” Gou Huli immediately laughed coldly at Lin Yi’s actions, “You think you can play with a diamond membership card? Wrong! I have one too, but it’s their rule. Who are you? Can you change their rule? What a joke. I’ve never seen such lowly people like you! I don’t know how your owner trained you to be so ignorant. Do you think you can play pretend with a diamond card? How naive!”

Gou Huli’s words were extremely sharp and unkind, even the shop assisting on the side didn’t like it. They simply asked if diamond cardholders had the special privilege or not, why do you have to sneer at them? 

Lin Yi ignored Gou Huli as he pretended she was a crazy dog barking on the street, it was a waste of time to talk to her. He suggested, “Just do as I say. Show this card to your manager and he will tell you if you can sell it to us!”

“But… Okay,” The shop assistant had no choice but to agree as Lin Yi insisted. After all, he was a diamond cardholder and they were trained to treat their customers highly. They couldn’t ignore their requests.

Even if their customers’ requests were unreasonable, they had to explain patiently or report it to the upper departments.

“Try? Try what? How funny!” Gou Huli didn’t expect the shop assistant to agree to Lin Yi’s requests and she became infuriated. Why can’t you just refuse it? Why are you wasting more time?

“Of course we have to try, we have people waiting for you to twist your head off here,” Lin Yi replied indifferently.

“Yes, that person is me!” Chen Yushu quickly raised her hand to express her interest.

“Humph!” Gou Huli glared at Lin Yi and Chen Yushu and thought, fine, I’ll let you be pleased for a while more! Such ignorant people!

Chu Mengyao saw Lin Yi passing the card to the shop assistant and asked her to find the manager, she more or less figured out what Lin Yi intended to do. He planned to use her identity as a temporary expedient.

It was exactly what Lin Yi thought. He already figured something out from the guard’s expressions. When he saw the information recorded on Chu Mengyao’s card, he immediately recognized Chu Mengyao, the young Miss of Pengzhan Industries! Imagine if a guard working in the parking lot knew who Chu Mengyao was, how was it possible that the manager of the department didn’t know who Chu Mengyao is?

Once he saw Chu Mengyao’s card, he wouldn’t care about the rules anymore and he will immediately sell the clothes to her! Who manages Pengzhan Business Tower? Obviously Pengzhan Industry! And who was the owner? Wasn’t Chu Pengzhan?

As Chu Pengzhan’s only daughter, the future inheritor of Pengzhan Industries, why wouldn’t these managers try to please her?

Gou Huli’s outcome was already decided. They just had to watch how she decides to twist her head off.

Although the shop assistant was confused, she quickly went to the manager’s office of the sales department with the card Lin Yi passed to her. It was the office to the direct leader above the staff here and the lady was nervous. She breathed deeply before knocking on the door.

“Please come in!” A low voice sounded from the inside.

The shop assistant pushed the door opened and spoke nervously, “Manager Wang, sorry to bother you…”

“Oh? You are?” Manager Wang obviously didn’t know who she was as there was too much staff working here. How could he possibly recognize all of them?

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“I’m Chen Lili, working as a guide to VIP guests in the luxury clothing department…” She introduced herself.

“Oh, what’s going on?” Manager Wang didn’t have any impressions of Chen Lili but nodded after hearing that she worked under him.

“A diamond cardholder wants to purchase the sample in the display window…” Chen Lili revealed her intention in coming here.

“What? Don’t we have rules on it? We can’t sell samples in the display windows. They are changed after a set period of time…” Manager Wang frowned. He emphasized this kind of things during meetings often, why did she come to ask again?

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