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Chapter 817: Condition of the Bet

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Condition of the Bet

She just bought a mansion in this complex. However, she realized the mansion was filled with dust and weeds in the gardens. Gou Huli wanted to make Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu and Lin Yi clean her house for free labor! This way, she could humiliate them even more.

“You can hire cleaners to do it, we’ll pay it for you as our compensation,” Lin Yi replied calmly.

“Compensation? Humph, you don’t want to do it? Fine, then buy one of the same clothes for me!” Gou Huli acted as if she grasped the entire situation, “Go! Only members with the diamond card can buy it!”

“If we buy the same one, is this over then?” Lin Yi didn’t want to argue with a shrew-like this.

“Over? Humph! If you can buy me the exact same clothes, I’ll twist my head off!” Gou Huli knew that it was impossible and dared to make such a promise. When she bought the clothes yesterday, it was the last one other than the sample in the display window. Pengzhan Business Tower didn’t sell samples from the display window and normal staff wasn’t authorized to open it. All the samples from display windows were changed every set period and they won’t open it before the promotion period was over.

This is why she was so confident in this bet.

“Oh, that’s fun! Yaoyao sis, can someone still live with their head twisted off?” Chen Yushu asked curiously.

“I don’t know, perhaps someone with special powers? I’ve heard that there were people who could separate their heads from their body,” Chu Mengyao shook her head.

“That’s fun! Shield bro, hurry up and buy the same clothes for her, I want to watch her twist off her own head!” Chen Yushu requested eagerly.

“Humph! Wait, what if you can’t buy one of the same clothes?” Gou Huli was annoyed by Chen Yushu’s words but she held it back for the next conditions she was going to declare.

“Oh, we won’t twist off our heads. I think we will die if we twist our heads off…” Chen Yushu immediately shook her head.

“Humph! I won’t make you twist off your heads. If you can’t buy me the same clothes, what about working as my free labor for a year? You will clean my house and weed my garden every day. You will do whatever I tell you to!” Gou Huli said.

“Ok ok, hurry up, let’s go buy the clothes! I want to watch her twist off her own head!” Chen Yushu immediately nodded in agreement with her condition.

Lin Yi didn’t want to agree so soon as he disliked doing things he didn’t have full control over. He wanted Gou Huli to tell him the brand of her clothes and the size of it then confirm it with Uncle Fu first.

Since Chen Yushu already agreed, he could no longer change it. Since Pengzhan Business Tower didn’t have it, Lin Yi could ask Fatty Lai to buy it. She never said there was a time limit so they could use it to fight back.

“Humph, let’s go then, what are you standing there for? Go buy me clothes!” Gou Huli laughed coldly, “Oh right, how do you plan to go? My car won’t fit so many people!”

“We have a car!” Lin Yi pointed at Chu Mengyao’s Beatles and replied.

Gou Huli looked at the Beatles and although she was surprised, she didn’t overthink it, “Isn’t your employer rich? This is a quite nice car for servants! Is it for grocery shopping?”

Chu Mengyao glared at Gou Huli without speaking. There was no use to speak before they bought the same clothes!

Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu got in the car and Lin Yi drove them out of the mansion, following Gou Huli’s Porsche Boxster towards the business district.

It was the weekend and all the car parks were filled. However, Gou Huli owned a diamond card. As she got out of the car, she waved the card in her hand and boasted to them, “I am a member here. I can use their VIP parking any time with free parking spots. Go find your own parking! But be careful; don’t give them a chance to stick a note on your car!”

Gou Huli went back to her car and drove it towards the underground parking lot.

However, Lin Yi didn’t go and find another spot but followed Gou Huli’s car to the underground parking lot.

Gou Huli laughed coldly. Although I can bring a car in with her diamond card, I’m not going to give it to you! I’ll watch you getting kicked out by the guard and embarrass you all!

“Ma’am, are you a VIP with Pengnzhan Business Tower?” Gou Huli stopped at the guard bar and a guard came asking politely.

“Of course!” Gou Huli threw her card out, “Diamond card!”

“Welcome our respectful diamond card guest, Miss Gou…” The guard took Gou Huli’s diamond card and swiped it on the machine next to the bar and all her information was displayed. The guard didn’t see diamond cards often and he acted extra polite.

All diamond card holders were wealthy and powerful, the guard stayed alarmed since Gou Huli didn’t look kind.

“May I ask if the car following yours is with you?” The guard glanced at the Beatles and asked, “You are a diamond cardholder and you can bring another car with you to the underground parking! It is your special privilege!”

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“No, they have nothing to do with me!” Gou Huli took the card back and replied loudly in order for Lin Yi and others to hear. She wanted to humiliate them, letting these inferior people know the difference between her and them!

“Understood, please take care!” The guard nodded and lifted the bar up, letting Gou Huli’s car drive into Pengzhan Business Tower’s parking for important guests.

After she drove in, she didn’t find parking but stopped on the side, waiting to watch Lin Yi and others! She wanted to see how Lin Yi and the others will be kicked out by the guard!

Only superior guests like me can park here. Lowly cleaners and gardeners like you don’t deserve to park your car with someone like me?

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