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Chapter 809: House Yu’s Decision

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House Yu’s Decision

“Okay, I will report this to the head of the house!” Yu Haitian nodded, “It looks like we need to plan before we make a move!”

“Shall we have dinner together?” Zhao Qibing invited, after they finished discussing the important matters.

From his perspective, he believed that their relationship could advance further now they had a mutual enemy.

“No thanks, I need to investigate more on the Pengzhan Industry and Lin Yi before reporting it to the head so that we can think of a plan as soon as possible!” Yu Haitian refused.

“That’s fine. Next time then! We’ll go and have a good time after my legs are recovered!” Zhao Qibing didn’t urge him to stay as he knew that Yu Haitian was in a hurry to do other things.

After Yu Haitian left Floating Clouds, he immediately reported all the information he received back to Yanjing’s House Yu.

Yu Shuixing, Yu Bide and Yu Feng were all sitting outside Yu Kun’s room. This time, the beautiful middle age lady who was Yu Kun’s mother was not present. As it was House Yu’s family meeting, only the second and third sons of the family, as well as second son’s child, Yu Feng, attended.

Their father and the oldest son of the house had broke through from mystic class to earth class masters. Their father often shut himself in to cultivate and their older brother continued with his cultivation as well, so everything was mainly handled by the two brothers and Yu Feng and Yu Kun of the younger generation!

Of course, there was a close branch of which Yu Haitian came from. However, Yu Haitian wasn’t a good fit for cultivation and his parents passed away early, so he was the only one left who handled their trades and businesses.

“What does everyone think of the information Tian reported back to us?” Yu Shuixing asked Yu Bide and Yu Feng who both had grave expressions as he read the copy of Lin Yi’s information in his hands.

“Second brother, I’m ninety percent sure that Kun was injured by this Lin Yi!” Yu Bide replied with eyes filled with hatred. Although Yu Kun wasn’t as talented as Yu Feng, he was still a genius in eyes of other houses! At such a young age, he was at the final stage of golden class, he had a bright future in front of him!

However, he fell into Lin Yi’s hands, how could Yu Bide not loathe Lin Yi?

“Yes. This is our assumption for now, but we’ll have to wait for Kun to wake up to tell us the truth…” Yu Shuixing nodded.

“Brother, are we going to let it go? Kun would be hurt in vain! Why can’t we take revenge?” Yu Bide panicked.

“Of course we won’t let it go,” Yu shunning waved his hands, “Do you think Zhao Qibing is an idiot? Do you think the hidden House Zhao is stupid?”

“Well…” Yu Bide paused for a while and seemed to remember something.

“Lin Yi broke their illegitimate child’s legs, injured Uncle Zhu who reached the initial stage of the mystic class, he even killed two golden class masters. How severe is that?” Yu Shuixing lowered his voice, “Do you think House Zhao will let it go? It’s not about their faces anymore, Lin Yi is provoking them!”

“But… Them…” Yu Bide breathed and he was overwhelmed with shock, “Does it mean that they are afraid of something? Zhao Qibing didn’t tell Tian the truth?”

Yu Shuixing nodded and waved his hands, “I don’t know if Zhao Qibing told the truth or not! He’s only an illegitimate child and we are not even sure if he’s allowed to know the things of House Zhao. However, the upper levels of House Zhao has yet to make a move and Lin Yi is still jumping around Songshan city, isn’t this enough to show us the problem?”

“Brother, you are right! I was too impulsive and I didn’t think through everything thoroughly!” Yu Bide nodded seriously.

“I can understand your urge to seek revenge,” Yu Shuixing sighed, “I want to revenge for Kun too! You are his father, but Kun is also part of our House Yu!”

“According to you, what should we do now…” Yu Bide asked carefully.

“We’ll observe without making any moves first…” Yu Shuixing couldn’t think of a good plan either, “I think we should investigate to clarify Lin Yi’s background first! After Kun wakes up, we’ll make the final decision after making sure it was Lin Yi who injured him!”

“That’s good… Then let Tian investigate more in Songshan!” Yu Bide nodded.

“But we need Tian to take care of our business here in Yanjing…” Yu Shuixing hesitated slightly but Kun’s situation was also significant.

“Father, let me go and meet that Lin Yi! Tian bro doesn’t practice martial arts and it is dangerous for him. I’m already at the peak of the initial stage of mystic class, I think that Lin Yi won’t be able to touch me!” Yu Feng volunteered, “It’ll be safer for me to investigate…”

“Well…” Yu Shuixing never imagined that Yu Feng would volunteer to vote go to Songshan! It was a good choice for Yu Feng to substitute Yu Haitian, but he was afraid that Yu Feng would cause problems again! After all, he was still young and frivolous and cultivated at home without going on missions.

Considering Yu Feng’s current level, Yu Shuixing didn’t think there was anything to worry about. Lin Yi was probably at the initial stage of mystic class, or else he wouldn’t have tied with Uncle Zhu!

Yu Shuixing didn’t think that Lin Yi was scared to kill Uncle Zhu. If he was afraid of offending House Zhao, he wouldn’t have killed two golden class masters! It was the same with Kun’s case; Lin Yi should have just broke through to mystic class and his powers were unstable, that was why even Kun survived!

As for those golden masters who died in the car, Yu Shuixing believed that Lin Yi used some kind of method to cause it. With Yu Feng’s powers, he wouldn’t have a problem in Songshan!

“Father, there is no one who’s more suitable than me. You and third uncle can’t go yourselves, can you?” Yu Feng asked.

“Fine, you can go, but your main mission to investigate Lin Yi’s background, not looking for trouble. Don’t get into conflicts with him!” Yu Shuixing hesitated for a while but agreed.

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“Humph, naturally I won’t do that. I’m afraid that he’ll come for me, but of course that’s also good. I won’t need an excuse to kill him with a single blow then and avenge Kun!” Yu Feng replied proudly.

“Don’t get into conflicts if you can…” Yu Shuixing didn’t show a definite stance. If Lin Yi decided to make a move first just like what Yu Feng suggested, they couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. If Yu Feng killed him then, no one would be able to say anything!

Even if Lin Yi had some sort of background, House Yu wasn’t weak either! If he died, who could do anything about it?

Yu Shuixing made the decision as he thought through the situation.

“I understand!” Yu Feng saw his father’s expressions and understood what he meant.

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Chapter 809