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Chapter 797: Kang Zhaoming’s Tragedy

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Kang Zhaoming’s Tragedy

While he was still wondering, the ground started to rumble. Could it be an earthquake?

In the next second, the ground shuddered. Kang Zhaoming felt like the building was hit by a meteor. He staggered to his feet and couldn’t keep himself at a place. He swayed a little!

Kang Zhaoming ran towards the window subconsciously to see a few trenching machines and bulldozers surrounded the building!

“Hey! There are still people inside!” Zhaoming panicked as he shouted.

However, the trenching machines’ and bulldozers’ engines had been started. The noise was too loud for them to hear Zhaoming’s voice. His voice was covered up by the noise. No one heard him.

“Stop! There are still people inside! Hey hey hey!” Zhaoming almost wet his pants when he was calling out. “I’m here!”

Ignored! He was totally ignored. In fact, no one could hear him at all!

“F*ck you guys! I’m still inside the building!” Zhaoming panicked as he used all his strength to shout out for help.

However, no one responded to him! Seeing no other options left, he had to think of one himself now. Only death awaits if he jumped down from the third floor. Even if he got lucky and survived the jump, he’d be handicapped for his whole life. Zhaoming would never risk doing something that idiotic!

But he couldn’t possibly make it to the ground floor by running now, could he? The bulldozers had already flattened the entrance!

He couldn’t think of anything good even after wrecking his brain. He didn’t expect himself to be this unfortunate. What was this timing? They had to demolish this building by force when he came to visit Fen? He’d never experienced things like this and never did he imagine that this shit would happen to him!

Without any better options, he could only crawl under the bed. He heard that the safest place during an earthquake was under the bed.

In an instant, the three-story red building was demolished into a wasteland. Zhu Xiaozhang and Wang Shubing were filled with fear and called Zhaoming when they waited and saw no response from him.

No one picked up the phone even after the phone rang for ten times.

Wang Shubing got into a frenzy and continued spamming the calls until it was answered!

Kang Zhaoming was buried under the wasteland and managed to survive by hiding under a cheap bed. Fortunately, Fen’s house was located on the top floor. Otherwise, the bed wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure and crushed him completely.

When the building crumbled, Zhaoming felt very dizzy and passed out when something knocked him out of conscious.

He was woken up by his phone’s ringtone, Zhaoming subconsciously looked for the phone and at the same time he felt a prick of pain from his legs, it seemed like both of his legs were broken!

However, Zhaoming was still considered himself fortunate. He survived!

“Hello! Wang Shubing, come and save me. Someone demolished Fen’s house when I was inside! I think I’m buried under the wasteland and my legs are broken too. Damn it’s a living hell of pain!” Zhaoming mourned.

“Ah? Master Ming, wait for us, we are coming to save you now!” Wang Shubing was taken aback when he heard him. Why didn’t Zhaoming run out of the house when the building was about to be demolished?

Wang Shubing and Zhu Xiaozhang contacted the police and ambulance at the same time and sprinted towards the relocation office. They found Li Cihua there who was discussing the compensation with the relocating households.

“Our boss is being buried alive under the building you guys demolished. Who’s the person in charge here?!” Zhu Xiaozhang shouted cockily when he entered.

Cihua thought that commoners were unsatisfied with the compensation but when he lifted up his head, he saw Zhu Xiaozhang. Cihua couldn’t help but furrowed his eyebrows!

He knew who was Zhu Xiaozhang. He was the follower of Kang Zhaoming from House Kang. During the opening ceremony of Qibing’s real estate company, Kang Zhaoming brought Zhu Xiaozhang and Wang Shubing along to attend it.

“Zhu Xiaozhang, what are you talking?” Cihua wasn’t afraid of him. Even if Miracle Doctor Kang’s name was big but the person behind him was from House Zhao which was a lot stronger than House Kang!

“Ah? Cihua bro?” Zhu Xiaozhang knew that this relocation project was under Zhao Qibing but never did he expect Li Cihua to be the person in charge here, “Cihua bro, my boss Kang Zhaoming was still inside the three-story red building. Why did you guys demolish it when he was still inside!”

There was a buzzing sound in Cihua’s head- Kang Zhaoming was inside the building? Why the hell did he go there for? 

Although House Zhao was not afraid of House Kang, they still had to give House Kang a good explanation for burying Kang Zhaoming alive, hadn’t they? Just who was Kang Zhaoming? He was no ordinary person! House Kang was actually pretty influential. Even House Zhao had to buy a batch of Golden Creation from House Kang yearly.

“What? Kang Zhaoming was inside?” Cihua became panic-stricken.

“Yeah, we’ve contacted the police and as well as the ambulance. Please ask your men to stop whatever they are doing right now, our boss is still alive. Only his legs are broken!” Zhu Xiaozhang said.

Cihua let out a breath of relief when he learned that Zhaoming was not dead yet. As long as Zhaoming was still alive, things could be resolved easily! He believed that House Kang would have nothing to complain when they paid them a large amount of money as compensation.

“Gubang, Fabai, handle the things here, I’ll go have a look at it myself!” Cihua felt like misfortunes never come alone as he just finished settling Lin Yi not long, here came another problem!

After everything was in order, Cihua left the office with Wang Shubing and Zhu Xiaozhang to the three-story red building. Luckily, Cihua ordered them to demolish the red building only, so after the trenching machine and bulldozers were done with their job, they didn’t move forward to the next step!

Otherwise, Kang Zhaoming would have kicked the bucket for real!

The police and rescue team were efficient, very soon, Kang Zhaoming was rescued by the firefighters. His face was drenched in blood, during the preliminary inspection, they found out that his head was smashed with both of his legs broken. Other than that, there were no other casualties, it turned out to be the most consoling part out of all griefs!

Cihua stayed behind to cooperate the police with their investigation and while Wang Shubing and Zhu Xiaozhang went up to the ambulance and followed Kang Zhaoming to Songhsan’s First hospital.

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At this moment, Cihua wasn’t afraid of anything as he had all the relocating residents signed the agreement even if the police were to further investigate this incident, they couldn’t do anything about it. As for Kang Zhaoming, it was considered as an accident!

Kang Zhaoming was lying on the stretcher, greatly in pain as he mourned. From the moment he was born until now, he had never suffered this much- both of his legs were broken, such intensity of pain was his first time!

“F*cker, Li Cihua, I won’t let you off the hook this easily!” Kang Zhaoming’s eyes were full of hatred when he cursed.

“Master Ming, Li Cihua is Zhao Qibing’s man, we can’t possibly offend them!” Wang Shubing knew that Zhaoming was pissed but Zhao Qibing was really not an opponent House Kang could afford to offend.

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