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Chapter 796: Lin Yi Back at it Again

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Lin Yi Back at it Again

How unlucky could this motherfucker be? Of all the people he attacked, he chose Lin Yi’s younger brother’s partner’s mother. Why wouldn’t Lin Yi be aggravated?

The agreement with Lin Yi, which was made the prior night, went up in smoke just like the car bomb. His relationship with Lin Yi, once again, shifted into hostile terms. So it was within reason that Lin Yi came to meddle in his demolition process.

However, Fabai’s followers, the macho men, dared to surround Lin Yi in a beat down. Instantly, Li Cihua got scared! Motherfuckers! You dumbshits don’t want to live? Lin Yi is an overwhelming force that even beat Xuanjie into bed rest mode.Now, why would these dumbshits ever want to provoke Lin Yi?

Are they looking to die? All of the macho men were beaten down onto the ground. The demolition process in shanty town was halted.

“Stop!” Li Cihua shouted as he ran over as quick as possible.

Li Cihua was always a step behind. One of the standing macho men were friends of the first macho victim, who was kicked away, and he wanted to take revenge. After making the first move against Lin Yi, his result was the same as his friend. He laid right on top of his friend with eyes rolled to the back of their head.

Li Cihua had a forehead full of sweat by the time he got over. He sighed a deep breath and spoke up. “Lin Yi, why are you here? I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t interfere in the shanty town demolition.”

“I’m not interfering, my friend’s girlfriend’s mother was attacked. How can I just stand by idly?” Lin Yi didn’t explain in too much in detail, but his tone said that he doesn’t put Li Cihua in high regard. “Oh yeah, where is my car money? You blew up my car, so when can I expect my compensation?”

The remaining macho men were shocked for a couple of reasons. They were amazed by Lin Yi’s fighting capabilities. They couldn’t even see what happened, and two men lay unconscious on the ground. Second, how could Lin Yi use such cocky tone when speaking with Li Cihua. Wasn’t he afraid of Li Cihua?

“I definitely won’t forget your money,” Li Cihua blamed his own bad luck. These macho men could’ve attacked anyone, but they had to attack someone important to Lin Yi. Their relationship might be confusing, but it all boils down to being related to Lin Yi. Li Cihua spoke up “I will pay for the medical fees”

“Oh, what about the demolition fee?” Lin Yi continued to ask.

“The demolition fee, I will pay accordingly to the rules!” Li Cihua squeezed the words through his clenched teeth. This was all in accordance with their prior agreement. As long as Lin Yi didn’t interfere, then he would pay a fee. If issues with Lin Yi could be resolved with money, then he would do that. Otherwise, Lin Yi would come and stir up drama.

Li Cihua had to suppress his own internal attitude when facing tyrants like Lin Yi! He took a gamble on Lin Yi’s life and he found out that Lin Yi can’t be beaten or killed. Plus, he even had to pay for the demolished skyscraper. At present, Lin Yi wasn’t a force to be reckoned with. He could only appease the seemingly ultimate being.

“Ah, that would be fine. I’m here to supervise you,” Lin Yi nodded. His visit might not mean anything to him, but to the shanty town villagers, it meant the world.

Paying compensation according to the law and regulation, wouldn’t allow them to buy a newly built house, but if they borrow loans to supplement then it was possible! At least psychologically it was more satisfying.

When Fen’s parents saw that Fen was unharmed, they were able to relax. Fen’s mom was able to forget the pain, temporarily. She was so worried about her child that she held her tightly. “My daughter, I’m so happy you are okay. You gave your mom a scare…”

“Kangbo and Lin Yi saved me…” Fen sighed and continued. “But, Kang Zhaoming might have died from that…”

“Kang Zhaoming? How would he die from that? Are you messing with us? If that is true, then we have to thank god for getting rid of a harmful being like him!” Fen’s mother laughed boldly.

Upon seeing her mother’s expression, Fen knew that her mother hated Kang Zhaoming. One she heard that he might have died, she was already celebrating. Even if Fen loathed Kang Zhaoming, she witnessed his demise and it scared her since she had an opportunity to prevent it.

Fen was a kind and gentle person. Even if Kang Zhaoming was evil, she still had a big heart. She never thought of having him killed.

“Ah, long story short…” Fen quickly explained her side of the story to her mother. Including how Kang Zhaoming had offered up five hundred thousand for her to remain silent.

“Really? He really paid you five hundred thousand? Seems like he wasn’t bad to the core?” Fen’s mother said in disbelief. Never would she have thought that Kang Zhaoming would pay her daughter five hundred thousand, so it would seem like he had a sliver of decency left within him.

Fen’s mother had envied the Tang family. She had said that Tang Jucheng’s injured leg got reimbursed three million yuan. However, her Fen wasn’t able to get anything in exchange for her injuries. She didn’t expect that her dreams would be answered! Life was a mysterious thing. Things could change so spontaneously.

“I don’t know the reason why, but Lin Yi said it was just a silencing fee. He was paying me to not mention it to anyone else,” said Fen. She also added “Lin Yi mentioned that it was because Kang Zhaoming wanted to court nurse Guan Xin, so he didn’t want bad rumors spreading around. That’s why I was compensated five hundred thousand yuan!”

“Oh? Is that why? You really can’t change a person’s natural tendencies! We will definitely take the money. If we don’t take money from these type of people, who else can we get money from! The more he gives, the more we will take!”

Fen’s mother was able to relax a bit.

Fen’s mother was in a good mood. Ever since Lin Yi had arrived, Li Cihua was forced to pay accordingly to the law. On top of that, they were able to get a bonus of five hundred thousand yuan. What an unexpected gift! With the lump sum, they could buy a large apartment and still have money left over to buy electrical appliances and renovation.

Fen’s mother decided to visit Tang Yun’s mother later in the afternoon in hope of getting help to look for apartments. Since their house had been demolished, their top priority is to find a new place to live. It is not something they can delay a second longer.

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Meanwhile, Li Cihua had to change his tone and policy. He started paying shantytown residents the appropriate payment. All the shanty town residents demanded was the appropriate payment. As long as it was following the law, they were satisfied.

They didn’t dream that Li Cihua would pay them more money, and they didn’t dare to oppose Li Cihua even if they were underpaid. Li Cihua’s in Songshan city was equivalent to the underworld’s number one.

Kang Zhaoming was, still sitting within Fen’s home, watching his TV. He was still daydreaming about his successful negotiation. Now he could relax and court Guan Xin properly.

The next reason to visit her had to be an external injury. It couldn’t be a light injury like last time. Otherwise, Guan Xin might pull out a bandaid for him to self-patch.

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Chapter 796