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Chapter 678: Tank Top Bro

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Tank Top Bro

“Ugh….. Ming bro, I have an idea!” Wang Shubin who had his mouth closed finally opened his mouth. “But this idea of mine requires Ming bro to suffer a little!”

“Oh? You have an idea? Tell me about it, depending on the usefulness, I don’t mind the suffering!” Although Zhaoming didn’t want to suffer, as far as he was concerned, hitting on girls should be fun. What’s the point of hitting on them if he had to suffer? Wasn’t he looking just looking for trouble? He’d rather not hit on that girl since there’s plenty to choose, why her?!

However, Guanxin was different. Getting Guanxin and obtaining the pill’s recipe from Miracle Doctor Guan medical company are his current missions. In order to have a status in the house, he had to complete them no matter what! Although Zhaolong wasn’t holding much hostility against him now, Zhaoming knew that things would be different when his grandpa died. If he continued being this useless, he was afraid that Zhaolong would show him his true colors.

“Master Ming, think about it. Guanxin is a nurse in the Songshan first hospital, right?” Shubin started to break things down.

“Cut the crap. Aren’t you being extra now?” Zhaoming was displeased. “Of course, she’s the nurse of Songshan’s first hospital! Didn’t I tell you last time?”

“Master Ming, I haven’t finished speaking yet!” Shubin continued, “Guanxin is a nurse of Songshan first hospital, so who do you think she’s always with?”

“Doctors?” Zhaoming processed. “Damn, you’re not telling me to be a doctor are you? I’m not interested in that shit!

“Master Ming, how can you become a doctor within a day?” Shubin smiled bitterly. “I, Wang Shubin, am your adviser and only good ideas will come out from my mouth!

“Oh? What do you mean?” Zhaoming relaxed when he heard that it wasn’t about being a doctor.

“The patient! Nurses have to come in touch with patients the most every day. What I’m suggesting here is that you should be a patient!” Shubin said.

“You are asking me to fake being sick and get close to Guanxin?” Zhaoming’s eyes brightened for a second. It was indeed a great idea. Why didn’t he think of this earlier? If he became a patient, then getting close to Guanxin would be perfectly justifiable!

“Faking is not an option. As you said, Guanxin is no idiot. If you were to fake it, do you think that she won’t notice that?” Shubin waved his hand. “If you really want to get sick, you’ve to do it the hard way. This is the suffering I was talking about!”

“For real….. En, this is indeed a plan!” Zhaoming nodded, “Then how should I get sick?”

“This… normally, common cold fever can get you into the hospital already, as long as you pay them. There’s no way the hospital will reject you, will they?” Shubin continued.

“Okay, cold fever it is then, this is easier compared to other sicknesses!” Zhaoming agreed that staying in the hospital was his only option in getting in contact with Guanxin. “But…. I don’t think getting a cold is easy these days?”

Zhaoming looked at the sunny weather outside. It was April now; the weather was only getting hotter. Getting cold in this season wasn’t easy, either.

“So that’s why you have to go suffer now? I know there’s an ice hockey arena nearby. Shall we visit that place for a bit, Master Ming?

“Sure!” Zhaoming clenched his teeth. For the girl and the status, he had to endure this! He had to really succeed this time. Some sufferings were inevitable!

Hence, Zhaoming and gang reached the ice skating arena with all mighty, shocking the crowd greatly as they entered the ice arena!

Zhu Xiaozhang and Wang Shubin were both wearing thick thermal ice hockey wear, and while Zhaoming went in with a tank top and shorts. He clenched his teeth as he seated himself at the audience area.

“Damn, there’s a hunk!” The people in the ice arena were all dumbfounded when they saw Zhaoming.

“Isn’t that insane? This is what we called the tank top bro!” a lady took out his phone, ready to upload Zhaoming’s picture into the net and go viral. The new generation of “Bro” was born!

Zhaoming was almost freezing to his death, but after hearing the praise from the crowd, his vanity was gratified. He even made a pose for the lady to take a picture of him.

“Look at him, how great is his body. He’s freaking wearing tank top and shorts here!” a guy with spec said in an envious tone, “We can’t possibly do it. Our body is too sensitive to the coldness now!”

Zhaoming was over the moon when he heard that. You see, bro has played a lot of women too because bro is a living legend!

When Zhaoming was at the peak of his satisfaction, a chill went down his spin suddenly. He couldn’t hold back the sneeze as he exploded: “Aaaachoooooooo-”

The snot went flying out, uncontrollable, making a huge scene. The snot was all sticky and disturbingly disgusting.

“F***, he’s not a hunk but a show-off. I still thought that he didn’t feel the cold at all!” The people who were astonished by Zhaoming earlier couldn’t help but look at him with disdain.

Meanwhile, the girl with the phone changed her face instantly. It seems like “Tank top bro” is becoming “Show off bro” or “F*ck boy” now!

As for the guy with spec, he was now looking at Zhaoming with pity. “Bro, you are even inferior to me? I didn’t even sneeze with my frail body. Aren’t you a little noob?”

Zhaoming was embarrassed and angry at the same time. His face reddened, but he couldn’t fight back. However, Zhu Xiaozhang couldn’t continue looking at the scene anymore as he stood up and pointed at those people and said cockily. “What the f*ck are you guys looking at. Didn’t you people know what is training? Master Ming here is practicing. What do you idiots know?”

Practice? Did he come all the way here to practice how to shoot snot? Are you guys stupid? The crowd were shaking their head, speechless and left Zhaoming aside.

Although Zhaoming’d lost his dignity today, he knew that this was all for the plan to work. He couldn’t just give up halfway. It was better to tough things out! He had to make sure that he got a cold before leaving!

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‘Aaachoooo-” Zhaoming sneezed again.

In Songshan’s mass media, under Direwolf’s lead and guidance, had serious problems. The public was all attacking Songshan’s first school, making them sound like a demon high school terror base!

In fact, other than the previous interview, Chu Pengzhan and Ding Binggong had with the Direwolf, they hadn’t contacted any media yet. As much as the media wanted to enter the emergency room, the hospital wouldn’t allow them to. So, even the latest development was unknown to the news broadcasting media. However, they couldn’t back down and admit defeat, so they took what remained from the Direwolf and made some alterations and republished. Even the TV station was making a news report regarding the same issue. Hence, all of the parents of Songshan first school started to discuss changing their children’s school.

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