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Chapter 67 – Transferring To Another Class?

Don’t know where my editor went, so two unedited chapters. They’re very  raw, careful

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Boss, you okay? Kang Xiaobo hadnt recovered from the excitement yet- the past two days were the manliest days of his life! Hed read somewhere that fighting was one of the must do things for men before they reached thirty. It didnt seem a realistic goal for him anymore, and he was just about to give it up when the unexpected happened.

Xiaobos overwhelming excitement had almost gotten him in trouble as well- he would’ve been sent to the police station along with Lin Yi if his boss hadnt stopped him.

It wasnt the same for Lin Yi- he was on a mission, and going to school was merely a part of his bodyguard detail. It was an odd assignment, for sure, but Lin Yi still failed to find anything out of the ordinary for a mission Old Lin claimed could set him up for life.

Xiaobo, on the other hand, wouldnt recover too well from a mark on his record- That kind of thing was for life.

Im fine; the police figured it out- Heibaos the one who led the gangsters into the school. Lin Yi noticed Zhong Pinliangs ears perk up not too far away. It was amusing- the guy had probably been panicking about Heibao pulling his name out during the questioning.

Thats good. Xiaobo let out a breath of relief. He hadnt gone with the police along with Lin Yi, and he was afraid that Lin Yi would mind- But Lin Yi was fine, and Xiaobo was glad for that. Boss, maybe we can celebrate a little? I can treat you to something after school.

After school? Well see, I guess. Lin Yi said as he glanced at Mengyao sitting in front of him- he still had to go back with the two of them; eating with Xiaobo after school wasnt really an option for him.

Ms. Liu entered the classroom for the first morning class. She had a guess that Zhong Pinliang was responsible for what had happened earlier, but she kept quiet regardless- a neat, peaceful conclusion to incidents like these was the way to go. She didnt want to interrupt the other students, or cause any trouble for them.

Exams are coming up; were doing a little pop quiz today. Ms Liu said as she passed out the test papers.

Twelfth grade consisted essentially of one small quiz every two days and a big one every week. Nobody complained about the frequency of the tests; it was something they had gotten used to already. The incident earlier this morning had  brought unconventional entertainment to school life, but the students were in no position to be filling their minds with things like entertainment, not at this critical period of their life.

The incident had brought them a taste of startlement and shock, but it was a mere detour in their paths as committed students. This mentality, naturally, didnt apply to the delinquents.

An English test paper was passed down to Lin Yi- It was his strongest subject. Someone like him was expected to have even more languages fluently under his belt, considering the scale and types of missions he went on.

Lin Yi didnt want to attract unwanted attention by aceing the test; getting something like a C or B in an elite class like this was more than enough to guarantee a good college. Lin Yi didnt see the point in getting overwhelmingly good grades, as a result.

He didnt forget his current position- he was attending school for Mengyaos sake, in the first place. It was very possible that hed drop out someday, especially when Mengyao was actively trying to rid herself of him.

With that in mind, Lin Yi made sure to mess up an entire section intentionally after answering everything else correctly. He handed the paper in along with Xiaobo, when he was done.

Boss, how was it? Its pretty hard this time around, there was quite a few words in there I didnt know! Xiaobos grades were only mediocre.

It was okay. Lin Yi said with a smile. Didnt do that well.

Well, education in the cities is better than the education you find in villages, so the tests are a bit harder as well. Xiaobo said as he tried to console Lin Yi, assuming that he hadnt adapted yet. Youll get used to it.

Yeah. Lin Yi said with a nod, not bothering to explain anything. He liked Xiaobo as a friend, but there were too many things he couldnt say to the guy.

They lived in different worlds, after all.

It was the second afternoon class when a messenger knocked on the classroom doors- Wang Zhifeng wanted to talk with Zhong Pinliang, Zhang Naipao, Gao Xiaofu, and Lin Yi.

Lin Yi didnt think much of it, straightening up and walking out of the classroom with a couple steps. Xiaobo, on the other hand, was worried that Lin Yi might get penalized- something like that was a pretty big deal in the final year of high school.

But Lin Yi wasnt concerned about that at all. He had Wang Zhifengs secret, after all, and his files and personal information were all faked- he was here on a mission, and going to school with Princess Chu was merely a part of it. Getting penalized wouldnt affect him in the slightest.

Zhong Pinliangs face was silent as he hesitated. He stood up awhile later, and Naipao and Xiaofu followed suit- the three of them made their way out of the classroom right behind Lin Yi.

Pinliang stopped his lackeys after leaving the room. He turned to them. Listen, if Wang Zhifeng asks us about what happened earlier, well all say that we had no idea what was going on- Lin Yi mustve pissed Heibao Bro off, and the guy came to school looking for him. We happened to know Heibao Bro, so we pointed him to Lin Yi when asked. Thats as far as our involvement goes, got it!

Naipao and Xiaofu were worried that theyd get penalized for Pinliangs actions- their families werent as powerful, after all. Zhong Pinliang might come out unscathed, whereas the two of them could just end up as scapegoats.

They nodded immediately upon hearing Pinlaings command.

Zhong Pinliang turned his gaze to the Lin Yi before him, his fist shaking as he glared. It was all thanks to this transfer student that hed lost face over and over again.

He never expected Lin Yi to be this strong- his usual strategy of handling things with fists was completely useless on someone like him.

Wang Zhifeng didnt buy what Pinliang, Naipao, and Xiaofu were saying, naturally. The police had sent him news- Heibao Bro was the security captain of Zhong Pinliangs fathers nightclub, after all Why on earth would nightclub security come to a school, charging at Lin Yi for trouble?

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Whatever the case, it was simply impossible to think that Zhong Pinliang wasnt involved in the incident. Wang Zhifeng, however, had went to the principal for advice a while earlier, and hed been told to keep things as peacefully contained and settled as possible. There was Pinliangs background to take into consideration, and there was also the fact that Heibao Bro had admitted to everything already. There was simply no reason for Wang Zhifeng to make an enemy, with all this in mind.

He responded with a simple lecture before sending the students back to class, leaving Lin Yi behind.

Wang Zhifeng didnt bother asking Lin Yi about the events this morning- the guy was clearly the victim, despite what hed done to Heibao Bro.

There was but one reason Lin Yi remained. Lin Yi, I know how Zhong Pinliang and his group are like, but theres a limit to what the school can do because of their family connections. Heres what I can do for you, if youd like- I could transfer you to another class.

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Chapter 67