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Chapter 651: I Can’t Help You

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I Can’t Help You

“I didn’t bring my needles. I can’t possibly get you out from this situation right now. Hold on tight!” Lin Yi’s needles were in his pocket, but his shirt was on the second floor. He didn’t even think that Lingshan would be poisoned. If only he knew about it, he would have brought them along. “I’ll bring you out now. Stay strong until we get to the hospital!”

The safety of Lingshan wasn’t in the hands of Lin Yi. She wasn’t Tang Yin- not Lin Yi’s girlfriend. He couldn’t possibly use other methods to help her, could he? Besides, in Tang Yin’s case, massaging was more than enough to get the drugs out from her body because the drugs in her body weren’t as much compared to Lingshan, so massaging wouldn’t work in Lingshan’s case. Lin Yi didn’t want to waste time staying here any longer, either.

“No! I feel like the pure qi in my body is going to explode any second now. I can’t hold it any longer. Help me. I beg of you, Lin Yi…..” Lingshan felt like something wasn’t right with her body. The training she had was spiritual and it deviated more to the feminine side, but this love drug was exactly opposing her practice. It created a resonance in her body. Lingshan felt like if she couldn’t release it in time, she might die from internal explosion.

“Pure qi exploding?” Lin Yi didn’t know that the love drug had this side-effect. He had never gotten poisoned by this drug before and as for Tangyin, she was just an ordinary human. Naturally, he wouldn’t know that this situation would happen to Lingshan. Did Lingshan have such a great reaction because she was a practitioner?

“Ennn, hurry, help this Miss Braindead…. I beg you….” Lingshan was about to burst into tears. Although she was against the idea of begging Lin Yi because of her embarrassment, it was better than dying! At this moment, Lingshan was completely broken.

“I’ll be the lookout outside, so do it yourself,” Lin Yi shrugged his shoulders helplessly, and got himself out of Lingshan’s hold.

Lin Yi’s complete disinterest made her shy and angry at the same time. Was she really that unattractive? Does he really have no interest in touching me at all?

In fact, Lingshan was wrong about Lin Yi here. How could Lin Yi have no feelings for her? However, having feelings was one thing. Touching her right now was another thing. Lin Yi didn’t touch her because he had self-control. It wouldn’t be hard to have one night stand with her, and he had plenty of chances, too. But, he hated relationships without any foundations, so he pushed her away.

Of course, if there was one day this Miss. Braindead wanted to become Lin Yi’s girlfriend, he wouldn’t mind fulfilling her desires.

Lingshan wanted to scream at someone when she saw Lin Yi walking out of the prison door. She was being so straight-forward. She just hadn’t said, “I beg you, please **** me!”. How dare Lin Yi ignore her completely!

Lingshan’s heart was torn. She was greatly disappointed and realized that instead of asking for help from others, she should do it with herself….. Although she didn’t have any experience, she believed that her wits would bring her to success for sure!

Hence, Lingshan stepped out of her comfort zone bravely with shame and rage taking possession of her. Although she didn’t want to do this kind of stuff in front of Lin Yi, she remembered her current situation. She didn’t have a choice. She was in the base of the kidney trafficking crime organization. Anything could happen if she was still being this indecisive here. She would really rather die than surviving if someone were to barge into the prison now!

As for Lin Yi, Lingshan couldn’t really care much. After all, her reputation was already ruined by him from the beginning. The news had reached everyone in the police station.

Lingshan was now Lin Yi’s girlfriend and pleasured him in the hospital? What could she possibly care for now?

As long as Lingshan knew that she didn’t flirt him or do any lewd things with him, she had nothing to lose. Her reputation was already this bad. Nothing could make it worse…

Lingshan started to pleasure herself. Although she found her reasons unreasonable, the other side of her mind was slowly dominating her, persuading her to move forward…

However, things weren’t that easy for her. The more desperate she was, the less she could feel. It was all about the focus in her mind. How could she focus on pleasuring herself when her mind was thinking all about the crime organization?

Besides, a sexual fantasy was needed to do stuff like this, wasn’t it? But who should she fantasize about? A movie star? A Martial arts master?

Lingshan’s gaze slowly turned to Lin Yi. He didn’t have a huge figure, but he became super attractive to her. After her gaze landed on him, she couldn’t move her eyes away from him anymore…. Lingshan’s breathing got faster and rougher. Her eyes were fired up. At the last moment, before she had her orgasm, Lingshan couldn’t help but shout: “Ahhh, Lin Yi, harderー”

“Ha?” Lin Yi who was guarding the door, got frightened by Lingshan’s scream.Did…did she just undress me with her eyes?

After having her orgasm, Lingshan’s eyes were a blur. She lied on the ground while letting out a few heavy breaths to calm herself down. Lingshan couldn’t believe that her “First time” was in this kind of situation! She couldn’t bear to look at Lin Yi now. It was too embarrassing for her. She even shouted Lin Yi’s name during her climax. How could she live with this awkwardness?

“Are you done?” Lin Yi turned over and walked towards Lingshan to see that she was still wide open. Her pants were still down, and her bra was unbuckled. She had a very seducing face. It made Lin Yi’s heart race a little.

Lin Yi moved his eyes away, awkwardly. He didn’t want to have those kinds of thoughts now. However, it was an undeniable fact that Lingshan had a very curvaceous figure. Every part of her body was in the right proportions. A woman that practiced was indeed extraordinary.

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Lingshan quickly dressed up when she saw Lin Yi walking over, but she had no energy. She couldn’t even move an inch from her current position!

But, that was an intense orgasm she had. Especially when she shouted Lin Yi’s name out loud. She felt like her body was flying in the air. It seemed like the pure qi from her body was released all at once. It made her extremely relaxed.

Recognizing that Lin Yi had already seen her nude, and she had done so many embarrassing things in front of him just now, there was nothing she could do about it, was there? For a girl to be seen naked was pretty normal, it was just a matter of time. Women were destined to face it sooner or later. There was nothing to be embarrassed about, was there?

“Yup, done, give me a hand, I can’t get up.” Lingshan stretched out her hand lazily. She saw Lin Yi furrowing his eyebrows and added, “Goodman, could you please help this Miss. Braindead over here. She’s exhausted!”

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Chapter 651