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Chapter 61 – An Unforgettable Girl

Shit! Huaijun exclaimed with a slap on his thigh. You are my captain after all! Even the best doctor in the country, the Chen Xuezhi said the same things when my team sent for him!

Chen Xuezhi? Lin Yi had heard the name somewhere before, but couldnt remember where.

Yeah, hes the guy who said I couldnt survive half a year! Huaijun said with a laugh. He told me to give up on healing completely if I wanted to live longer- the painkillers would actually extend what remaining time I had left by a little!

What the fuck?! Lin Yi frowned at the insanity. Ill try to find a solution for your problem, but lemme give you a prescription to replace the painkillers in the meantime- the side effects arent as bad.

Lin Yi walked to Huaijuns desk as he spoke, wrote a prescription down on a piece of paper, and handed it to him. Its best if you look for the ingredients yourself- dont let anyone else know about this. Also, dont bring up anything about my past again, I dont want people knowing!

Really, Eagle. You keep giving me surprise after surprise! Huaijun exclaimed as he read over the many lines of text in Lin Yis prescription. There was no way the guy just scribbled bullshit down; most people wouldnt even be able to write some of the characters for the Eastern medicine names Lin Yi had jotted down.

Didnt we just talk about this? Dont call me Eagle- Im Lin Yi. Lin Yi corrected.

Okay, sure. Lin Yi! Huaijun nodded as he tucked the piece of paper into his breast pocket carefully. His former captain and warmate had written the prescription, and he was ready to trust it with his life. Youre really something, honestly- no wonder Nings so into you.

The name froze Lin Yis smile in an instant. It was a long while before he raised his head again. She still remembers me?

She was asking about you the last time I met her. Huaijun answered confidently.

It mightve just been a random question that crossed her mind. Lin Yi said with a bitter smile- the two of them were from different worlds. They were simply not meant to be.

There was no equality between people, and that was a fact Lin Yi held immovably in his heart. For now, at least, he had no means to provide for her, or give her a proper future.

Running again? Huaijuns eyes were burning once more as he glared at Lin Yi.

Huaijuns abrupt reaction took Lin Yi by surprise, but a sudden realization crossed his mind. Hey do you like her?

…… Huaijun went silent at the question. It was a while before he opened his mouth again. Back then, there wasnt anyone in the team who didnt

The statement confirmed Lin Yis suspicion.

You two make a good pair. Lin Yi understood Huaijuns position on the social pyramid- his house was on equal footing with hers, and the two of them were good enough for each other.

What are you trying to say? Huaijun jumped, as if his foot had been stepped on. His face blackened as he pointed at Lin Yi. Who do you think I am, Lin Yi? Id have to be a special kind of scum to lay a finger on a friends wife!!

Shes not my wife anymore. Lin Yi responded dully, shaking his head. Okay, Im leaving. That thing Song Lingshan brought me in for- Ill leave that to you, Im sure that isnt a problem.

With that, Lin Yi left.

I really wanna kill you!! Huaijun gritted, sending a fist at Lin Yis back.

Lin Yis palm flew out and grabbed Huaijuns arm, his head still facing away from him. As long as youre able to.

Huaijun understood perfectly well- the difference between him and his former captain was nowhere near small. Unwillingly, he eased the strength in his arm, and Lin Yi loosened his grip in response. Lin Yi opened the door, and stepped out of Huaijuns office.

His face remained composed, but his emotions put him in a flashback, and he looked back at the days of war and at that girl fate gave to and took away from him.

LIn Yi would often gasp awake from his training at night the past two years, always smeared with sweat- it was something that never happened when he trained in the Art of Dragon Mastery for the two years prior. That pair of melancholy eyes were like a demon within him, often interrupting his thoughts at night.

Hed always see those eyes, and the resentment and sorrow within them It also forced him awake from his nightly training sessions.

Had he truly forgotten about her? Evidently not- it was a gaze no man would ever forget, not in the entire span of his life But Lin Yi knew his place, as always Those radiant eyes were not for him, not in this lifetime.

The seventeen year old Lin Yi mightve found it hard to accept, but the current him grasped the blatant cruelty of society. Going after her would only cause trouble for the people around her- their houses werent on the same level; hed be a nobody climbing up after a princess! That bullshit only had a place in fairytales.

Director Chens phone never stopped ringing from the moment the police got their hands on Lin Yi- first it was Ding Binggong, Songshans First Schools principal. The director took the principals phone call quite seriously, and hed promised to look into the matter personally.

The phone calls following that, however, spiralled out of control! Chu Pengzhans most trusted Li Fu called, and then the chairman himself!!

Helpless, Director Chen dialed Song Lingshan up, intending to ask her to speed things along and handle the case with absolute justice, so as to prevent any rumors from spreading.

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Yet Lingshan told him that Huaijun had taken over things, and so the director rang Huaijuns number up.

What? Lin Yis been let go? The director was astonished- Wasnt this Yang Huaijun a little too efficient?

Yeah, it was just a group of gangsters barging into school grounds in the first place- Lin Yi didnt have anything to do with it at all. I sent him back after some questioning. Huaijun reported, his tone composed and diligent as usual.

I see, thats good news. The director sighed in relief- hed really rather not be under pressure from Ding Binggong and Chu Pengzhan.

Song Lingshan was a little startled at how fast Huaijun let Lin Yi go, as well, but shed been prepared for that the moment she took him in- Lin Yi wasnt really responsible for anything at all. Shed been interrogating Heibao Bros lackeys, as well, and both of them admitted to going at Lin Yi to give him trouble. Lin Yi had only hit back in self defense.

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Chapter 61