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Chapter 60 – Stop Calling Me Eagle

Injury? Lin Yi asked.

I received a new mission after we got back from Africa- I was to hunt an big international drugs dealer down. They had someone highly skilled with them Huaijun chuckled bitterly. But Im pretty lucky- they thought theyd killed me after putting me down. But Armadillo and the others

What happened to Armadillo? Lin Yi tensed up, asking slowly.

Armadillo sacrificed himself Huaijun answered faintly.

What?! Lin Yis face blackened- the guy always wore a sunny smile Lin Yi couldnt believe it. Gone, just like that

Huaijun saw the expression Lin Yi was making. He empathized deeply with him- he knew what it was like, Armadillo was as much his warmate as he was Lin Yis! He cried like a girl when he heard about Armadillo!

Theres a chance that he might still be alive. Huaijun offered, trying to console Lin Yi.

His corpse hadnt turned up yet..? Lin Yis eyes lit up with a sliver of hope. Armadillo was a quick-witted dude- it wouldnt be surprising if hed escaped his predicament.

I learned later that the corpses were all thrown in the drug lords refining furnaces Huaijun said with a sigh. The pain was too much when I woke up, and I had to take care of myself first before anything. I managed to find somewhere isolated to hide, and I lost consciousness after that- someone rescued me a while later

FUCK!!! Lin Yi yelled, slamming his fist down the coffee table in front of him, disintegrating it into a pile of sawdust.

Huaijun witnessed Lin Yis might in admiration. Eagle was strong as ever; Huaijun wasnt sure if hed be capable of the same feat himself.

Im sorry. My injuries were too severe- I wasnt in a position to be looking after our warmates Huaijun was always brimmed with guilt every time he looked back.

Its not your fault! Lin Yi assured with a shake of his head. What Huaijun did was common sense- hed just be charging to his death under the circumstances. Reserving strength would be the priority for Lin Yi, as well, were he in Huaijuns shoes. How bad is your injury?

My entire bodys covered with them It took half a year before I recovered. I resigned from the military after that. Huaijun sighed. Western medicine called it sequela, and Eastern Medicine said that all my meridians had been cut off. I cant get too emotional, and I cant undertake high difficulty tasks long term. I need medicine and pills to stabilize my body, as well.

Lin Yi placed Armadillo at the back of his head for the moment, focusing his attention on Yang Huaijun before him. Give me your hand.

Whatre you planning? Huaijun asked, curious as he put his hand out for Lin Yi.

Feeling your pulse. Lin Yi answered, putting on a serious expression as he placed his hand on Huaijuns wrist.

I thought youre only good at killing- so you even know how to heal, Eagle? Huaijun stared in startlement at the warmate whod been through life and death with him.

Theres a whole lot of other things I can do. Lin Yi said with a smile. What, dont believe me?

Dont believe you? Huaijuns said with his eyes widened. Theres no one else to believe if I cant even trust you- Id always trust you with my life back in the field!

Jeez. Lin Yi was laughing with Huaijun on the surface, but his heart was solemn- Huaijuns pulse was very weak. His body was recovered, but the internal damage done to him was too much, and many of his organs were yet to be healed. There were even signs of deterioration!!

Well? My body still good? Huaijun asked curiously as he watched Lin Yi work.

Do you only use the painkillers for this? Lin Yi asked.

Yeah, whats wrong? Huaijun asked back.

Then why are you still alive? Lin Yi frowned.

…… Huajun stared at Lin Yi, speechless. The hell, man?

Really Its looking bad for you- the injuries from before arent recovered at all, theyre worsening! I dont know how you managed to survive this long with sedative painkillers alone, but a normal guy would have long been dead. Lin Yi said solemnly as he stated the facts. There was no reason to hide the truth from someone like Haijun- a soldier whod step into a warfield was expected to have thrown his life behind him. Even if he were to tell him that hed die tomorrow, Lin Yi knew that it wouldnt take the man by surprise.

An old Eastern doctor said the same thing. He said I wouldnt survive half a year, but look at me now- Im healthy as ever, arent I? Huaijun said, expectedly unaffected by Lin Yis words as he stretched his limbs.

He wasnt wrong- even half a years a stretch. Lin Yi nodded.

Come on, Eagle, will you stop that? Do I look like someone who was dying? Huaijun was a little displeased.

My names Lin Yi, stop calling me Eagle. Lin Yi said after a looking at Huaijun a while. Well, at any rate, its a miracle youre still alive- it might have something to do with your mental vitality.

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You can continue using painkillers for the pain, but itll only get worse from here! Lin Yi said decisively. Youve probably noticed it yourself- youre using painkillers more frequently, and with more volume than before, arent you?

You actually know medicine? Huaijun asked in surprise, not expecting Lin Yi to understand his bodys condition this well.

What do you think? Lin Yi let go of Huaijuns hand- hed more or less grasped the guys body condition, and things got complicated from there. Its said that medicine was one third poison- any kind of herbs or medicine had a destructive or negative effect to the organs, meaning medicine for the heart could cause damage to Huaijuns spleen or liver, for example. Vice versa, medicine for the liver could have negative effects to the heart or spleen. Conclusively, every healing to one organ would damage other organs- the body would be better off without any medicine at all, with that in mind. Healing him would just kill him off sooner.

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Lin Yi had been in thought for quite a while, and Huaijun broke the silence. What, what are you thinking about?

Thinking about your condition. Lin Yi sighed softly. Conventional Eastern medicine would affect other organs while healing one, in your case, damaging effects- meaning youd only have the deterioration of your organs accelerated whenever youre healed. Healing everything at once is a no go, as well. Its pointless- itd be like poisoning you to death.

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