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The parking lot was filled with high-end cars, and there wasnt a lack of variety, either, ranging from Mercedes Benz to BMW cars and to even higher tiered ones. From the prominent decorating of many of these cars it was evident for Lin Yi that they were private vehicles, purchased by the company’s employees themselves.

It was clear as day that the employees of Pengzhan Industries were making top tier salaries from what he’d seen. With that in mind, Lin Yis thirty thousand monthly didnt seem that high anymore.

Following Li Fus lead, Lin Yi arrived at a deep blue Bentley 728 of the 06 variant. It was well maintained, and Lin Yi couldnt tell if it was bought recently or just treated with care. The car looked very new.

Mister Lin, here. Li Fu gestured as he opened the passenger door at the front.

Im taking this seat? What about the Miss? Lin Yi asked after some hesitation.

The Miss always sits at the back. Li Fu said. She does have a bag with her, after all. Not very convenient for the front seats.

Lin Yi nodded, entering the car. Li Fu drove the Bentley slowly out of the parking lot and through the guard post, where the security guards stood with solemn faces as the car passed by.

Li Fu had veteran driving skills, and Lin Yi could tell that he was someone who followed the rules, contrary to himself. He leaned more towards the racing aspect of driving, but it wasnt something he chose for himself. As Old Lin always said: Its not your fault if you cant win, but it is if you cant even run when you cant win.

As a result, Lin Yi picked up several tactics for retreat, despite only using them when facing the old man. Lin Yi wasnt the one running, in most cases.

Mister Lin, do you drive? Li Fu asked as he stopped at the traffic lights. He glanced at Lin Yi, who sat quietly beside him.

Li Fu was an experienced man, with sharp eyes. He was able to tell if a person could drive just by looking at their behaviour when in a vehicle. He only asked because Lin Yi wasnt showing any signs.

A little. Lin Yi wanted to be more humble, as a newcomer and all.

You have a licence? Li Fu didnt bother asking how much about driving Lin Yi meant by a little. The chairman trusted the kid, and Li Fu didnt doubt that trust.

Not yet. Lin Yi said as he shook his head. He knew how to drive, and even raced cars overseas, but he didnt have a licence. I just turned eighteen, didnt get one in time.

Thats fine. Give me your IC and Ill get a licence for you. Youll be able to fetch the Miss to school and back should Mister Chu or I be busy.

The car stopped near a very grand looking school. Li Fu didnt go any closer, most likely because of how flashy the Bentley was, since it would be a bad impression for the other students.

Lin Yi had read from the file that Songshans First School was a private school, but it wasnt a typical noble-filled establishment. There were strict examinations involved, and apart from some of its students enrolling through the influence of their families, most of the applicants got in with their own ability.

With three giant corporations backing the school up, Songshans First School was packed with top notch facilities and quality teachers. It was on another level compared to the other schools, and it was the reason why all its graduating students were able to get into college.

Yet even Lin Yi understood- the hundred percent ratio wasnt a clean one- Some students didnt study at all, and they went to college regardless, due to their familys ties.

The familiar sound of a school bell rang, and Lin Yi contemplated before turning to look at the school field. How long had it been since he last heard that sound?

He regained the calm look in his eyes a short while later.

Soon enough, groups and groups of students walked out of the building, some of them clothed in uniform, and others not. Schools didnt enforce any dress codes apart from when big events took place, for the most part. 

That would be the Miss. Li Fu raised an arm suddenly, his finger pointing at a student in the middle of a group of boys and girls.

Lin Yi looked at where he was pointing, and spotted a girl with a pretty face and a nice, tall figure. There were other girls with her, but it only took one look for Lin Yi to tell that this one was the Miss he was supposed to protect.

Old Lin had told him that Chu Mengyao was the school beauty. The school beauty, naturally, would be the prettiest girl in school, and unless Lin Yi had difficulties with aesthetics this girl should be the one.

There was also another girl with looks that stood from the crowd, but her body was a little more petite, evidently not matching the height detailed in the file. She definitely had the potential as candidate for the school beauty, however. She was definitely one of those girls who’d grow up to be a national beauty.

Chu Mengyao was making her way towards the car with the other girl when a couple of princey looking boys followed behind.

Mengyao, please, wait One of the princey boys stood in the Miss path before continuing. Mengyao, please! Just one chance!

Mengyao frowned as she looked at the boy in front of her. Zhong Pin Liang, cant you give it a rest? I told you, I dont like you, okay? Go away.

But Zhong Pinliang was about to preach his love when Chu Mengyao pushed past him.

She reached the car in a few quick steps, and wasted no time in getting in. The girl with her did the same, much to Lin Yis puzzlement.

God! This Zhong Pinliang, following me around all day. Doesnt he get tired? Mengyao wasnt done complaining even after entering the car, but stopped when she saw the guy sitting in front of her. Who are you..?

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Hi, Im Lin Yi. Lin Yi tried to make himself look cuter- the Miss wasnt looking very happy, after all.

Lin Yi? Uncle Fu, whats he here for? Mengyao asked as she looked at this random dude in her car.

Lin Yi is a study companion your father assigned for you Li Fu started.

Study companion? Who asked for a study companion? I said I wanted a shield, and this guy here doesnt look like a very good one! Mengyao started panicking as she eyed Lin Yi a couple more times. What, the hell, was the person wearing? A huge singlet with some rags for pants? He looked like a complete farmer much more than a farmer would be able to look! How can there be someone who looked this much like a farmer?!

Li Fu started wiping the sweat off his brow as he glanced at Lin Yi, helpless. He let out a breath of relief upon seeing no reaction from him. He was the chairmans most trusted man, and he knew things outsiders didnt… This young man was valuable enough that it took even the chairmans father to summon him.

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