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Chapter 574 – Had a Thought

Oh? How pretty is she? Master Bings eyes sparkled but his expression remained the same. He had passed puberty, the stage of life where he couldn’t move an inch when he saw a girl. He was a bit lustful, but he had taste. Hooking up with lots of women, most of whom were ravishing, had made him tire of looks. Normal pretty girls couldn’t satisfy his desire anymore. Hed developed a taste for virgin, respectable girls.

Tang Yin, have you heard of her before? She’s Songshan’s First School’s most beautiful girl and also the belle of the slums! Erlan said, I have some photos of her. Please enjoy.

Oh? Show me. Erlan handed his phone to Qibing. He had secretly been taking picture of Tang Yin the whole time.

Fabai was over the moon when he heard Erlan throwing Tang Yins name around. He had been depressed, not knowing how to involve her in the conversation. Erlan was right on time! He had the reason to mess with her now, hadnt he?

Master Bing, Ive heard of Tang Yin. My son is also studying at Songshan’s First School. He told me that Tang Yin is indeed the schools popular beauty! Fabai jumped into the conversation. But I also heard that she just got a boyfriend.”

Just? Do you mean that she didnt have before? Master Bings eyes sparkled once again. Could she still be a virgin? He looked at Erlans phone again. She was extraordinarily beautiful. The secret photos were at this level, so how pretty was she in real life? One in a million! Master Bing was interested in this type of girl the most.

Nope, she didnt have one before. Master Bing, I believe that Tang Yin still has her virginity! Erlan said, Im very good in this field, trust me!

Qibing nodded. Old Zhong, lets start with Tang Yins house first. That girl is mine.

Dont worry, Master Bing, shes all yours! Fabai was overjoyed. Even God was on his side.

I heard that their condition is getting a retail store. We can use this to screw with them. Erlan had done his homework. It wasnt hard for him to get this information since he was part of the slums.

Fabai nodded. He was becoming more and more grateful for Erlan. He had prepared everything for him. The reason to bother them was also solved. Thank goodness Erlan was here. He didnt have to wrack his brain anymore.

After the meal, they went back to the slums, back on the rostrum, with Erlan standing beside them.

The residents didnt know what was going on. These bosses came and left not long ago. Here they were back on the rostrum. Was this perhaps a performance?

The residents were furious when they saw Erlan standing beside them. He must had spilled the beans to the developers! Their conditions, prices, and requirements were all exposed by Erlan, the mole.  They didnt see a reason not to invite him to the meeting last time, since he was part of the slums, but all of them regretted it now. They knew they had made a mistake! This kid was beyond saving. He was a bad apple.

Have you guys finished discussing? No? Then I shall start talking about the compensation our Qibing Real Estate is about to offer. Fabai cleared his throat and looked into the crowd. We’re buying every square meter for 800 RMB, and for those who move back after construction is complete, we provide a promotion. A twenty percent discount is given except for retail stores and garages!

800? The residents rejected the offer simultaneously and shouted, Do you know how costly a house is right now? We couldnt go anywhere with just 800, could we? Even if you guys are giving us a promotion, we still couldnt afford to buy a house here!

Besides, we are including your shed, garage, and storehouse into the calculation. After summing it all up, buying a thirty to forty square meter house isnt a problem at all. Zhong FaBai said calmly, OK, if everyone is done discussing, you can start signing the contract now.

Reality hit the crowd hard as they were all stunned, their jaws dropping. 3,000 was their initial price, and selling at 2,000 was their limit. They had wanted to buy comfortable houses with the compensation, but they didnt expect the developers to be so cold-blooded, offering 800 RMB for a square meter. The difference was too huge for them to accept.

The most disappointed one was Mrs. Tang. Their houses square footage was small, and they didnt have a shed or storehouse to begin with. She only wished to return here after the relocation and buy a retail store with Lin Yis money, but they werent allowed to have a discount. What was this nonsense?

We’re not relocating! What is this compensation? We can’t buy a house if we relocate now. Anyone with me? a man shouted.

Since someone started it, the unpleasantries from crowd burst out. Everyone was showing their dismay and complaining about the compensation.

We demand 3,000, no less! We’re not moving an inch from our houses!

Erlan, did you betray us? You motherf*cking mole, you destroy our dreams!

Everyone is equal, so why arent you giving a discount for retail stores? If thats the case, then we’re not relocating! Mrs. Tang was unable to hold back anymore. She didnt mind the compensation because her houses square footage was small. It didnt really matter if it was 2 or 3,000.

Mrs. Tang didnt want to be involved in this, as it wasn’t suitable for a woman to stand out, but she did anyway after everyone went into a frenzy over the developers.

However, the problem was that she stood up when everyone went silent. Fabai pointed at her: You wish to get a retail store? Come onstage!

Mrs. Tang was startled but Fabais voice didn’t give anything away. Could it be that he was giving her a discount? Mrs. Tangs pulse quickened. She had a thought of going up to the rostrum.

Tang Yin was afraid and stopped her. Mom, dont go, dont be the first one to stand up. Its a trap!

Dont be a silly girl; look at the crowd. If we don’t fight for ourselves, we wont have a chance. Mrs. Tang eyed her daughter. Don’t you know that many hands make light work? These things are best solved in public with the crowd behind us. They will surely accept some of our conditions if we act now! Moreover, do you still remember your fathers misfortune? We couldnt do anything when we were alone.

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Then allow me to accompany you, Tang Yin said, worried.

The moment Fabai saw Tang Yin, his eyes twinkled. That Lin Yi had pretty good taste, didn’t he? She deserved the title of school beauty. Too bad, what a waste!

Master Bing was drooling all over her when she came up on the rostrum. She was a lot prettier than the picture. These innocent young virgins were his favorite. She couldnt probably cause any trouble thatd affect him.

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Chapter 574