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Chapter 573 – Setting an Example (Second Half)

Master Bing had reached the slums at dawn and didnt even have time for breakfast. His stomach was growling rather loudly. Fabai, who was standing beside Master Bing, heard the growl and he took this opening to please him once again.

Master Bing was extremely hungry as he nodded. Lets go for breakfast.

The residents’ jaws had dropped and they stared, puzzled yet amused. Where were these tycoons going? The price wasnt even set and they were leaving? What did this mean?

However, they were afraid to voice their opinions. Unblinking, all of them stared silently at Master Bing as he left.

Just before Qibing left, someone yelled, Master Bing, Master Bing, wait for me!

Qibing turned back and flinched. He recognized who had come. You’re Li Erlan, right?

Yes, its me! Erlan was overjoyed. He never expected Master Bing to recognize him, much less remember his name. Master Bing, Ive missed you. Did you know that I lost my purpose in life when you left? I cant live without you, boss! It was like falling into the void!

Qibing had gone to Songshans middle school for a few days. He met the School Tyrant Erlan there. Qibing was rich; he had bodyguards with him most of the time. Erlan wasnt just a violent guy; he was sharp-witted. He knew that Qibing was from a completely different background, and he believed that he could get ton of benefits from him!

So he became Qibings follower, and while Qibing had bodyguards with him all the time, they couldnt follow him to the class, so having a lackey in the school delighted him. Qibing was kind to him, never treated him badly and Erlan had also gotten a lot of favors by following him.

But little did he know that Qibing would leave the school so soon. He was transferred to another middle school after almost two months in Songshan. Erlan was depressed by the outcome. He thought that he ought to have a bright future following him but everything had changed!

Qibing was able to transfer, but Erlan couldnt afford it, so he stayed where he belonged. Erlan was always helpful to Qibing, so even after the transfer, he would call him once in a blue moon, and he would gladly answer without any disdain.

After returning to Songshan, Qibing contacted Erlan, but this was their first meeting after ages and Erlans appearance seemed to have change a little.

Oh, lets go and grab some food! Qibing nodded and introduced, This is Li Erlan; hes my lackey in Songshan. Hes living in the slums, so you can ask him anything about the relocation problems!

Fabai was looking at Erlan in disdain but as soon as he heard that he was Qibings lackey, his expression did a 180. He looked up to him with respect. He was just working for Qibing, while this guy was his lackey. Their places were completely different.

On the other hand, Gubang was looking down at him. How could this nobody become Qibings lackey? But he remained silent.

Qibing wasnt fond of eating as he was more interested in girls and money. As long as the food was edible ,he was fine with it so they went into a random restaurant. This should be fine. Erlan, ask them if they have a room!

Alright! Erlan was the gangster in this area, so he knew the owner of this restaurant. He shouted to the waitress, Get your boss out here!

The waitress recognized him and was afraid of pissing him off. She nodded and called her boss out. The owner came out to see Erlan waiting. He frowned. Erlan, didnt I just pay you this month’s protection fee? Why are you here again? Cut me some slack, will ya?

The owner wasnt afraid of Erlan and paying him the protection money was just to save himself from unwanted trouble, so he paid monthly.

Again? I came to eat, yknow! Im your customer and my boss is waiting outside. Get us a room now! Erlan glared. By the way, my boss is Chairman Zhao from Qibing Real Estate!

The owner had, of course, heard of Qibing Real Estate. He was the man in charge of relocating the slums. He was startled. When did this Erlan get to know such a powerful man? He stopped being so inhospitable and put on a smile: Erlan, guess you found a way out, huh? Dont forget me when you get rich!

But of course! Alright, cut the crap and get me a room as soon as possible! Erlan was on cloud nine with the owner’s flattery. He assumed that since Master Bing came to open a company here and he was his follower. Zhao QiBing would at least give him a presentable job, wouldnt he?

The owner genuinely welcomed the Zhaos gang and led them into the room. Although, he didnt know Master Bing, he knew the person beside him, Fabai! Seeing Fabai being all well-mannered and respectful to Master Bing, the owner knew that Master Bing must be an extremely powerful figure!

Not long after, the dishes were presented on the table. Qibing started eating and asked, Erlan, did you look for the information I requested? Whats the slums current situation?

The relocatees are willing to move if they are paid 3,000 RMB for one square meter. Erlan said, This is totally insane. They are way too greedy for demanding this price!

3,000? Qibing sneered. The cost of their house is only 10,000 and they’re demanding 3,000?

I know, right! I say we should just compensate them with 1,800! Erlan suggested. Master Bing, the slums are filled with nobodies. You can do anything you like to them. Its totally fine!

Then it’s easy! Qibing nodded and told Fabai, Old Zhong, just demolish the opposing residents homes. Destroy one as a warning; make an an example out of them and show them whos boss!

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Dont you worry, Master Bing, the bulldozer and excavator are ready on my command! Fabai nodded.

By the way, Master Bing, we’ve got a beautiful girl in our slums. Are you perhaps interested in claiming her? Erlan had wanted to harass Tang Yin for a long time, but he always failed and out of nowhere came a powerful boyfriend of hers. Erlan knew that he couldn’t obtain her,  but he wanted revenge! He wanted to give Tang Yins boyfriend a lesson, and Master Bing was the only person he could rely on.

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