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Chapter 571 – The Near Death Experience of Miracle Doctor Kang

That’s right! Eat the dog meat! Miracle Doctor Kang jumped up, his strength regained. As expected of Zhaoming! The dog ate the pill, so we should receive some of the effects if we eat the dog!

Seeing sense in the idea, the Kangs cooked the dog, whose size had quite a lot to offer the family. It took them an entire night to finish all its meat!

Everyone wanted to have their life extended, so after making sure Miracle Doctor Kang had enough of a portion, everyone tried their best to eat as much of the dog meat as possible.

But their hopes didnt come true, and the cruel truth hit them the next day. Other than some extra time in the bathroom because of how much theyd eaten, nothing out of the ordinary happened. They didnt have to eat the dog at all.

Miracle Doctor Kangs heart throbbed with pain. What an unfortunate series of events! Just how bad was their luck? He felt his heart bleed as he thought about the 400 million hed spent so many years of effort to obtain, all burned away in an instant!

Grandpa, the dog took the pill, but maybe it didnt digest everything? Maybe theres still a little bit of it in the poop! Maybe we could try eating some of it and see if it works? Zhaomings mind was full of possibilities. Since eating the meat didnt yield any results, he turned his attention to the poop.

Uh Miracle Doctor Kang did understand the sense in that. It might very well be the case! If he let Zhaoming eat the poop he might just reap some of the pills benefits!

And so, through gritted teeth, the Miracle Doctor spoke, Let me be the one to eat it. You had the pill last time; let me try it now.

There wasnt much of the poop, and while it was very coveted by the members of the Kang family, Miracle Doctor Kang had given the word. They had to leave this precious dog poop to him!

The dog poop this time around had a smell much worse than the last, but Miracle Doctor Kang endured for the sake of the pills effects. Barely getting by as the smell choked him, he tried his best to keep himself from puking the precious poop out by gritting his teeth.

But everything ended in disappointment. Even more than that, Miracle Doctor Kang went pretty close to forfeiting his life.

He had his fair share of diarrhea and vomiting, but there werent any signs of toxin cleansing. After three days of torture, the Kangs decided that they had to send Miracle Doctor Kang to the hospital, only to find that he had food poisoning.

The doctor informed them that the old man wouldve been dead if they were two days late.

The Kangs were quite troubled. How could there be food poisoning from just a bit of dog poop? Miracle Dcotor Kang, however, cleared the fog from their heads with just one sentence upon waking up. The Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing cleansed toxins. That meant that it had cleansed the dog of its toxins!

Of course hed get food poisoning if he ate the poop that carried all of those cleansed toxins!

The entire ordeal ended as Miracle Doctor Kang lived to tell the tale. They had a family meeting around his hospital bed and hid the event as the highest priority secret of the Kang family. No one was allowed to make mention of this.

There was no other reason except for the sheer embarrassment itd bring. Theyd be destroyed as a house if this got out!

For now, they decided to slow and steadily carry out the plan. Getting Zhaoming to win Guan Xins heart was the most practical route for them now. Theyd be able to get over this hurdle if they managed to get their hands on the recipe.


Lin Yi looked at the calm and dark eyes of Pinliang as he lay on the hospital bed. Something felt wrong, but he couldnt quite wrap his head around just what the guy was planning this time. Just from instinct, he knew that Pinliang wanted revenge.

But was it revenge on House Chu, or on An Jianwen?

Lin Yi sat with Xiaobo on the way back, who told Lin Yi just how happy he was about Pinliangs misfortune. The guy finally got his just deserts and lost a kidney! Thatd teach him to parade around the school like a tyrant.

Just whats going on with Tang Yin? Why didnt she come to school today? Do you have Fens number? Maybe you can call her and ask. Lin Yi was a bit worried about Tang Yin, and he missed her too. Just why was she avoiding him like this? Was there some sort of misunderstanding?

Oh, its about the slums relocation project. Someones there to talk about compensation, and all families had to leave someone in the house. Xinwen asked for leave, so Tang Yin should be at home as well, Xiaobo said.

I see. Lin Yi nodded. Mrs. Tang told him about this before, and hed mentioned that hed help with some of the payments after they moved out.

Xiaobos explanation calmed him quite a bit. There shouldnt be a problem if she was at home.

Boss, can I tell you something? That Zou Ruoming and his dad came to my house yesterday Xiaobo told Lin Yi yesterdays events, about how the Zous reacted when Xiaobo brought out Lin Yis name, and how good he felt about it.

Lin Yi just smiled, not taking any pride in intimidating nobodies. Only Xiaobo would get excited over something like that.

Today was a big day for the slums. A real estate company was about to make changes to the slums, which was actually good news, since it was the residents hope that theyd get a better place to live. Obviously, all of them coveted the compensation money as well.

It wasnt the first time a real estate company had had their eyes on the slums, but the cost was always too high for them to profit. After all, all compensation and relocation were the companys responsibility.

The slums were different from the typical old district too. As dilapidated as they looked, all families had quite a large piece of land because of historical reasons.

Other than the building itself, every house had a bicycle shed, storehouse, and cottage, all of them legally included with the paperwork for the house, and all of them required to be compensated for. With that in mind, there was just too much compensation the company had to give out if they paid for the few hundred meters of miscellaneous sheds and whatnot.

It wouldnt be surprising for the company to give each family three or five houses! Whod ever make a move on a project like that! Thered be huge losses!

But that was just how it was. The slums used to be farmland, then got turned into a town and connected to the city only near the end of the year 2000, becoming part of the main city after more than ten years.

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No real estate company cared about the place when land was still cheap. But that was no longer the case with the prices nowadays. They couldn’t afford to relocate the residents there anymore.

As for the representatives sent to the slums for negotiation, the residents still very much looked forward to it. People took the day off from their companies and schools. It was something the slums had agreed on as a whole for the sake of backing each other up. Nobody wanted to get pushed around by some real estate company.

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