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Chapter 570 – Eaten by the Dog

We cant let anything go wrong this time. We need to research the pills properties to the fullest extent of our abilities! As long as we manage that, theres still hope of us becoming a noble house, Miracle Doctor Kang said.

Grandpa, what about Wang Xinyan? Zhaolong had given up on getting with Xinyan, but things had changed yet again. They were inches away from becoming a noble family when all of that melted away. Zhaolong was feeling rather troubled.

We cant break connections with her yet. Weve still got a lot to worry over, and the Xiao family is a critical asset at this point in time. Miracle Doctor Kang sounded very helpless.

Zhaolong nodded. He wanted Xinyan but wasnt sure just how far he should go with her because of family issues. He worried that he wouldnt be able to shake Xinyan off when the Kangs reached a new height but feared at the same time that theyd fall even further without the support of the Xiaos.

He couldnt get a good nights sleep because of that and woke up prematurely. He decided to go do some research on the pill and see if he could gain anything from it. Hed have to continue bettering his relationship with the girl if there wasnt any progress.

He arrived at the living room to retrieve the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, only to see the box holding it open! There was no sign of the pill inside the box!

This is bad! Wheres the pill! Grandpa? Zhaolong yelled, panicking. This pill cost them more than 400 million. This was no joke!

Zhaolongs yelling resulted in Miracle Doctor Kang, Guifeng, Guipu, and Zhaoming rushing into the living room, all of them panicking, slack-jawed, as they stared at the empty box.

Wheres the pill? Which one of you moved it?! Miracle Doctor Kangs first thought was that a family member had stolen the pill. His face was dark with displeasure as he spoke.

Everyone paused before shaking their heads. They were all part of the Kang family, and while Guifeng and Guipu had some slight conflicts with each other, there was no way theyd allow a personal issue to bring the entire family to ruin.

Dog hair! Zhaolongs sharp eyes caught a few strands of dog hair beside the box.

Wheres the German shepherd? Miracle Doctor Kang froze as he furrowed his brows. Could their pet have taken the pill away in its mouth?

Theyd always kept the dog away when investigating the dog poop pill, but after realizing that the poop had no value, they just let the dog roam around in the house. No one expected it to just run off with the pill!

The Kangs all snapped out of their shock and started searching the house for the dog, finally spotting it in a corner of the yard. It was curled up beside some branches and surrounded by soft dog excrement that had an extraordinarily terrible smell to it.

But Miracle Doctor Kang had no time to care about the smell. He lifted the dog and started searching around for the pill, to no avail. It was gone!

You damned mutt, wheres the pill?! Miracle Doctor Kang was in total panic as cold sweat dripped down his brow. The pill was worth 400 million! There was no way hed just take a loss that massive!

Everyone looked at each other. How were they supposed to find a tiny pill in a yard that big? The villa itself was too large. They couldnt know which corner the pill rolled off to!

Zhaoming paled. Maybe the dog ate Grandpa?

The dog ate Grandpa? What on earth are you talking about? Guipu raged a little at his sons nonsense.

No, Im saying that maybe the dog ate the pill!! Zhaoming explained quickly. The dogs situation isnt different from when I ate the pill myself. I lay down and couldnt move, and I had diarrhea, too!

Miracle Doctor Kang turned away from Zhaoming and looked at the dog. It was true. He felt a buzz in his head and his vision turned black. He fell and slammed into the ground, unconscious!

It was to be expected. Not many people could take the shock of spending 400 million on a pill just to have their dog eat it.

It was a good thing hed fainted too. A mentally weaker person might just die from a heart attack.

In fact, no one was looking a lot better off than Miracle Doctor Kang. That pill was their only hope to becoming a noble house, and the dog just stripped it away from them. God himself was against the Kang family!

But it didnt matter what God wanted from them. They had to get Miracle Doctor Kang to the hospital. Losing him after losing this pill would utterly ruin the Kang family.

Miracle Doctor Kang turned out fine. Hed just fainted from sheer anger and shock.

After waking up, the first thing he worried about was the pill. Hed cut the dogs belly open and extract the pill if that was what it took!

You bastards, whyd you send me to the hospital! What a waste of time! Why didnt you cut the dog open and see if the pill was still there?! Miracle Doctor Kang raged at the idiots before him. Didnt they know what was important?!

They looked at each other. It was true. Why didnt they think of that? It was probably too late if they did it now, though. The dog wouldve digested it already.

But Miracle Doctor Kang still left the hospital with his family, pissed off as he came home to a very healthy-looking German shepherd! It was bursting with energy, jumping around with an endless supply of strength!

Miracle Doctor Kang watched as the scene tore a hole in his chest. This dog mustve eaten the pill!! Why else would it be jumping around like this?!

Grabbing on to the last sliver of hope, Miracle Doctor Kang killed the dog to no avail. There was nothing in its belly.

He sat on the ground, crying himself close to death before he started rolling around in the grass. 400 million! 400 million!! There was nothing left, nothing at all! Why did they deserve this?!

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Everyone else was in the lowest of moods as well, pained at the immense loss. Another opportunity said its goodbye to the Kang family.

Grandpa, maybe we could cook the dog and eat it? There could still be an effect left in it, Zhaoming couldnt help but suggest.

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