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Chapter 566 – Sealing the Deal

“Ahhhh, ahhh! Yaoyao sis, Shield Bro is so impressive. He managed to remove Pinliang’s kidney!” Yushu didn’t know that Lin Yi was this merciless.

“It’s not him right? I don’t think he did this himself.” Mengyao had her doubts. Her subconscious told her that Lin Yi wasn’t this heartless.

“Hehehehehe, I don’t care who did this but I’m pretty sure Pinliang is forever gone from your sights now, Yaoyao sis!” Yushu didn’t mind that this was Lin Yi’s doing, because she thought that they shouldn’t be kind to their enemies. She was glad Lin Yi didn’t hold back.

“I don’t think so. I heard that the victim can still survive with just one kidney.” Mengyao knitted her brows.

“I have no idea about that, but I learned that the victim can’t have *** after losing one kidney. Do you think this information I got from the Internet is accurate?” Yushu blinked, giggling.

“Shu! Don’t say such dirty things!” Mengyao lectured, blushing.

“I was just stating a fact! I didn’t say that, the Internet did.” Yushu acted like she was wronged.

“I don’t care; I forbid you from saying something so disgraceful next time. Girls have to be polite and ladylike, or else who’d want to marry you!” Mengyao said sternly.

“Oh, it’s okay, Yaoyao sis. Didn’t we agree that I’d marry the guy you marry? It’s a buy one, get one free package.” Yushu didn’t really mind and said, “And I thought that men prefer bad girls?”

Mengyao ignored her.

“Pinliang has passed the danger period and is recuperating in the hospital! So I’m thinking of forming a small group to pay him a visit. Everyone is free to join, and for those who are not joining, please stay in the classroom and study on your own!” Teacher Liu added, “I’ve contacted the cab driver. Get ready to come downstairs with me.”

Pinliang was considered a bad student in the class. He didn’t have many friends, and the hard-working students didn’t really care much about him. But he brought the whole class to the beach. This made his reputation in the class go up a little, so his classmates thought that they should at least pay him a visit as a token of appreciation.

So they put their textbooks down and stood up.


When Fabai left, Cihua hesitated and called Jianwen.

“Master An, do you know Zhong Fabai?” Cihua asked.

“Zhong Fabai? Nope, mahjong?”1 Jianwen had just removed his love rival and was celebrating in the hotel.

“No, he’s a human. He has some power in Songshan, and his son is Zhong Pinliang,” Cihua said.

“Zhong Pinliang?” Jianwen interrupted. “I say, Cihua bro, don’t tell me you’re here to condemn me? But honestly, yes, I was the man who cut out his kidney.”

Jianwen’s temper surprised Cihua. It seemed like Pinliang had done something absolutely wrong to Jianwen.

“Master An, I didn’t mean that.” Cihua didn’t wish to offend Jianwen. “Master An, his father just came to me. He wanted to seek revenge….”

“Oh, what are you saying?” Jianwen asked calmly.

“I have no problem with it, I’m just afraid that Master Bing will… y’know, Zhong Fabai works for Master Bing as well….” Cihua was in a difficult position. Jianwen’s backer was the Firewolf gang! But he had to give Fabai an answer.

“Oh, I don’t mind. I was thinking of meeting Master Bing sooner or later.” Jianwen didn’t really care. The kidney was cut out. Even if Master Bing came, he couldn’t do anything about it! What could he do? Make House An his enemy?

Importantly, Firewolf wasn’t inferior to the people behind Master Bing’s back! They were equally strong.

“Master An, I think you’ve misunderstood!” Cihua was dejected. What was going on? He became the middleman between Pinliang and Jianwen. But being a middleman wasn’t easy. It was even harder between Master An and Master Bing. He didn’t want to ruin his partnership with Jianwen because of Pinliang, so he asked, “Master An, was there anything between you and Zhong Pinliang? Did you really have to be so merciless?”

“Let me tell you how ridiculous this Zhong Pinliang was.” Jianwen wasn’t trying to hide the fact and spilled the beans. “He kidnapped my childhood friend. Do you think I can allow him to live so happily?”

“You’re right, Zhong Pinliang complicated things for himself.” Cihua let out a sigh of relief. Pinliang deserved this shit, but the problem wasn’t solved. “I still have to answer to Zhong Fabai, though. Why not hand Lin Yi over! That kid was obviously using your hand to destroy his enemy! He’s Chu Mengyao’s bodyguard; he wouldn’t allow a bomb to be near her.”

“I’m fully aware of that, but Lin Yi is now my man. I can’t just hand him out, can I?” Jianwen said lightly.

“I’ll give you my ten percent of our business; please give Zhong Fabai the answer.” Cihua clenched his teeth. Fabai was still useful, so he couldn’t just toss him aside.

“Deal. Ask Zhong Fabai to call me.” Jianwen laughed in his head. Who cared about Lin Yi? He was just a bodyguard. Jianwen was just using him to get Mengyao’s information.

Shortly afterwards, Fabai’s call reached Jianwen. “Master An, may I ask what has my son done to you? You had to be so heartless to him?”

It seemed Cihua left the details for Jianwen to explain himself. Naturally, Fabai had heard of the big name, Jianwen. He was one of the Four Young Masters of Songshan after all. He was currently the head of House An in Songshan and had the Fire Wolves behind him.

Hence, Fabai didn’t have the balls to shout and scold. He held back his grudge and anger while calmly listening to Jianwen’s explanation.

Jianwen and Cihua had sealed the deal, so he wasn’t grumpy or impatient during the explanation. He explained again everything to Fabai, from start to finish! Who was Jianwen? One of the Songshan Young Masters, a powerful figure, much stronger than Fabai by a lot! His reputation alone was enough to defeat Fabai!

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So Fabai lost all of his temper when Jianwen explained politely. It was his son who kidnapped Jianwen’s childhood friend and said those bombastic words. Anyone would be offended if this happened to them, let alone one of the Young Masters of Songshan.

1. Mahjong is a tile-based game, a chinese game played, usually by four people. While zhong, fa, and bai are part of the tiles.

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