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Chapter 564 – Meeting an Old Monk

“Uh… nope. You’re like a spirit…..” Lin Yi wasn’t sure what was Elder Jiao, what kind of supernatural being he was. Obviously, he was no longer a human.

“Congratulations, you’re right.” Elder Jiao nodded. “I’m a ghost, are you afraid of me?”

Lin Yi was speechless.

Because of the breakthrough, Lin Yi was lost in time. He didn’t know how much time passed, but he heard footsteps coming down the staircase. He got out of the jade and back to reality immediately. He glanced at his alarm clock. It was 6:30 already. He was normally out of bed at this time, but due to the breakthrough, he had taken much more time than usual.

Lin Yi changed clothes, pushed open the door, and found the girls sitting at the dining table chatting.

“Shield Bro, why didn’t you make breakfast for us today?” Yushu clutched her stomach with one hand and searched for breakfast on the dining table with the other hand. “Did you hide it?”

“Shu, Lin Yi just woke up. He rushed back to Songshan just to rescue us. He must be tired from running here and there the last two days. Give him some rest. Let’s go to school for breakfast,” said Mengyao, shaking her head.

“Oh, Yaoyao sis, are you perhaps worrying about Shield Bro now?” Yushu looked at Mengyao in surprise.

Mengao reddened as she coughed. “Worrying? He saved us, you know, we have to treat him better!”

“Oh, okay.” Yushu nodded. “But the school’s breakfast sucks. We should ask Uncle Chu to get a better cafeteria manager!”

“That manager is one of my relatives; I don’t think we can just swap him….” Mengyao said. “We’re graduating soon; just a few more meals, then we’re done with it.”

Lin Yi was standing in the doorway of his room. His lips curled into a smile. Ahhhh, my miss is still the same. She’s such a caring person but doesn’t show it on the surface

“It’s still early; let me make something for you guys.” Lin Yi strolled to the kitchen.

“Y-You’re awake?” Mengyao was shocked. Her eyes widened. Did Lin Yi hear what she just said? Mengyao was embarrassed and glared at Lin Yi. “Why didn’t you make noise? Are you trying to scare us to death?”

“Heh.” Lin Yi kept silent as he started making breakfast.

Uncle Fu had been purchasing a lot of groceries ever since Lin Yi moved into the villa. Lin Yi opened the freezer and got a dozen frozen soup steamed buns. He placed them in the steamer to heat them up. He then took some fresh vegetables and mushroom out of the fridge, washed them, and diced them. Pepper oil, salt, sugar, and chile were added and mixed together with the veggies in a wok. Mouth-watering fried vegetables were cooked.

On the other side of the kitchen, the steamed buns were ready. Lin Yi presented the shredded vegetables and soup steamed buns on the dining table. “The food’s ready, let’s dig in.”

“Wow, Shield Bro, you live up to your reputation!’ Yushu was starving, so she went for a quick grab of the steamed buns.

“Shu, you have to wash your hands first! You just went to the bathroom, y’know.” Mengyao stopped her.

“Uh… the pee didn’t reach my hand I think…” Yushu blushed.

“You think?” Mengyao asked.

“Uh… a little maybe… when I wiped that part…” Yushu stuck her tongue out.

“Shouldn’t you be washing your hands right now?” Mengyao glared at her.

“I’ll give you the steamed bun then… Yaoyao sis.” Yushu handed the steamed bun to Mengyao.

“Get that away from me!” Mengyao waved her hand.

“Shield Bro, this is for you!” Yushu placed the steamed bun on Lin Yi’s plate.

Lin Yi was unamused.

Even after Yushu got back from the bathroom, Lin Yi was still staring at the steamed bun in front of him. Lin Yi wasn’t looking down at Yushu, instead absurd excitement was rising within him. Lin Yi was interested, but this fetish was too much for him. He couldn’t bear to touch the steamed bun, much less savor it.

“Throw it away,” said Mengyao after glancing at Lin Yi.

“I’m not hungry, you guys enjoy.” Lin Yi gave a sigh of relief. Living with Yushu was a huge challenge.

Yushu felt Lin Yi’s unhappiness. She looked at Lin Yi and looked at the steamed bun. Then she burst into laughter. “Hahahaha, Shield bro, I used my left hand to grab the steamed bun while I used my right in the bathroom.”

Yushu got up and snatched the steamed bun away from Lin Yi. She then bit into the steamed bun, savoring the taste.

Lin Yi and Mengyao looked at each other, both of them speechless.

After breakfast, Uncle Fu sent the girls to school while Lin Yi drove his worn-down van. Lin Yi was still very happy with the breakthrough because there weren’t many mystic class masters in this era! He didn’t have to be afraid of Gonggao anymore, since physical masters were weaker than spiritual masters, although the difference wasn’t huge. He was confident that Gonggao was no longer his opponent.

While Lin Yi was in his blissful state, he looked around and got scared! There was an unknown person sitting beside him. Lin Yi didn’t know when or how this old man got here! He was dressed modernly, with T-shirt and jeans, sunglasses on his head.

“F*ck!” Lin Yi cursed and stomped on the brake, stopping by the curb. “Who are you?!”

Lin Yi didn’t know how this old man got in his car! The happiness from the breakthrough turned into nothing but shock.

“Monk Mo Kongwen.” The old man nodded to Lin Yi: “Amitābha.”1

“Amitābha? Are you a monk or a Daoist?” Lin Yi was lost. Who was this old man? Could he be an expert?! But Lin Yi couldn’t feel any spiritual energy from him.

“Neither.” Old man shook his head.

“Then why do you call yourself a monk?” Lin Yi was startled.

“My surname is Pinseng,2 and Mokongwen is my name,” the old man explained.

Lin Yi was speechless. This old man was obviously mocking him. “I don’t know you, get out please.”

“Sir, your I can sense your misfortune, it’s a bad omen,” the old man continued.

Lin Yi opened the passenger door and kicked the old man out. He stepped on the gas and the engine roared to life.

An old scammer, huh? Lin Yi let out a sigh of relief and heard a knock on the passenger window. He turned over to see Mo Kongwen beside his car. He was running as fast as Lin Yi’s car.

Lin Yi looked at the odometer. His eyes widened! He was going sixty kilometers per hour. How did this old man manage to follow him?

“Sir, I can help you resolve your omen,” the old man said.

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1. Amitābha is a celestial buddha. It can be used as a greeting word for Chinese Buddhists.

2. Pinseng is a humble term of self-address for a monk.

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