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Chapter 561 – Coercion

A scowl flashed across Mr. Kangs face but he was well aware of his harsh situation so he swallowed the unpleasantry and forced a smile. Zou lil bro, dont be angry. I didnt mean that..

Little bro? What do you mean lil bro? Im not even little. Motherf*cker, are you looking down at me? Zou Ruoguang slapped Mr. Kang, leaving a red handprint behind.

Mrs. Kang heard the yelling and ran in. She saw her husband get slapped and was furious. Who are you? What are you guys doing here?

Mr. Kang looked behind and saw his wife. Terrified, he signaled to her in warning. These people werent to be offended. This is Chairman Zhang, Chairman Zou, and next to them is Zou bro, he introduced.

Mr. Kang was afraid to call Ruoguang lil bro, so he called him Zou bro instead. Although it was inappropriate to call someone younger than him bro, he didnt have a choice.

Dear, what are you doing? What are they doing here? Police, call the police! I dont believe that they arent afraid of 110! Mrs. Kang suggested when she saw her husbands panic.

Hahaha! Tiandi burst into laughter. Call the cops? Go ahead! Id like to see whatll happen. Arresting a customer at a teahouse? Were here for tea, yknow!

You hit my husband! Mrs. Kang pointed at Ruoguang.

Hit your husband? Did I? Did you witness that? Old man, did I hit you? Ruoguang glared at Mr. Kang.

N-No Mr. Kang knew that they couldnt do anything against the Zous. Even if the police came, they were helpless as well. It was just a slap! But when the police left, the neverending trouble would remain .

Mrs. Kang was taken aback. She read the atmosphere and realized that they werent normal people. But, she wasnt sure of their identities so she looked at Mr. Kang inquisitively.

Mr. Kang breathed a sigh of relief, walked over, and whispered to her, Chairman Zhang is the boss across from our teahouse while Chairman Zou is the CEO of Tiandi Entertainment, and that kid over there, Zou Ruoguang, is the gangster leader in the north. We cant make them our enemies.

What?! Its them! Mrs. Kang finally found out their backgrounds. She didnt know Zhang Baji had such powerful people behind him. She was surprised.

Baji and Tiandi were delighted to see Mrs. Kangs reaction. Mr. Kang, I heard that your business is already at the limit and youre looking for buyers to take over your business, arent you? Im interested, lets have a little chat.

The limit? Mr. Kang was startled. He finally understood their intention. Were they coercing him into selling his business? He was displeased, but he knew he couldnt do anything about it, and his business wasnt going smoothly with these people around him, so he decided to let it go as he nodded. Yes, Im looking for a buyer to take over my business. May I ask, Chairman Zhang, how much are you offering?

Hmm, I have no idea, actually. Zou Bro, can you help us out? Baji put on a front and looked at Tiandi.

The Kangs looked at Baji in surprise. Baji was operating a teahouse, and he didnt know the price? Was he bullshiting? But his motive was obvious. They couldnt fight back if the price was decided by Tiandi, could they?

Lemme see, this street is roughly 10,000 square meters and your teahouse has two floors, so it should be around 200 square meters in total. Two million is a good price, Tiandi said solemnly.

What? Mr. Kang stared in shock at Tiandi. He was right; the street was 10,000 square meters, but the building area wasnt. His teahouse occupied 200 square meters, but the building area was almost 300 square meters. The price should be around 2,780,000. Besides, that was just the price of the building! Renovations, tableware, and the good quality tea were not even accounted for. Furthermore, he had a better offer last time. 4 million for his teahouse, but he rejected that guy. There was no way Mr. Kang would allow Tiandi to cut the price in half.

Haha, Dad, the old man was mesmerized by the price! I think youve miscalculated; this stupid teahouse should only be around 1 million! Ruoguang butted in. Uncle Zhang, youre operating a teahouse; you should know the price best. What do you think?

I think youre right! Master Zou is always right! Baji nodded and said, But since Zou bro has spoken, Ive no choice but to offer them 2 million! Mr. Kang, what do you think?

I have the deed for my teahouse; the building area is 280 square meters and Ive renovated Mr. Kang couldnt just sell it for 2 million, could he? He had thought that Baji would offer him 4 million, but it was just 2 million. The difference was too vast!

2 million was too little for them since selling the teahouse meant selling both the business and their own home. To be honest, much less a good spot in the city, they couldnt even afford to survive after buying a house in the slums.

Isnt it ridiculous? If we have to pay for your renovation as well? Ruoguang continued. Old man, are you an idiot? No people will look at the renovation for a secondhand house.

Uhhh Mr. Kang was speechless. He wanted to argue, but he remembered that the kid was the leader of the gangs in the north, so he was afraid to talk.

Fine. 280 square meters it is then. Ill buy your house for 2,800,000! The guy who offered 4 million for Mr. Kangs house was sent by Baji. He had wanted to buy it with that price but was rejected, so he had to no choice but to apply the alternative way in obtaining the teahouse.

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Naturally, Baji couldnt offer 4 million anymore because he had given Tiandi 500,000 for this dirty work. Tiandi even promised to get the house with a price lower than 3 million.

Chairman Zhang, were businessmen. Lets talk about fairness. Not long ago, someone even offered me 4 million. Mr. Kang was bad at doing business. He was too quick to reveal his last resort. If youre willing to buy my house for 4 million, then its yours!

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