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Chapter 56 – It Was Self Defense

Gaa.aaahhh Heibao wailed softly as his eyeballs bulged. Xiaobo, however, seemed to still be unsatisfied- he swung his leg once more, and Heibao collapsed, unconscious.

Lin Yi shook his head at Xiaobos actions- that area was a particularly vulnerable part of the human body, and continuous impacts like that could very well be fatal. Lin Yi came off as a bit of a merciless guy, but hed made sure to avoid any fatal areas when giving Heibao his punishment.

He didnt want his first bro at school to get sent to prison for murder charges. Thats enough, he cant take any more.

Ah.. Xiaobo blinked himself awake from his hot-blooded passion upon hearing Lin Yis words. He looked at Heibao Bro in disbelief, who had fainted from his kicks.

Kang Xiaobo had always been part of the meek- hed never been the type to get in fights, but had always longed for a time when he could go all out.

He had his regrets about not ever being in any, as a man and all But now hed done it! Hed been in a fight this very day! Xiaobo breathed heavily as he tried to calm his excitement.

Two sirens sounded, and a couple of police cars drove into Songshans First School.

Song Lingshan was in low spirits- why was Songshan so active when Captain Yang wasnt around? First a bank robbery, and then some gangsters shooting their guns in a school!

An armed thug had his gun pointed at a student, according to the reports. Lingshan was on utmost alert- this was a case of great proportions, and she issued orders for all armed men to march onto the field the instant they arrived.

You have all been surrounded, put your weapons down! A megaphone sounded from one of the policemen, sending a warning under Lingshans orders.

Lin Yi frowned at the announcement. Who called the cops here? Lin Yi didnt want things to spiral into a huge deal, and he really preferred to not see Lingshan again this soon, the awkward incident from yesterday still fresh in his mind.

Lin Yi raised his head up helplessly only to see a worried Song Lingshan looking his way. He sighed, and followed it with a smile at the girl. Theyre here anyways- might as well go with the flow.

Song Lingshans heart froze and her face reddened upon spotting Lin Yi here. She pressed the embarrassment down instantly, however, putting on a solemn expression to replace it. She never expected the thug to be Lin Yi! The bloody guy near death at his feet and the shocked and terrified expressions of the crowd only meant one thing to Lingshans subconscious: Lin Yi was the gun-wielding gangster from the report!

Dont move! Put your hands up!! Lingshan commanded as she pulled a gun out at Lin Yi.

Lin Yi froze as he stared at Song Lingshan- Whats she doing, is she trying to take her revenge on me?! After some hesitation, Lin Yi decided that itd be best for him to put his hands up first.

There was no chance that the bullet could hit him from that far away, and he was even confident that hed be able to put her down. There were other cops armed with guns as well, however, and assaulting the police was not something he wanted on his plate right now.

Take all of them with us! Lingshan said as she pointed her finger at Lin Yi and the people with him.

But Mrs. Cop! These guys were the ones who attacked Lin Yi, it was just self defense! Xiaobo explained as the police marched toward Lin Yi, intending to take him back to the station.

Song Lingshan didnt expect anyone to be speaking up for Lin Yi, but the words self defense* took her even more by surprise, instantly reminding her of the scene from yesterday. The profound Chinese language Lingshan contemplated as she shook her head- how could two completely different meanings have the same pronunciation?

(*Self defense has the same pronunciation as masturbate in Chinese.)

Lingshan regained her composure an instant later before turning to Xiaobo. Well be the ones to decide that. Take them!!

Lin Yi smiled gratefully as he whispered to Xiaobo. Its okay. This chick has some beef with me- shes trying to get me in trouble for revenge.

Kang Xiaobo paused in startlement as he looked at Lin Yi. Hed never expected Lin Yi to have history with Song Lingshan! He was about to say something when Lingshan herself came walking over, her beautiful eyes glaring at Lin Yi, evidently having heard what Lin Yi said.

Using police authority for personal interests was something she loathed the most- Lin Yis words had crossed the line. Did the asshole think hed have gotten away in one piece if Lingshan really was that kind of person?

The anger was reaching her head at that point, and Lingshan grabbed tightly onto Lin Yis shoulder, her voice was cold as she looked at Lin Yi. What are you muttering about, trying to get your stories synched for questioning? You can talk when youre in the interrogation room!

Lin Yi only curled his lips as he glanced at Xiaobo, as if to say: See?

Lingshan wanted nothing more than to give Lin Yi a big, fat, kick, but managed to suppress her anger nevertheless. It wasnt worth risking her job for. She was about to move on when Wang Zhifeng and Principal Ding Binggong reached them.

Ding Binggong had been relaxingly making plans for the schools future in his office. The board of directors had invested yet another huge sum of money in the school this year, and Binggong had intended to upgrade all school facilities with it, so as to get chosen as the model school of the whole country.

The principal was quite the able man- hed never have held his position in a school like this otherwise. The board of directors looked for ability when it came to principals, as well- everything else was secondary, and the principal stayed as the principal as long as the school advanced.

As such, it went without saying that the leaps and bounds of the schools growth were mostly credited to the principals efforts.

A loud explosion sounded and interrupted him just as he were making plans. He frowned in response, assuming that the students were disobeying school rules and playing with fireworks again.

Ding Binggong could only sigh- the rich kids were a major thorn for him, always playing around and never giving a shit about studying. Like the other teachers, however, there was little the principal could do- hed be thanking the gods if these problem students didnt influence the others into their ways, let alone getting them to study!

There was an incident a while back, where the students were launching fireworks in school during New Years- It enraged Binggong to the point that he swore to expel the problem students who had zero regard for school rules!

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Further investigation, however, discouraged Binggong immediately- it was class fives Zhong Pinliang who had started the whole fireworks incident, and the one who had egged him on to do it was none other than the scariest girl in his class, Chen Yushu!

If Zhong Pinliangs family background were to fail in halting the principals determination, then Chen Yushus would cancel the entire notion altogether. She was a girl that Binggong dared not touch

It puzzled him- why would a pretty, tidy young girl such as her convince Zhong Pinliang into doing something like that? The reason surfaced after looking a little deeper into the matter- it turned out that Chen Yushu had never held any ill intentions at all…

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