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Chapter 559 – Bear In Mind

Despite the fact that he was paralyzed on the bed, he was still conscious. He still looking straight into the eyes of the people in front of him. He could hear them, but he couldnt move nor speak a single word. Shouting for help was futile because no sound came from his throat.

After a while, he was carried to the operating table, and he got terrified. However much he wanted to scream and resist, he couldnt do so. He had full consciousness, but his brain and body were not connected. His body wasnt listening to him at all.

Wen bro, Im done prepping! You may start anytime! the tattooed guy told Jianwen respectfully.

Jianwen walked into the operation room, staring at Pinliang who was laying on the operating table with full of hatred eyes! This was SongShan city, touch my woman?! I shall make you pay for being so cocky! Know your own place, peasant!

How should I start? Jianwen strode up to Pinliang with the scalpel in hand.

Pinliang was petrified. He didnt know what was going on. Was he trying to kill me? He had no idea how he caused this mess, making an enemy of such a powerful person. He wanted to shout for help, but he couldnt. Pinliang tried to close his eyes, but his eyelids werent listening to him either.

Wen bro, just make a cut at this point. Approximately this length the masked surgeon advised.

Alright! Jianwen nodded. From his perspective, he thought that the length of the cut didnt really matter. The longer the cut, the greater the pain inflicted on Pinliang.

That surgeon was a killer himself, so he wasnt the slightest bit anxious. He didnt really care if Jianwen killed him. In fact, eighty percent of the people who had surgery on this operating table died, so the surgeon didnt really care all that much.

Motherf*cker! Bear this in mind! Theres things that you peasant cant touch. If you dare touch Mengyao again, Ill kill you! Jianwen stared at Pinliang in disdain. Ill be removing one of your kidney as a punishment this time. If theres a next time, say goodbye to your brain!!

Pinliang finally understood. The guy was avenging Mengyao. But how and when did Mengyao meet this monster? Could it be one of Pengzhans lackey?

Pinliang wanted to stop him by shouting If you have the balls! but this was just his imagination. He couldnt even speak a single word.

Woosh. Jianwen ignored Pinliang and didnt want to listen to his explanation as started dissecting Pinliang.

Pinliang was in great pain. His face twitched, but he couldnt do anything about it.

Bear this in mind! Things will not go be that simple next time if you dare touch my Mengyao

again! Jianwen left the operating room after he finished with Pinliang.

Jianwen wished to torture Pinliang more by cutting him a few more times, but he was afraid that he might accidentally ruin the kidney, so he stopped. A kidney could be sold at least a few hundred thousand! It was easy money!

The surgeon quickly injected anesthetic into Pinliang when Jianwen left the room, Pinliang could really die from pain if anesthetic wasnt given while removing the kidney. He felt nothing when the drug diffused into his blood and the drug started to take effect.

The surgeon was pretty skilled at his job. He cut the kidney out swiftly. The tattooed guy then abandoned Pinliang at the entrance of Songshans First Hospital and fled.

Jianwen didnt want to make things complicated, so he chose not to kill Pinliang and gave him a second chance.

The hospital called Fabai and informed him about his sons condition. Fabai exploded after hearing the news and rushed to the hospital to see his son laying on the hospital bed, wide awake. He was infuriated on sight. Who dared to touch my son in Songshan?! Were they tired of living already?

Pinliang burst into tears when he saw his father. His kidney was cut out for no reason at all. Why did God unleash his fury on him? How could he be a normal person after losing one of his kidneys? Most importantly, he still didnt know who his attacker was!

Dad, you have to avenge me. I lost a kidney for no reason, this is so awful. Pinliang wept.

Who did this? Ill kill his whole motherf*cking family! Fabai raged. He only had a single child. How could he not be angry?

I dont know; they didnt listen to me and straight up pushed me onto the operating table, injected some anesthetic, and removed my kidney. Pinliang sobbed, But the guy warned me not to touch Mengyao, saying that I should stay as far away from her as possible.

Oh? Chu Mengyao? Fabai was surprised. Could it be Pengzhan? It cant be. Youre just hitting on his daughter. He has no reason to remove your kidney, right?

It has to be him or somehow connected to him! I Pinliang didnt want to tell his father the truth as he hesitated, but he revealed it to him anyway.

Blood drained from Fabais face. His son was a little too bold, wasnt he? He dared to kidnap Mengyao? He even went to threaten Pengzhan? Fabai had wanted to storm into Pengzhans office and get his revenge, but after listening to Pinliangs explanation, he went silent.

Frankly, it was his sons fault for kidnapping Mengyao, but wasnt removing a kidney going a little overboard? He couldve just beaten him up or broken one of his legs. Removing a kidney was too much!

Although he was working for Master Bing, he still couldnt face Pengzhan alone! He could only seek help from Cihua, as Fabai was working directly under him. Cihua could at least avenge his son for him, couldnt he?

Fabai told his son that he could still survive losing a kidney and ordered his son to stay in the hospital until he was fully recovered as he took his leave.

Of course, Pinliang knew that he wouldnt just die from losing a liver, but he couldnt just lose it without taking revenge, could he? He understood that he wouldnt perform well in bed and would fail to impress girls in the future, but it was useless to be depressed about it now. He had take the initiative in taking his revenge!

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The relationship between Fabai and Cihua was in the middle of honeymoon period, so when Fabai wanted to meet him, he wouldnt reject him.

Zhong bro, whats going on so early in the morning? Cihua welcoming Fabai in his bar paid Fabai huge respect and gave him enough face.

Fabai was stunned. How was this early in the morning? It was afternoon. But after remembering that Cihua worked a bar, his working hours were different from others, so he chose not to comment.

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Chapter 559