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Chapter 557 – I’ll Get Revenge for You

Mengyao and Yushu realized that they were gone for a whole day, and Pengzhan and Uncle Fu must be very concerned of their safety. Although Yushu had been very excited, she was dizzy on her feet when she stood due to her exhaustion.

Lin Yi jumped as he quickly gave a helping hand to Yushu.

“Carry her; her body isn’t as tough as mine,” Mengyao said.

“Are you sure?” Lin Yi asked when Mengyao couldn’t very much stand up straight herself.

“Yeah” Mengyao nodded. She was trembling, but she was a little tougher than Yushu.

“Heh, I’ll carry both of you,” Lin Yi said after lifting Yushu up.

“Huh?” Mengyao stared wide-eyed at Lin Yi.

Lin Yi bent down, put Yushu on his back, and stretched out his arms. “Come on.”

“Uh, you sure?” Mengyao looked at Lin Yi with doubtful eyes. In normal circumstances, it was plausible that a person could carry another down the mountain, but Lin Yi was offering to carry both of them down. Wasn’t he a little strong?

“I was able to break the security door, what do you think?” Lin Yi wanted to argue. Doubting a man’s capability was a great humiliation, but Lin Yi let it go because he knew that Mengyao was just worrying about him, not insulting him.

Mengyao hesitated due to the fatigue wearing her mind down, but she let him carry her anyway after recalling the deformed security door.

Lin Yi walked out of the cave carrying the misses. The thought of calling Pengzhan came to his mind, but both of his arms were occupied at this moment.

However, on the way to the bottom of the hill, at the entrance to the resort, he saw Pengzhan and Uncle Fu. Both of them flounced out of the resort, their search fruitless. They looked up and saw Lin Yi carrying the misses. They were overjoyed and surprised simultaneously.

“Yaoyao, Shu!” Pengzhan strode towards Lin Yi. He had lost all the maturity and calmness of a CEO. He was just a worried father now.

“They’re alright, just tired and asleep.” Lin Yi smiled wryly. He didn’t expect the two of them to fall asleep so soon. The anxiety and stress lifted when Lin Yi came to their rescue. They felt safe and protected, so both of them soundly fell asleep.

Uncle Fu wanted to offer his help, but he was afraid that he might accidentally wake the misses up, so he only gave an apologetic smile to Lin Yi.

Pengzhan, though, was rubbing his hands together excitedly. His daughter was safe and sound, and he had been very worried for the girls’ safety.

At the foot of the mountain, Lin Yi had no choice but to put the girls down. This woke the girls up and sleepily rubbed both their eyes.

Mengyao couldn’t resist the urge to run into her father’s embrace when she saw him. “Dad! Pinliang is a bastard; he locked both of us up. You have to avenge us.”

“Don’t worry, Yaoyao. It’s alright, it’s alright.” Pengzhan was very emotional as well. His daughter had never suffered so much in her entire life.

Mengyao was able to pour out her bitterness to Pengzhan, but Yushu couldn’t do that to Pengzhan, so she faced Lin Yi and jumped into his embrace.

“Shield Bro, you have to avenge us!” Yushu only wanted people to console her. A genuine hug was what she needed the most.

Lin Yi patted her shoulder as he tried to console her. Lin Yi was determined to get revenge for them even without Yushu’s request. But his way of handling things would be different this time, since Pengzhan couldn’t take risks at this moment. Lin Yi planned to push all the blame onto a third party.

When they returned to the villa, Lin Yi comforted the girls and went back to his own room. He had to prepare for the revenge.

He extracted the recording from the pen recorder using a computer and called An Jianwen.

Soon, the call was picked up. “Lin Yi bro?”

Jianwen never expected to receive a phone call from Lin Yi. He did give Lin Yi some money for the exchange, but he didn’t know if Lin Yi would voluntarily give him the information.

“An bro, it’s me.” Lin Yi said, “Are you free right now?”

“Now?” What’s wrong?” Jianwen was drinking with Su Tai and was confused by why Lin Yi was calling.

“An bro, I never disappoint you. After a bunch of hardship, I’ve finally gotten news for you. It’s about Mengyao’s admirer at school!” Lin Yi said.

“Oh? It’s about Mengyao? Where are you? Let’s meet up and talk!” Jianwen was delighted to hear news about Mengyao! Whether it was a bust or not, he’d arrive for Mengyao.

“I’m at Mengyao’s villa; I’ll be waiting you here,” Lin Yi said.

“OK, I’ll be there in ten minutes!” Jianwen said quickly.

When Lin Yi walked out of his room, he saw that the girls had fully recovered. Both of them were wolfing down food and drinking.

“I’m going out for a while; I’ll get revenge for you.” Lin Yi smiled. The way the girls were acting was very cute.

“OK!” Yushu’s mouth was stuffed with food, but she still punched the air when she heard Lin Yi.

Mengyao didn’t say anything much as she eyed Lin Yi and said, “Be careful.”

Mengyao’s tenderness startled Lin Yi for a second before he nodded.

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Although Pengzhan didn’t know Lin Yi’s plan, he didn’t worry in the slightest since Lin Yi promised not to drag Pengzhan Industries in.

“Where are you going? Do you need Uncle Fu with you?” Pengzhan asked.

“Nope, someone is coming.” Lin Yi smiled.

They were dumbfounded to find out that someone was coming to pick Lin Yi up.

Lin Yi smiled as he left the villa. Jianwen’s car was already there, and he got out of the car when he saw Lin Yi and greeted him warmly. “Lin Yi bro, let’s go!”

“Haha.” Lin Yi nodded like he wasn’t plotting and said, “Being a private detective is a risky job, y’know!”

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Chapter 557