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Chapter 556 – The Fearless Chen Yushu

Yaoyao sis, what are you going to do the moment you escape this place? Yushu couldnt fall asleep and started talking again.

I dont know, but I know that youre talking and this will make you even thirstier! Mengyao reminded. You better seal your lips.

Oh Yaoyao sis, my lips are cracking. Do you have lip balm? Yushu spoke again.

No! Mengyao said, I told you to stop talking, cant you just listen?

Yushu finally listened to Mengyao and shut her mouth. Both of them fell asleep again. When they woke up, there was no longer light shining from the keyhole. They knew it was dark out.

Yaoyao sis, Im really going to die soon. Do you think that Shield Bro actually got my text?! Yushu said hopelessly.

He did. Mengyao was panicking but she had to be strong and calm Yushu.

I cant, Im going to die soon. Yaoyao sis, I cant bear with this anymore. Yushu closed her eyes.

Shu, Lin Yi will surely come and save us. Mengyao comforted Yushu guitily.

Tell him to bring my corpse back when he arrives, I dont want my corpse to stay in the wild. Yushu said weakly.

Mengyao sweated. Shu, stop saying nonsense!

If he doesnt mind, he can use my dead body to get off. Let me have a taste of being a woman after I die. Yushu was blurting out nonsense. She had totally lost herself in confusion and her speech was irrational.

Lin Yi did not ask Uncle Fu to send him to Mt. ShuangYan immediately, but instead went back to the villa and took General Wei Wu with him.

Pengzhan and Uncle Fu stared at Lin Yi in admiration and amazement! They didnt think of using the dog to search for the girls. Lin Yi was way more cautious in handling problems.

Uncle Fu parked his car at the foot of Mt. Shuangyan and followed Lin Yi, who was climbing up the mountain. Even Pengzhan stepped out of the car and joined them.

Lin Yi knew that Pinliang didnt imprison the girls in the resort. Only idiots would make such a stupid decision. The girls would have screamed for help if they were trapped in the resort. Even if their mouths were stuffed with cotton and they were unable to scream for help, the janitors might enter to clean the building, so the risk was too high. He believed that Pinliang wasnt that stupid and wouldnt act so thoughtlessly.

So Lin Yi switched his attention to other areas and left Uncle Fu and Pengzhan to ensure that the girls werent being held in the resort as he made his way up the mountain.

He stopped when he reached a fork in the road. Although there were a lot of tourists here, few explored this fork in the road! It was dangerous to explore in this direction as there was a higher probability of encountering snakes in the fork. Besides, nobody could guarantee ones safety in the summer. Anything could go wrong and it might be deadly when they really encountered something dangerous here.

Lin Yi found footprints in the long grass of the fork of the road after making observations. He saw that there were more than one persons footprints in this direction.

Lin Yi let General Wei Wu out of his arms and onto the ground. General Wei Wu was terrified the whole journey. He didnt know why Lin Yi was holding him. He thought that Lin Yi wanted to butcher him. He had the urge to escape, but knowing that Lin Yi could catch up to him with ease, he gave up on that idea and accepted his destiny without a whimper.

But the moment Lin Yi put him down, he sniffed the scent of Mengyao, his owner. General Wei Wu knew that Lin Yi was still very obedient and afraid of Mengyao, so as long as he could find Mengyao, he could be protected from Lin Yis harassment!

So without Lin Yi signaling, General Wei Wu started tracking Mengyao until they reached the entrance of the cave. He stopped at the security door but couldnt see Mengyao anywhere, saddening him.

Although General Wei Wu couldnt recognize the security door, Lin Yi did. He knew that Mengyao and Yushu were trapped inside the cave! Since Lin Yi had exceptional hearing, he heard Yushu the moment he entered the cave. He almost fell over when he overheard their chat!

Lin Yi got embarrassed. Yushus train of thought was really one of a kind. He wasnt into necrophilia nor did he have any weird fetishes.

Lin Yi coughed dryly and knocked on the door. Yaoyao, Shu!

Oh, Yaoyao sis, I think Im about to die for real this time. Im hallucinating I think I heard Shield Bros voice. Yushu said semi-consciously.

Lin Yi, is that you? Mengyao was hungry and thirsty, but she still had her wits about her. She heard Lin Yis voice and cried out! She felt like she had lived in the dark all her life, and this was her first time witnessing light. She said excitedly to Yushu, Shu, your Shield Bro is here to rescue you.

Hah, Yaoyao sis, dont lie, I think Im hallucinating. Yushu said, then shot to her feet. Really? Im not hallucinating?

Lin Yi looked at the security door and the surroundings. He didnt have to hold back his strength since he was alone. He raised his leg and kicked the door. The security door bent in after a single kick. This was a kick that Lin Yi held back since he didnt want to send the door flying and injure the misses.

After hearing the cracking of the security door, Yushu finally understood. Shield Bro?

Yes, its me. Lin Yi gave the door a few good kicks and knocked it off its hinges before walking into the cave. Are you guys OK?

Sob! Mengyao burst into tears. She had been suffering all this while. She was scared but she knew that she had to be a role model to Yushu, or else Yushu would lose all hope in surviving, so she endured it and waited Lin Yi to arrive. Now that Lin Yi had arrived, all her feelings and sufferings were flushed out instantaneously.

Sorry Im late. Lin Yi took Mengyaos hand and gently patted her back. Dont cry, lets go home.

Meanwhile, Yushu pulled Lin Yis arm to her and bit him.

Ow! What are you doing? Lin Yi was in pain and glared at Yushu.

Oh, Im not dreaming, I thought I was dreaming, you know! Shield Bro really came to save us! Yushus face was a lot brighter and livelier than before.

Yes, Im here to rescue and Im not into having *** with a corpse! Lin Yi was annoyed at getting bit by Yushu. Why is this girl biting me? Why is she using me as a test subject? With all the pain and frustration built up, he decided to expose Yushu.

Yushu was taken aback and her eyes went wide. You heard that?

Unless Im deaf. Lin Yi was speechless.

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Mengyao burst into laughter. Shu was such an embarrassment. She even let Lin Yi hear the most embarrassing part. How humiliating!

OK, its fine, lets go down. Uncle Chu and Uncle Fu are waiting us down there, Lin Yi said as he stood up.

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