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Chapter 548 – Same Special Edition

Lin Yi wanted to say that he had touched Yushus boobs before remembered that it was just a misunderstanding, so he nodded.

Its also my first time being touched. Xiaoxiaos smiled shyly.

Lin Yi sighed. It wasnt the time for the responsibility thing right? Lin Yi was starting to feel awkward.

Its OK. I volunteered myself. Xiaoxiao gathered her bravery and tried to threaten Lin Yi, but the words failed to come out of her mouth. They became gentle and stupid instead.

Ah? Lin Yi didnt see this coming and looked at Xiaoxiao in disbelief.

Im really sleepy, Ill be sleeping for a bit. Xiaoxiao closed her eyes and lay against the back of the seat instead of Lin Yi this time.

Lin Yi was confused by Xiaoxiaos attitude. Was this the same Xiaoxiao he knew? What was she trying to achieve? Lin Yi was lost. He couldnt recognize this Xiaoxiao!

All of a sudden, her body had lost all life and her attitude towards him inexplicably changed. What was wrong with her?

Since Xiaoxiao didnt want to talk to Lin Yi at this moment, Lin Yi closed his eyes too! Lin Yi felt very weird and impressed by Xiaoxiao at the same time. How could air it out so easily? And had the peace of mind to sleep?

The auction was going smoothly and according to schedule, and many items were sold with very high prices. Although Miracle Doctor Kang did not buy anything this time, they were very happy just to be sitting there! Because Miracle Doctor Kang thought that he was going to be the head of one of the noble houses very soon and was going to be at the same level as the other heads of the noble houses, having strong influence and power in society!

After obtaining the nobility title, their future would surely be brighten. From buying ingredients to selling medicine, they would undeniably reach new heights, and a brand-new House Kang would be born!

Today, many people from the noble houses had obviously shown their friendliness towards Miracle Doctor Kang, which was one of the reasons Miracle Doctor Kang was so confident in himself. On the other hand, Haitian just nodded to him like usual, not even saying a single word.

Miracle Doctor Kang still thought that House Yu was just trying to act neutral in public! If the organizer of the annual noble house festival was to stand by the Kangs, what would the public think?

The third auction is really full of high quality items! Guifeng envied the bidders.

Hehe, we, House Kang, will return loaded next year! This year we develop and spend our money in the right places! said Miracle Doctor Kang confidently. He was a little envious too, but he held it back for his desire for the future.

The last auction item was brought down by the heir of one of the noble houses. Miracle Doctor Kang closed the catalog in his hand and was about to leave but was stopped by the auctioneer. We are adding another item to the end of the auction like yesterday! This auction item is coming from the Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company, the Special Edition Injury Medicine!

Special Edition Injury Medicine?

The Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company has the same limited edition Golden Creation?

Its not Golden Creation, its Injury Medicine!

Then is the effect the same? Could it be different?

The crowd started to voice their questions. They were all very interested in the Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company since the first auction. The Pill Of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing from the MIracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company was sold at a very high price, so suddenly adding an item in the last auction would attract the attention of the whole auction!

But most of them thought that the items were probably the same as the one the Miracle Doctor Kang Medicine Company provided yesterday after hearing the name.

Dad, when did Xuemin make something similar to our Golden Creation? Does he perhaps have the recipe as well? Guifeng frowned after hearing the name of the medicine.

Theirs is Injury Medicine and ours is Golden Creation, its different. Besides, it might be ineffective too! Miracle Doctor Kang wasnt panicking, because he knew that his recipe was confidential and impossible to be analyzed. The ingredients were also rare. Mass production was impossible! They had even purchased most of the ingredients from the supplier in China!

They must be imitating us! Guifeng scolded, displeased. Shameless! Hes still calling himself Miracle Doctor Guan? He is indeed very good at imitating one!

Imitation is just imitation, they wont succeed this way! Miracle Doctor Kang shook his head and smiled uncaringly. Still, making a Special Edition Injury Medicine at this moment is a wrong move!

Yeah. Guifeng nodded. Youre absolutely right. We sold the limited edition Golden Creation yesterday, basically fulfilling the needs of the crowd. Whos going to buy their medicine now? Theyre definitely going to embarrass themselves if no one buys it!

Lets enjoy the show. Miracle Doctor Kang smiled. I guess not leaving early is a right choice after all. We can catch a free show!

Grandpa, I think that Fatty Lai isnt that stupid, is he? Zhaolong was a little uncertain. If theyre bringing out the same item, arent they afraid of losing face in public?

Hmph, he isnt that stupid? If hes not stupid, would he have bought the stupid box for twenty million yesterday? Miracle Doctor Kang added, This proves that he has no intelligence and is shortsighted!

It was a different situation yesterday. He was fighting to get it at all costs and was forced to buy it. I personally still think that hes not a stupid person. Zhaolong shook his head and stayed silent after that.

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The auctioneer was quite happy with the reaction from the crowd. He wanted to introduce the effects of the Special Edition Injury Medicine but thought that itd be better to leave it to Changyi. After the crowd settled down, the auctioneer said, I believe that everyone is interested in the effects of the Special Edition Injury Medicine, right? Lets welcome the CEO of the Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company to the stage as he introduces us their new product as well as the special edition effects.

Although the crowd had an idea of the effects of the Special Edition Injury Medicine, they stayed silent since it was from the Miracle Doctor Guan Medicine Company, the Miracle Doctor they respected, so they waited in silence for Fatty Lai to go onstage.

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Chapter 548