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Chapter 547 – A Little Awkward

The third auction, the last of House Yus auction this year, was starting.

During the auction, there wasnt anything that captivated Lin Yi. He didnt want to attend the auction, but the special edition injury medicine from his company was going to be sold today, so he did.

Supposedly, the third auction was filled with the best items and the most important families, but Lin Yi didnt want to be part of the culture, so he was not interested in the jewelry and antiques.

Boss, do you have anything in mind? Lin Yi did not give Fatty Lai orders, so he handed the catalog to Lin Yi.

Theres nothing good. Lin Yi shook his head. You can buy something if you have it in mind. Ill be sleeping for a while.

Fatty Lai smiled wryly. Lin Yi was probably the only person who could fall asleep during the third auction.

Meanwhile, Xiaoxiao was sitting beside Lin Yi. He wanted her to leave, but he knew Xiaoxiao wouldnt listen to him, so he had decided to just leave her be.

Hey, Lin Yi. Am I the only girl who knows so many of your secrets? Xiaoxiao was trying to stop Lin Yi from sleeping.

What do you mean? Lin Yi pretended he didnt understand.

Tang Yin doesnt know that youre running a company, right? And she didnt know that you can cure diseases, right? Even your family’s two girls dont know you this much, do they? Xiaoxiao was pleased. She was the person who knew Lin Yi the best!

Oh, maybe. Lin Yi said like it was none of his business.

Xiaoxiao was angry at Lin Yis insensitivity. If this were said that to a different guy, they would surely be very excited and jumping with joy. Was her voice not sweet enough?

Xiaoxiao had never chased a guy before and never had a boyfriend. All her knowledge about men was from the Internet and books. She didnt know what to do and sulked.

If theres nothing else, Ill be sleeping now. Lin Yi looked into Xiaoxiaos eyes and said, Im a little sleepy.

Then Im sleepy too! I want to sleep as well. Xiaoxiao grit her teeth and lay on Lin Yis shoulder. Good night!

Lin Yi frowned and shifted, but Xiaoxiaos head was like a magnet attracted to his shoulder and moved as Lin Yi adjusted. Lin Yi couldnt just lay on Xuemins body, could he?

Cut it out! Lin Yi shouted.

Zzz zzz Xiaoxiao ignored Lin Yi and pretended to sleep.

After seeing Xiaoxiaos shamelessness, Lin Yi manned up. You want to mess around? Lets go then. See wholl lose! Lin Yi wrapped his arm around Xiaoxiaos shoulder, hugging her, and brushed his hands across one of her breasts.

Ahhhh, Xiaoxiao moaned. She flushed with anger! She didnt know Lin Yi was this daring, attacking her breasts! Xiaoxiao leaped up and wanted to kick his crotch!

However, Xiaoxiao realized that she was the one seducing Lin Yi, and her aim was to make Lin Yi fall for her. How could she kick his crotch? Now that he was touching her breasts, shouldnt she be happy and accept it?

Xiaoxiao was put in a difficult position. She was being taken advantage from the touching, but in order to get Lin Yis love, it was normal for her to sacrifice something. If it were the Lin Yi she knew from the first day, she would definitely stop him from touching her, but now her body and mind were reacting differently.

Ever since Lin Yi saved her from the sea and from the hotel, Xiaoxiaos hate for Lin Yi was disappearing, and she didnt know what was the feeling anymore. She couldnt explain it, but she determined that her desire for Lin Yi to fall for her had gotten stronger.

It was the first time Xiaoxiao experienced this feeling. She felt that she might feel sorry for herself in the future. But after being touched more and more, she might actually like the sensation and might not be able to stop.

Lin Yi was feeling rather weird himself. Xiaoxiao did not move away or stop him from touching her breasts! Was Xiaoxiao really that determined to make her plan a success that even sacrificing her body was OK with her?

Since Xiaoxiao was offering herself, why should Lin Yi hold back? Lin Yi was never a good guy. He was hiding from Xiaoxiao because he didnt want to be involved in Xiaoxiaos problems, but now that Xiaoxiao came to him herself, literally spoon feeding him, Lin Yi had no reason to reject her.

Besides, this was Lin Yis first time touching a girls boobs. The previous time was just a short and temporary misunderstanding with Yushu. It was a totally different story this time. Lin Yi got even braver after seeing no reaction from Xiaoxiao. He even grabbed a handful of Xiaoxiaos breast.

Yes, this feeling wasnt bad at all. Lin Yi thought that it would be perfect if Tang Yin allowed him to touch her as well. But Lin Yi was being rather shameless. He was enjoying Xiaoxiaos breasts and thinking of Tang Yins. Although, Xiaoxiao was offering herself for her evil plans, she was still a girl. It didnt seem morally right to be touching a different girl.

However, Lin Yi wasnt ready to let it go, so he acted like he was sleeping while his hand was finding a way to continue the assault.

Xiaoxiao also acted like she was sleeping, but her face was blood red, and her breathing was getting faster and faster. Finally, she couldnt help herself and hugged Lin Yi tightly, resting her forehead on Lin Yis chest, and moaned.

Lin Yi felt a little awkward. He knew that he had gone overboard! Although it was a good sensation, he couldnt just touch a girls breasts, could he? He regretted his impulsive action and released his grip, but he didnt know what to do with Xiaoxiao. Should he push her away or allow her to keep hugging him?

After a while, Xiaoxiao stopped hugging him, looked up, and asked shyly, Did it feel nice?

Um Lin Yi was aware that he was a lecher, taking advantage of others. But Lin Yi wasnt an indecisive man, so he didnt want to lie Xiaoxiao either and nodded.

Xiaoxiao was delighted to get the answer she wanted from Lin Yi and asked, Have you touched Tang Yin yet?

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Lin Yi shook his head no.

Then Im the first one?  Xiaoxiao didnt know why was she asking this, but she felt proud.

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