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Chapter 546 – Yaoyao’s Tracks

However, there were only gold, jewelry, cash, and estate deeds in the hidden chamber. Uncle Fu wasnt interested in these.

After confirming that Mengyao wasnt being held in the villa, Uncle Fu slipped out with haste. Uncle Fu concluded that it was impossible to imprison two people here. Not even one could be kept hidden here.

Because Pinliangs villa had a large floorspace and the furniture was positioned with a wide gaps between them, so it was impossible to hide someone in there with that type of design.

After getting out of the villa, Uncle Fu called Pengzhan.

Pengzhan was sleepless the whole night, waiting for the good news from Uncle Fu. The moment his phone rang, he was relieved because it meant that the result of investigation was out. Whether his daughter was in Pinliangs house or not was good news.

Hello, Li Fu. Howd it go? Pengzhan asked in a whisper.

Ms. Chu is not in the villa. Pinliang did not take any action. He went to sleep after eating dinner. Uncle Fu gave a short summary of the whole investigation.

Oh? Does that mean that Yaoyao is being held somewhere else? Pengzhan gave a sigh of relief. There was a possibility that Pinliang hadnt laid a hand on his daughter yet! Teenagers were always horny, so Chu PengZhan didnt believe that Pinliang could restrain from going for a second time after his first time! He was still sleeping soundly in the house!

Despite a guys attitude, if he had done it before, hed undeniably want to do it again! Even if Pengzhan decided to send him to the prison, he would surely f*ck her over and over until he was satisfied! If Pengzhan had accepted him as his son-in-law, it would be normal for him to have sex with her. How could he resist?

It has to be that! Uncle Fu said, Mr. Chu, I think that Ms. Chu is still safe from Pinliang.

I think so too. Pengzhan smiled. Li Fu, you did well. Follow Pinliang closely now, always be aware of his movements!

I understand, Mr. Chu. Rest easy. Uncle Fu understood the importance of this responsibility. All he had to do was stick fast to Pinliang and he would surely discover Mengyaos location! Uncle Fu wasnt worried that Pinliang would send others to Mengyao, because this was a kidnapping. He had to handle this himself. He couldnt just rely on others, could he?

So they werent that worried, knowing Pinliang hadnt touched Mengyao yet. Even if he had touched her, worrying would be pointless.

By the way, Mr. Chu, should we tell Mr. Lin? Uncle Fu asked.

Not now. Lin Yi has his own issues to handle. Im looking forward to his business and not staying beside Yaoyao all the time, being a follower. Although Pengzhan didnt know what Lin Yi was doing, he knew that Lin Yi wouldnt do something useless. Besides, men had to be independent. They couldnt just rely on girls, could they?

Noted. Uncle Fu was just reminding Pengzhan, but since Pengzhan had decided not to tell Lin Yi, he chose remain silent.

The next day, Pinliang woke up and went to school like usual. Fabai was busy with Master Bings company, so he didnt have time to send Pinliang to school. Pinliang hailed a taxi to get to school.

Uncle Fu followed him to school from a distance away as questions popped into his mind. Why was Pinliang going to school? Wasnt he worried about Mengyao?

In fact, Pinliang was worried sick about Mengyao, but it was pointless until Pengzhan made up his mind. He couldnt proceed to the next part of his plan. All he could do was postpone it.

It wasnt appropriate for Uncle Fu to spy on Pinliang at school, but Pengzhan was the biggest shareholder of the school. Uncle Fu found a few people to work for him, spying on Pinliang. These people fought to do this job.

Of course, there was this director, Wang Zhifeng. He had been waiting for this golden opportunity to knock on his door. He puffed out his chest and accepted the responsibility, promising Uncle Fu to spy on Pinliangs movements.

Zhifeng didnt care who say him. He shamelessly went into the twelfth grades class five and listened to the lecture.

It was not uncommon for a principal to check on the classes, but for a principal to check for a whole day was really something, the first time in history. However, Zhifeng didnt care about what people thought. He sat in the last row and didnt leave that seat!

Coincidentally, he was sitting next to Pinliang. This made Pinliang wonder what was happening. He had planned to discuss things with Xiaofu, but it was ruined! He hoped that this unlucky star would leave as soon as possible, but after checking, he wasnt planning to leave anytime soon.

At noon, Pinliang was about to leave with Xiaofu to discuss their next step but was shouted at by Zhifeng. Pinliang, where are you two going? Are you two going to smoke in the bathroom?

I Pinliang pulled a long face and answered, Im going to lunch.

Oh, then this student Xiaofu, right? You go and buy it, and eat it in the classroom! Go to the cafeteria then. Im hungry too, get me one as well. This meal is on me! Zhifeng handed a fifty-yuan bill to Xiaofu.

Since the principal had spoken, Xiaofu had no choice but to run the errand. But he was puzzled. Why was the principal treating the two of them? Although it was just lunch, a free meal was rare!

Pinliang despaired, but he didnt suspect anything since Zhifeng had always held him in contempt, especially after Gubang was no longer a shareholder in Pengzhan Industries. Zhifeng looked for trouble from him once in a while.

Who knew what was wrong with Zhifeng today, but Pinliang didnt have the balls to piss him off.

Uncle Fu didnt expect such an excellent job from Zhifeng. It was like he had became his bodyguard. Since Zhifeng had saved some time for Uncle Fu this morning, Uncle Fu decided to sneak into Pinliangs house again. He didnt get to search Pinliangs room yesterday and had the chance to do it now.

But there werent any clues in his room either. Right now, Uncle Fu had a 100 percent confirmed that Yaoyao wasnt in Pinliangs villa. Where could she be? More importantly, even Yushu was gone. Where could Pinliang have imprisoned two human beings?

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Uncle Fu had removed all of his traces from the house. Although they were just normal human beings, it was impossible for them to notice that Uncle Fu had visited. However, from Uncle Fus point of view, it was better to be safe than sorry, and his actions were habit.

After he finished up his precautions, he quietly walked out of the villa, leaving behind a covert listening device in Pinliangs room.

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Chapter 546