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Chapter 541 – The Secrets in the Phone

Liang Bro, dont worry. I thought we sorted this out? Xiaofu sensed that Pinliang was nervous so he reminded him, If Pengzhan accepts you, then everything will be fine! If not, well just release her according to plan and say that we were deceived by the owner of the cave. They have no evidence and might even be grateful to us, heroes saving damsels in distress! Mengyao might even fall for you too!

Pinliang nodded. This was one of the reasons he chose to use incense. If he was rejected by Pengzhan, he could still push responsibilities onto the cave owner and say that all of them were deceived, but the cave owner trapped only the girls in the cave while throwing the boys off the mountain!

Although this would lead to suspicion, but suspicion remained suspicion when they didnt have any evidence. They couldnt do anything against them without proof, now could they?

This was also one the reasons Pinliang had the balls to kidnap her. If Pengzhan found out that his daughter was safe and sound after the release, he believed that Pengzhan wasnt a stubborn man and would eventually let him go.

After heading down the mountain, Pinliang made Xiaofu hail a taxi as they returned to the school hastily. As for Mengyao and Yushu, Uncle Fu would be picking the girls up after school and soon report them missing to Pengzhan.

During the self-study session, Pinliang and Xiaofu acted like they didnt know a thing about the missing young women.

In fact, no students questioned where they went. Even the teachers turned a blind eye to it.

Pinliang was feeling bored and thought of checking Mengyaos phone out for fun. He wanted to see a shirtless selfie to fulfill his fantasies.

But he was disappointed. Mengyao didnt like taking selfies and her photos mainly consisted of a few normal photos of Yushu, nothing worth fantasizing.

Pinliang turned off the phone and decided to slip Mengyaos phone back into her backpack. It would be weird for him to be holding the girls phone.

But for Yushus phone, Pinliang didnt have the balls to peek. If Yushu found out that he used her phone, she would not let him escape.

Who knew if Cihua and Master Bing were capable of handling Yushu.

However, Pinliangs curiosity was starting to grow stronger. He assumed that since Mengyao had photos of Yushu, Yushu must have photos of Mengyao as well! They might be taking photos of each other!

At this point, Pinliang could no longer contain his curiosity. He turned Yushus phone on and looked at her photos.

Eh?! Pinliangs eyes went wide because Lin Yi appeared in Yushus gallery! This surprised Pinliang. Why was Lin Yi in Yushus phone?

After a few swipes, there was Lin Yi at school, Lin Yi roasting the shark, and there were still a lot of older pictures!

Pinliang was stunned. Was she in love with Lin Yi?

But everything was possible with Yushu! It was most likely a crush. He had never seen Lin Yi and Yushu act like they were in a relationship!

Pinliang let out a sigh of relief. If Lin Yi and Yushu were in a relationship, hed be in dire straits!

He was getting more and more restless as he swiped through the gallery until he decided to turn off Yushus phone. He wondered if Mengyao knew that Yushu was secretly in love with Lin Yi.

But this was none of his business and he wasnt willing to step into the mess either, especially when the mess involved Lin Yi. What if he was dragged into it on accident again?

Finally, school was out. Pinliang slipped the phones back into the young womens bags and walked out of the school alone. He found it unnecessary to bring Xiaofu with him. In fact, bringing Xiaofu along might raise suspicion.

Uncle Fus Bentley was parked in the same old spot it had been for three whole years, so Pinliang knew where it was. He took a deep breath, trying his best to regain his composure as he walked over to the Bentley and knocked on the window.

Is there anything wrong? Uncle Fu recognized Pinliang and knew that he was the nephew of Gubang as well as Mengyaos admirer.

Uncle Fu, get me to Uncle Chu, ordered Pinliang with no room for questions and got into the front passenger seat.

Oh? You want to meet Uncle Chu? Uncle Fu frowned. He didnt expect Pinliang to be this rude, getting in the car without permission! Even though Gubang was one of the shareholders, he wasnt even qualified to do that, was he? Besides, Gubang was no longer one of the shareholders, so Uncle Fus intuition told him that Pinliang must be crazy or something must had happened!

So Uncle Fu did not oppose him. Instead, he tried to get information out of him.

Youre right. It was a sudden encounter, and I have to talk to Uncle Chu face to face! Pinliang said without fear.

Oh, lets wait for Mengyao then. We shall go together. Uncle Fu saw that Pinliang was rather confident, so he felt that there was no need to say any more. Besides, he had no right to ask or go beyond Uncle Chus affairs.

We dont have to wait, Mengyao is at my house! Pinliang said cockily. Shes my girlfriend now, so all you have to do is bring me to Uncle Chu. I need to discuss our future with him!

Uncle Fu was shaken and looked at Pinliang in disbelief. But he was suspicious. Did Mengyao really become his girlfriend? That was impossible!

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He took out his phone and called Mengyao, but her phone was off. He called Yushu and the same thing happened.

Uncle Fu put down his phone and said solemnly, Since you want to meet Mr. Chu, lets go!

I told you to move, didnt I? Pinliang said cockily again. It seemed like Uncle Fu had fallen for his lie. He wasnt sure if Pengzhan would do the same, though.

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