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Chapter 540 – A Huge Discovery

Mengyao was waiting impatiently outside of the cave. Both Pinliang and Xiaofu had been inside for quite some time but went silent.

Shu, Ive got a bad feeling. Mengyao frowned. She felt that something was wrong but didnt know precisely what. She just knew Pinliangs behaviour was weird today.

Ive been feeling weird from the beginning. Yaoyao, whyd you bring me here? Its not fun at all! Yushu scratched her head and frowned. You are not thinking of having wild sex with Pinliang, right?

Keep your mouth shut! How could that be? Mengyao hit Yushu mercilessly. With himthat, Id rather kill myself!

Oh! Then who do you want to do with? Yushu asked.

I want I want your head! I dont want to do it! Mengyao almost fell into Yushus trap again. She said angrily, What are you thinking, Shu? Do you want to do it?

Im just curious, Im not keen to! Yushu was exposed but she wasnt embarrassed, more curious than anything.

Then wait for Lin Yi to come back, and you can try with him! Mengyao said.

How about you? Yushu asked.

What about me? Mengyao couldnt breathe. Why was her best friend always mentioning that! Was it because of pubertys excess hormones?

Will you try it? Yushu ignored Mengyaos anger and continued asking.

Ill try with you! Mengyao was dizzy with anger.

On! I knew it! Yaoyao, you love me! No wonder whenever I mentioned Shield Bro, you were jealous. So youre a lesbian? Yushu said as understanding dawned upon her.

Mengyao chose to be silent. She knew that Shu was just kidding, and the more she explained, the more frustrated she got talking with Yushu. There was no point in explaining.

After some time, Xiaofu thought that the cave was filled with enough incense. He nodded to Pinliang. Pinliang walked out of the cave and shouted, Mengyao, weve made a huge discovery, a huge discovery!

Mengyao looked up and took a deep breath so she could hold back the anger Yushu incited before asking, What huge discovery?

Come in and youll see! Theres a door inside the cave! Pinliang shouted. Isnt it weird!

Oh? Mengyao was surprised. A door in the cave? She pulled Yushu along and jogged toward the cave.

As they reached the entrance of the cave, they followed Zhong Pinliangs flashlight and saw a security door. They were stunned. Theres really a door? Whats happening? Does someone live there?

I have no idea. Ive been looking at it for a while, but I have no idea! Pinliang then said in worry, Lets stop here. This place is giving me chills!

Go knock on the door! Mengyao wouldnt give up, especially after she saw a door. It meant there might be someone living inside. Mengyao thought her mother was hiding here! Although she found it implausible, her impulses won over her logic.

I Pinliang nodded. Since its a request from a beauty, Ill do it! Hey, if an accident happens, dont blame me. Were in this together!

Cut the bull and move! Mengyao was impatient, very impatient with Pinliang. But she also felt dizzy. She didnt know why.

Pinliang went to knock the door as Mengyao started to faint. She couldnt keep her eyelids from drooping and felt like she was about to fall asleep. Shu, Im very sleepy.

Me too, Yaoyao. I want to sleep. As Yushu finished speaking, she fell onto Mengyaos chest. Mengyao was pushed by Yushu, and the two of them fell to the ground asleep.

Pinliang celebrated in his mind. The incense really did work, but realization hit him hard. What if the two of them woke up before they were supposed to?

He waited for a while and saw that both of them were sleeping like the dead. Liang Bro, were good. The boss said that the incense will make them sleep for at least ten hours! Xiaofu said.

Good, move them inside! Pinliang pointed at the door. Go open the door!

OK! Xiaofu took out the key and unlocked the door. The two of them hurriedly moved Mengyao and Yushu into the room.

Theyd both heard that the incense was strong, but they werent experienced, so they still moved them slowly and carefully into the room, afraid that they might wake up from the movements.

After moving them inside, Pinliang shook his head in regret. If only I could touch Mengyao, I would cum!

But he didnt have the balls. He was afraid that hed wake Mengyao up and kill his plan.

Yeah, leave Yushu to me. I love her! Xiaofu was drooling.

If you want to die, then touch her now! Pinliang said coldly. If not for having no choice, Id rather not have this girl with us. We shouldnt involve ourselves with her!

Xiaofu trembled out of fear, recalling the glorious history Yushus brother made at their school and quickly cleared his mind of desire after Pinliangs reminder.

Hehe, I was just saying! Xiaofu laughed hollowly. He knew that he was nobody to touch them, both of them. He wanted to have a school beauty as his girlfriend, but it seemed like he couldnt touch either of them!

Tang Yin was also a school beauty, but there was a Master Lin Yi in the way. Who would dare touch her? Much less the new transfer student, Xiaoxiao. He couldnt touch her either.

Xiaofu was upset. He was destined to not have a relationship with a school beauty in this life.

Take their phones! Pinliang passed their phones to Xiaofu.

Um, Liang Bro, you should keep them to yourself, I dont wanna take them! Xiaofu was very cautious after getting scolded. He was afraid that he would be dragged into this mess.

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Pussy! Pinliang harrumphed. He put the phones in his pockets and said, Lets go!

OK! Xiaofu wasnt eager to stay any longer either and followed Pinliang out of the cave.

Phew Pinliang stepped out of the cave, locked the security door, and gave a long sigh of relief. He was a gangster, a tyrant but this was his first time committing a crime like kidnapping, and the target was none better than Chu Mengyao, a girl with powerful background!

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