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Chapter 535 – Young Master Bing Arrives

You can’t go back on your word! Xiaoxiao warned.

I won’t. Lin Yi was a little annoyed.

OK, I’ll let you go this time! Xiaoxiao hung up satisfied. She pumped her fist and said, Yeah! I’ll make you treat me to beef noodles at school and piss off Tang Yin!


In downtown Songshan stood Starlight Hotel. In one of the luxury VIP rooms, Cihua was standing attentively beside a young man and pouring wine in his glass. He asked, Master Bing, are there any new orders from the boss?

Oh, my dad didn’t mention anything. Just follow me. Zhao Qibing casually waved his hand as he didn’t even think of Cihua, the underworld boss of Songshan, as a bigshot, not respecting him.

But Cihua didn’t worry about it. He knew his place. In the eyes of his boss, he was just a dog and Qibing was his illegitimate son, a young master, so there was no harm in currying favor with him. It was for his own good after all.

Naturally! I listen to your orders! Cihua said reverently.

Hows the real estate company? I heard that real estate can earn a lot. Did you set up the company? Qibing asked shamelessly.

It’s been founded, all the documentation is ready, and I’ve informed Gubang. He should be here very soon, Cihua said. The only thing left is for you to think of a name for the company!

Gubang? He didn’t become the CEO of Pengzhan Industries? Qibing was familiar with Gubangs name.

He lost to Pengzhan, the old fox, and was kicked out from the company! Cihua added, But it’s fine. Gubang, he had to use his own money to establish the company for you!

Oh, he wasn’t all stupid! Qibing nodded happily. Since he was the one using all the money, I’ll give him a twenty-percent share. Make him a general manager and have him help me run the company!

If Gubang knew this, hed surely be very grateful towards you and do anything for you! Cihua said, still bootlicking.

Then someone knocked the door. Who is it? Cihua asked.

It’s me, Jin Gubang, Gubang said from outside.

Come in then, Cihua said.

When Gubang entered, he saw Cihua standing respectfully beside a young man. He was taken aback but quickly recovered. This must be the legendary Master Bing. So he quickly flattered, Master Bing, Brother Cihua! You are Jin Gubang? Sit, tell me about the company! Master Bing nodded and pointed at the seat across from him.

Thanks, Master Bing! Gubangs heart was bleeding due to the money lost, but he had no choice! He was unlucky. He failed to become the CEO of Pengzhan Industries, was kicked out from the company, and had to use all his property to establish this company for someone else. After leaving this room, he would be nothingno money, no property, and no job.

Cihua, repeat the things I said just now. Tell him, let him be at peace! Qibing demanded.

Cihua nodded and said, Old Jin, Master Bing is a good boss; hell treat those who are loyal to him generously!

Yes! Yes! Gubang replied, but he was smiling bitterly inside. Thats only for you, you wont be treated badly! You robbed me of my company and gifted it to him, of course hell reward you. What about me? I have nothing after giving the company to you guys!

Master Bing said that, since youre the one who funded the company, hell be rewarding you with a twenty-percent share and hire you as the general manager of this company, under the command of Master Bing. Do you have any objections? Cihua asked.

Gubang was shocked. He was able to get a share? Even becoming general manager? That was good news. He found it a little funny. He was the one who funded the company and in return he got only a small percentage of the shares. But he had no choice. This was his best conclusion for his situation. Gubang didn’t expect that Master Bing would even offer it him. He was in utter shock!

Besides, he was kicked out from the other company by Pengzhan. He had no way to make a comeback with his current circumstances. He had no funds and had grudges with his previous clients.

But now Zhao QiBing was giving him an opportunity. He was really surprised. Qibing was a very powerful big shot, so working under him would surely be a benefit, and the company was sure to rise above all!

At least Cihua was his partner now, working together under Qibing. So his status in society had improved too. He swore to himself that hed get his revenge on Pengzhan one day!

Master Bing! Youre treating me too generously. I, Jin Gubang, am not good with words, but Ill try my best to do a great job and not disappoint you! I would even give up my life! Gubang clenched his fists. He felt alive and hopeful again.  

No problem, but don’t think that I don’t know what youre thinking. You want to use my power to get your revenge on Pengzhan, right? Qibing said.

Um Master Bing, I didn’t mean that. Gubang was shocked. He thought that Master Bing was just a wastrel, but he didn’t expect him to be that sensitive. Qibing knew what he was planning at a glance.

You should know that better than anyone! Qibing quirked a lip. But it’s OK, I like how you do things. The more aggressive you are, the better. Id also like to see how you use my power to finish off your enemy! But above all, I want your loyalty! If you pledge yourself to me, Ill fulfill all your desires!

Yes, Master Bing! Rest assured, I will do my best for you! Gubang bared his teeth and said, Master Bing, I’m your dog now! Ill bite anyone you desire!

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Although he was humiliating himself, Gubang understood that it was hard to find such a big shot in his entire life, so he would sacrifice his pride for Qibing!

Qibing nodded, pleased, and said, Sure, since youre my man now, let’s eat and drink. We can discuss the future of the company!

OK! Gubang was still a little defensive. He didn’t know if Qibing was being sincere or just testing him, so he didn’t give a definite respond, at least not yet.

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