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Chapter 532 – Youre Fine

One of the three was House Kang. Miracle Doctor Kang was grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary, reveling in the sense of accomplishment. Guifeng and Zhaolong looked the exact same.

The next group was from House Yu. House Yu was coolly watching the hustle and bustle of the auction. The people who bought it today would probably regret it tomorrow. They didnt want it when it was in stock, instead fighting for a presale item! House Yu, though, couldnt say anything.

The last group were no more than Fatty Lai and Xuemin. Fatty Lai didnt expect that Miracle Doctor Kang would create the same injury medicine as theirs. Boss, do you think they know our plans? Is it possible that House Yu was the one leaking info?

Nope. Lin Yi smiled. I know which recipe theyre using now.

Oh? Boss, you said you know their recipe? Fatty Lai blinked. Then, is our recipe the same as theirs?

Different. Their recipe is very expensive and involves a lot of rare herbs, but mine is quite simple. Lin Yi smiled. They tried super hard to get the millenium snow lotus, so it was probably an important ingredient for their Skin Beautifying Golden Creation Medicine! Its an essential ingredient for the product to work!

Is that so? No wonder they were still fighting for it when the price was over 100 million! Fatty Lai nodded as it dawned upon him. I should have bid it to a higher price and made them pay!

Didnt you basically choke them out? Lin Yi said with the box in his hands and smiled. 20 million is worth it.

From what Lin Yi observed, this box really was made from the tree Seseli wannianchun, but as for the usage of this item, he wasn’t too sure since he had only scanned through the ancient scroll and didn’t pay much attention to the details.

Praise me already! I was the one who made him pay! Xiaoxiao interrupted.

Heh, I’ll give you one of the special edition injury medicines when we get back. It’s almost the same as theirs. Lin Yi had do something, since Xiaoxiao was the main contributor in obtaining the box.

Boring, I don’t wanna get rid of my scars. Xiaoxiao did have scars, but she didn’t really pay much attention to it. It was useless to a person who was about to kick the bucket. It was better to use the time she had to enjoy herself. By the way, youre the one who gave Fatty Lai the recipe? Xiaoxiao asked curiously.

Lin Yi realized he had let the cat out of the bag! Xiaoxiao was really a nuisance at his side. It was hard to communicate with Fatty Lai at this point.

Don’t tell, said Lin Yi as he looked at Xiaoxiao.

If I’m your girlfriend, I’ll keep it a secret! Xiaoxiao was beaming. She could blackmail Lin Yi now and felt proud of herself.

Alright then, go spread the news Lin Yi shrugged, uncaring. Although Lin Yi wasnt too involved in the medicine company, people knew that he was the one in control of the whole company, so he didnt really care if Xiaoxiao found out.

You! Xiaoxiao was enraged. Fine, I won’t tell the others, do you have medical skills?

A little. Lin Yi didnt try to hide anything.

The Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing from yesterday, can you give me one? Xiaoxiao looked at Lin Yi with hopeful eyes. Xiaoxiao might have given up on herself, but who wanted to die? She heard from the auctioneer yesterday that the pill was miraculous and decided to obtain one to see if it worked. Would it cure her disease?

Theres no more. Lin Yi shrugged. Why do you need it?

To take, obviously! Xiaoxiao said.

Youre fine, you dont need it. Lin Yi waved his hand

I’m fine? How do you know? Xiaoxiao was startled.

I’ve checked, Lin Yi said. But there’s nothing wrong with your body. Even if there’s something wrong, it’s useless to eat this.

Oh Xiaoxiao was a little disappointed, but he was right. All the doctors said that her body was fine. If Lin Yi found out what was wrong with her, then hed really be a miracle doctor!

You used to not have any vitality. Lin Yi frowned, shook his head, and said, It’s pointless to tell you, youll never understand. Your symptoms are just weird. I’ve never seen someone like you before.

Xiaoxiao was surprised. She never thought Lin Yi could figure out what was wrong with her! But what vitality? Xiaoxiao had no idea what that was.

Xiaoxiao hesitated for a while before asking, If I say I’m about to die, would you believe me?

You won’t die. Lin Yi looked at Xiaoxiao. Youre in perfectly normal health.

Oh Xiaoxiao stopped. She wanted to ask for help from Lin Yi, but she didn’t want him to pity her.

The price of the Skin Beautifying Golden Creation skyrocketed to 10 million! Miracle Doctor Kang was in complete shock. His jaw hung slack. He didn’t know this product could earn him so much! They had successfully earned back some cost of the product.

The first Skin Beautifying Golden Creation was sold at 11 million. It was bought by a rich businessman. The noble houses weren’t very motivated during the auction. They knew that if House Kang wanted their help in the upgrade, House Kang would have to give them a little something in return!

None of the noble houses decided to bid on this product, but they did pay attention to it.

The second presale item was sold at 11,500,000, also going to a rich businessman!

This was what House Kang wanted. They didn’t want the noble houses to involve themselves during the auction, because it might ruin their plan if they got involved!

He wanted to meet all of the people in charge of the noble houses and give them his new creation, Skin Beautifying Golden Creation! Once the noble houses had gotten some benefits, they would support House Kang!

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The second day of the auction ended. With House Yus help, Miracle Doctor Kang arranged to meet the rest of the noble houses: four major and five minor!

Gonggao from House Wu was still bedridden, so Chengtian was representing House Wu in his absence and had gotten the presale item! Needless to say, for House Xiao, they would surely side with House Kang. Although Zhaolong didn’t want to have anything to do with the marriage anymore, he wouldn’t cut ties with them before becoming a noble house!

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