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Chapter 53 – T’was An Intense Battle (Part One)

The fuck?! Youve got some fucking balls! Lin Yis attitude took Heibao Bro by complete surprise. Enraged, he reached out at Lin Yis throat.

Lin Yis left hand shot out in response, gripping onto Heibaos right arm. His right hand then pinched onto Heibaos cheek, a finger flicking the cigarette into his throat.

Gck-!!! Heibao Bro called out as the cigarette hit his throat, blistering it with a burn.

Lin Yis left hand then shoved the stunned Heibao to a side.

Heibao Bro had his mouth wide open as he fanned at his throat, panting like a dog under a scorching summer sun.

Zuo Ruoming had been laying on the school hospital bed for a long while, finally waking up after many a massage. A band aid was placed on his nose, and he was helped down from the bed, his head still buzzing from the impact.

Fuck, what class is that guy from? Ruoming spat, his voice full of loathing. Find him. Im gonna fuck him up so bad his own mother wont recognize him.

We dont know either Zuo Ruomings lackeys were clueless as well. There were simply too many normal looking students in uniform, and they never attracted attention, or made any impressions.

Fuck, well, hes in our school for sure. Go look for him class by class, and fuck him up as bad as you can the moment you see him!!

Leave it to us, Ming Bro! The lackeys said in response. Lin Yis strength took them by surprise, but they had the numbers- there was no way theyd be scared of a single guy.

Zuo Ruoming and his group exited the school hospital only to see the whole school gathered for the exercise break. One of the lackeys had a sharp eye, quickly spotting Zhong Pinliangs group stepping onto the field with three big guys behind them.

Zuo Ruoming recognized the bald guy with the tattoo- it was Heibao Bro, one of the more famous thugs on the streets. His brother drank with him occasionally, bringing Ruoming along sometimes- the man had left a strong impression on him. Thats Heibao Bro, really famous on the streets for how strong he is. Wonder why Zhong Pinliang called him here?

Maybe to help him go at someone in the school? One of Ruomings lackeys guessed.

Heibao Bro coming here to beat a student up..? Dunno, though thats probably a bit overkill. Ruoming shook his head, not understanding what Pinliang was up to at all.

Curious, the group seated themselves on a bench- Ruoming was very interested in whom Zhong Pinliang was going this far for.

A sudden thought crossed his mind, and Ruoming remembered the defeated looks on Zhong Pinliang and his followers just yesterday, refusing to tell him what had happened. Could someone have beaten them up? This whole thing was for revenge, then?

It was entirely plausible, and Zuo Ruoming couldnt help but feel a bit amused. This Zhong Pinliangs getting pathetic- losing to a student and even getting outside gangsters for revenge. What amused Ruoming even more was the training amongst ourselves lie that Zhong Pinliang used to cover the mess up.

Eh? Ming Bro, doesnt that guy look familiar? One of the lackeys pointed out.

Fuck!! Thats the guy who threw the basketball at Ming Bro!! Another lackey exclaimed, recognizing Lin Yi instantly.

Ruoming strained his eyes for a better look as well- it really was the kid from before!

Ming Bro, what do we do? One of the lackeys asked, already preparing to slaughter Lin Yi.

Wait. The kid mustve pissed Zhong Pinliang off somehow- since its like this already, well just let Heibao Bro mess him up a bit before we take our revenge. Ruoming said dully.

Ruoming looked calm, but was absolutely restless inside. Zhong Pinliang wasnt as strong as he was, but his followers were considerable threats along with Pinliang himself. To have lost against Lin Yi to the point where they resorted to calling gangsters out for backup It only proved how formidable the kid was.

He thought of the basketball attack to be a lucky shot, as well. Chances were that Lin Yi was quite skilled to have gotten himself targeted by Heibao Bro, as things turned out.

With that, Ruoming decided to watch things play out first- he could always get Lin Yi after Heibao Bro finished with him.

What happened next, however, hit Zuo Ruoming and his gang with absolute shock! No one had caught the exchange, but it was an undeniable fact that Heibao Bro was suffering as he wriggled about, hand clasped over his mouth.

When was the last time Heibao took a hit like this? The opponent was a student, and yet!!! Heibaos lungs were bursting with hot rage at that point, and the pain in his throat was the least of his problems. With red eyes, he charged at Lin Yi, swinging an arm at him.

Lin Yi could tell that his opponent belonged to the brawn type- Heibao was a man that focused on pure strength. Heibaos fist didnt concern Lin Yi in the least- Old Lin was always hitting him with an iron bar back home, and even that didnt damage Lin Yi at all. Lin Yi wasnt afraid of him, but he had a whole school as audience at the moment- not even flinching from a punch like this would seem too unnatural to the spectators.

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With that in mind, Lin Yi evaded the hit with a flash of movement, appearing behind Heibao an instant later. He lifted his foot up, and sent a heavy kick into Heibaos thick ass.

It was the exact same move hed employed against Zhong Pinliang the first time he entered the school, and it was Lin Yis intention to put the enemy down in a simple and straightforward means. Itd help cloak his technique, passing him off as a undisciplined street fighter instead of a trained martial artist.

Demonstrating his kung fu in public was not something he wanted to do- Old Lins teachings were based mainly around assassination, after all. Revealing his cards would only inconvenience him. Rough, street fighting was the way to go here.

Heibao was a great deal heavier and thicker than Zhong Pinliang, but Lin Yis kicks were enough to dent a hole in a car, let alone Heibao Bro. Lin Yi, however, wasnt very keen on the idea of disabling someone for life in public, nor did he look forward to the charges thatd be pressed against him. A simple punishment was enough for what the situation called for.

Heibao let out a pained scream as his face got launched into the concrete floor, his head covered in blood.

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